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  1. IGN: Rinnelle My guildies! :> Hi hi! Lunch date in Poring island
  2. *bites momo*

  3. hi sis :3 <3

    1. Nagix3


      Sis! Hi hi! <3

  4. So much hard work put into the volumes! I enjoy reading those a lot. Fantastic job as always Howl-senpai!
  5. momo D:

    why are you getting leeched? 

    S> leech for comissionssssssss

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ~Lozaki~


      more beautiful drawings please <3

      Trade> 10 hours of pikachu leech for a couple drawing of me and khimmu :D

    3. Nagix3


      10 hours... @__@;;; Sure! As long as my slots free up.

    4. ~Lozaki~


      *hugs momo*

  6. Woohoo!! This will be the 2nd Yule Ball I'll be in! *-* So excited! Dis song pls. +_+
  7. *hugs momo* :D

    1. Nagix3


      *hugs Pikachu back* =D

  8. *bites momo* :D

    1. Nagix3


      Pls no, Pikachu! D:< *throws pokeball at*

    2. ~Lozaki~


      *hugs momo*

  9. My my, I'd love to join! My current addiction being this relaxing remix of an already existing RO song.
  10. Can't wait to join!! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
  11. Wait for mee pl0x!! ;0; IGN: Rinnelle DL link here~ --- In case you guys want an extended 1920 x 1080 version.
  12. Incoming soon, Erms! <3 And wow, the entries here are so pretty!! *__*
  13. I. Want. To. Draw. For. TalonRO~ *-*
  14. *Stalks Remz* :o:o:o:o 

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