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    Crash ao iniciar

    Acredito que apenas o data.grf não é suficiente para uma instalação pelo Mini Installer. Caso já tenha, tente duplicar a pasta do servidor oficial em algum canto e extrair o mini sobrepondo os arquivos nela. Mas na real, esse instalador mini é meio inútil. Vai ser menos dor de cabeça deletar essa instalação e baixar o full installer. Se ainda com o full installer não funcionar, daí é falta de algum visual c++, directx, driver da placa de video, ou antivírus bloqueando.
  2. Gusr

    Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    These couple BG beta tests were fun as hell and it's surprising to see how smooth this second run was already. There weren't any visible bugs to me besides the fountain on FFA. I'd just like to make a few suggestions on the design part of it. This one is just a pet peeve. It's possible to put land target and lasting damage skills (Demonstration, Fire Pillar, Crimson Fire Formation, traps with damage) around or on top of objective areas, that in some game modes (mostly capture the flag) would instantly kill a character who is in that /help state where your HP goes to 1 and you can't use skills or potions. While it's not an exploit since it's counterable with skills, waiting or other player eating it up (not be be expected since coordination is poor in random teams), it's a ridiculously cheap and safe way to stall a game, just put the skill there and hide/cloak/run around. I recall on our old BG at least safety wall and pneuma didn't work on the cell where the food depot was, probably not to stall games forever. Is it possible to put some restrictions on those cells? Another thing, I didn't notice the class balancing mechanic Seiren said was already active. I haven't had time to look through Mickzie steam, but from memory at least a couple of times the only two clowns in the game were in the same team, or a party didn't have a bio while there were plenty playing, and no FCP is sad news in a game with bios /swt. Is the algorithm just sorting the classes at the queue but not after the game started? Eventually you will have to decide on how cheap will be supplies given/sold and how that will impact the meta and the playability. It's true what some people already mentioned, that with ridiculous amount of supplies a few classes when well geared will be near immortal against limited amount of DPS either a small or an unorganized BG party can deal. But one thing that has to be considered is that in Ragnarok, in a PvP setting, a game with Objectives is necessarily a potion spamming game, because the amount of damage a character can consistently deal per second is huge compared to what HP pools are, or even exceeds it. It's just the design of the game. Very restricted amount of pots will benefit cloaking and ranged classes. I recall on old BG, with 20 HP potions and nothing more, trying to protect my depot I would often stall the game for 40 minutes as sniper along with a HW, while the same thing happened at the other base. It was quick to drain attacker's potions most of the time, and without healing even profs couldn't counter magic+arrows for too long. It's one of the things that made old BG so unhospitable. That could be a problem especially considering how insane and intense are some of our game modes, like Triple Inferno, and on some of them you can't even try to ignore pvp to do objectives elsewhere. While I'm arguing in favor of generous pots (because I'd like play a big diversity of classes when BG is out rather than adapt to a more restricted meta), it's not a strong opinion and I'm fine with whatever you choose. Some modes are lasting way too long, I think a GM already acknowledged that during the test. Would be nice if they were more dynamic. Also Tierra feels too big, it's mostly just personal preference. It works for some games like the MvP one, but the long walks are an unnecessary obstacle for Domination, and it also makes so Eye of the Storm has a lot less interception opportunity compared to Flags/Stones. Would be cool if rewards were generous, considering the gears are account bound and don't compete in PvM. It would give people to opportunity to gear more different classes, get gears on a second account or try their luck refining them. Last time it was really broken the amount of time on average it took to get a single item. I could write a whole essay on how bad old BG design was and how we've have improved so much already, but this post already got out of hand, I'm sorry. =_=
  3. Gusr

    Guild Serendipidade

    ainda é ativa? xd
  4. Gusr

    alguém vivo ou alguma guild br ? ? ?

    Um amigo me disse que em msvcr100.dll 100 significa 10.0. E se não me engano foi um dos redistributables 2010 x86 ou x64 que fez o jogo funcionar. Difícil lembrar, já faz um tempo e não conheço do assunto, mas lembro que após somente reinstalar duas vezes ele ainda não funcionava.
  5. Gusr

    alguém vivo ou alguma guild br ? ? ?

    Tive isso recentemente em uma máquina nova, msvcr100.dll é falta de microsoft visual c++ redistributable. Não sei exatamente qual está faltando, mas vai baixando do site oficial da Microsoft e instalando do 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, x86 e x64, eventualmente seu jogo vai funcionar. Já no meu notebook velho o jogo não abria após o patcher, a janela abria e fechava, era falta de Direct X.
  6. Gusr


    Aproveita que a áliquota de remessas para o exterior caiu de 25% para 6%, por enquanto hehe
  7. Gusr

    Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    I suggest something less toxic, like Aloe Vera Johnson's Baby Powder is cancer ref: https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2016-baby-powder-cancer-lawsuits/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/talc-linked-to-ovarian-cancer-risk-in-african-american-women_us_5751a1dbe4b0ed593f142915
  8. Gusr

    Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    kill the prof kill the prof, tankyuu ^-^
  9. Gusr


    Boreas disse no tRO Discord semana passada que eles não trabalham mais com PayPal
  10. Gusr

    [Dúvida] Informações sobre a WoE

    Domingo é Second Edition, castelos sem portais em Juno e Rachel. Atualmente vanilla é das 23:00 até 00:00 e unres de 00:15 até 1:15 devido ao horário de verão no hemisfério norte. Existe competição apenas no vanilla, unres morreu após um dos únicos dois clãs que competiam ter se dissolvido em dezembro. Quarta feira também tem WoE, First Edition em Payon e Prontera, mas os horários são ruins até para estudante, por volta de meio dia.
  11. There are a few good points of playing solo, like when you play alone, if you make an error, it's only on you, less responsability. That can be releaving, but may also remove a good pressure for stepping up your game. And if you prefer to party only with a specific set people you know, finding a time where enought people are available might be hard, and organizing may cost you more time than the actual party run. Also, if get bored easily, no matter what map, small sessions of solo farming might be better. You don't have to stay on to keep a party functional. Since the topic is about making money, I think soloist have it better. But nevertheless most of the events in your whole Ragnarok life that you still remember are probably conversations or adventures with other people. That's the remarkable stuff, that adds value to your time, not farming alone the same mob for hours. Socialising and diversity of elements have aways been Ragnarok strongest points, not immersive story or exceptional action, so it's natural that missing out on parties can make the game boring. It's better to find a balance.