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  1. Plagarism NPC

    wow after 1 year finally
  2. S> geffenia stalker farmer gears

    nice guide, exactly the same build I was looking for
  3. Anyone here using PLDT Ultera ISP? I can't connect to the game. /desp

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    2. Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      Probably the problem is PLDT haha im having no problems here except the lag cuz its wifi :v

    3. lusiano


      so im no he only one who cant connect the game?


    4. Birdies


      Problem continues to exist since yesterday. (same isp, too) Still, I can't connect to the game. oh well.

  4. Disconnected From The Server

    I've got the same problem like yours, it seems like the problem is on ISP itself. I tried to use a different connection and it solved the problem. Usually the problem occurs on Dynamic IP's. I got dc'ed every time it changes. The only solution I found is to change your IP into static or change ISP.
  5. Question About Pet Evolution QUEST

    So I can do pet evolution quest just like HBQ? Im confused because I only get 2 quest per day on my 1 pet. thats like 25=30 reputation per day So that's mean I can evolve my pet in 1 month, thats a lot of time bruh
  6. Is pet evolution Quest can only be done once per char? or once per account? I mean can I repeat it again with other character? I only have 1 pet.
  7. SOGRAT PLS GM :'(

  8. Bronze Coin Acquisition

    I tried to farm for Bronze coins in prontera field today to get a Bonus bundle because I cant solo HBQ with my Priest character. . LMAO I gave up because I only got 2 pcs in 20 minutes. I don't think using 100 Bronze coins just to activate Bonus bundle aint worth it anymore.
  9.  x6 EXP...Not a good time to train my chars this week /desp

  10. Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    Please GM! make Skellington back to its regular spawn of Dullahans ...It's only the few places where I can leech my newbie friends. We dont mind even if you decreased the drop rates of items, because it can compensate to the number of mobs, the important is the EXP where newbies can benefit the most.
  11. Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    why did you add a cooldown on vending npc? now I need to wait 1 hour just to vend, that's so waste of time....

    B>SMALL BRADIUM 3.5k each pm me or just post here for bulk trades thanks
  13. Flying Fairy Suggestion

    I thinks it's now lower headgear costume after I tried it from Dressing Coach...looks awesome
  14. Stalker DG Farm!!!

    13 Bowling Bashes per mob, man that's a lot
  15. S>Seraph wing helm and PFC

    Selling my Seraph wing helm costume and PFC... cheaper than the market... or trading them to SinX gears like IP[1] and celeb ring... just PM me your offers..thanks