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  1. i like big butts and i cannot lie


  2. My sister dragged me into this contest and at first I was not sure if i could compete with any of you here because I honestly suck at cooking, but I though I would give it a try. After my sister and I did some thinking I came up with the amazing idea to do a Siroma cupcake. Since Ice Dungeon and Siromas are the most christmas-y stuff I could think of that were not too obvious. Like idk the cakes that you can find in Toy Factory. And also shmores are pretty funny and winterly so i thought why not in a cupcake???? and just went for it. So yeah I hope you guys enjoy it! And dont worry about the overall looks of your dish! Taste is what matters! Ingredients: FOR THE BATTER: see above @Lana Winters post, scratch No. 7 and you'll need: Leibniz Cookies (or other similar ones) Marshmallows Peanut Butter Blue and Red Food Coloring Cookie Crisps INSTRUCTIONS: Before you start wash your hands, dont be disgusting. Start of with the same dough as Ela (Lana Winters) did above but add some blue food color until its a nice shade of blue. That way it is superior to the one Ela is making. Take some Leibniz cookies or similar ones, because honestly they are all the same and quarter them in equal parts. Half some marshmallows or quarter them when they are still too big or leave them big if you like marshmallows that much. Its a free world. (candle optional. Also optional the totally sick eyebrow game going on) Than spread chunky or smooth peanut butter, depends on your preferences or what you have laying around, on one quarter of the cookie. Put one marshmallows on top and another quarter of the cookie on the marshmallow. Congrats you got yourself a shmore, good job. That was the hardest part. Put the small shmores in the tin and cover it with dough until its fully covered. Put it in the warm oven and wait until done (Just ignore the stupid and ugly piles of fricks next to the perfect and pretty muffins). Now the icing. Do the same thing as Ela but again add food color (red and blue). Make it a desireable pastel blue. Dont add too much color because it will look stupid. Now put it in a freezing bag with a fancy plastic thing (Doesnt really matter if u dont have it, it will still taste the same). Make a little hole in the freezing bag. REALLY SMALL. Try your best to make your cupcake look like a Siroma or dont because what really counts is the taste so dont worry. (cat not optional) Add two cookie crisps for the feet. And do the rest ones but just do any shapes! make it look like the real Ice Dungeon! Also add more cookie crisps. End result:
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