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    2-man ET Guide

    Hi there, 2-man ET? Are you kidding me? My partner and I had done this ET in 2-man party with at least 3 clients each person. It takes ~2hrs to finish the whole ET, faster than your 10 people ET party raid? Too bad for you. We made 7 of these required characters so that we can ET EVERYDAY. 1x each day. Let's jump to the guide: Required Characters Pal -> Def 99 and bring devo gears too. Champ -> SB Mode, your asura sucks. 2x HP -> No need to be really geared, as long as you do the right thing. Bio -> wear just shinny wig / bloody axe, rest naked. WS -> Bring 20 Steel, 20 R.Ori to repair, with bloody axe Sniper -> I'll explain more detailed later on. Which person uses what characters? 1st Guy - Tank Pal, Champ, HP 2nd Guy - Kill Kill Kill Sniper, WS, Bio, HP 3rd Guy - Haha, why do you need 3rd guy to share your profit? -> KICK HIM or her. 2-Man ET Raid This guide is just for pros that's not so pro. You, yes you. For faster run, I would suggest you to tank all the mvps using HP on ez floors up until FBH. I'm going to jump this guide to FBH floor because that's where everything gets more fun. FBH Set Up Champ tank it, gets devo-ed by the pal. HP pneuma the party. Sniper kills. Looks simple? I'll give you more detailed explanation. First, the tank should be able to setup the tank position fast. If you succeed to devo, it would be easy. Why champ? Why not pal? Banshees could critical wound your tank, that means it will half your CWP or Meats. More CWP = Less Profit. STACK. 2 HP, pal and sniper needs to stack in a single pneuma (remember that pneuma's range is 3x3). 1 HP drop Sanctuary to heal the pal and the other HP needs to signum it. You don't need FCP for this MVP yet, just need to get WS buffs to reach max DS damage. Use Artemis[AkAkAk] to kill it once it gets signum-ed, otherwise use AkAkTh. More interesting procedure to kill it is GOSPEL. Pal can do gospel AFTER devo. If you're lucky, you can get both 2x ATK bonus and +20 stat bonus. Do not let go of your devo and never ever be late to re-SB. Ifrit Set Up Easiest of them all. Use def 99 pal to tank the ifrit in the corner, ask for FCP and assump. Sniper needs to kill both Kasas fast so it will only left with 2 Salas. This way, that def 99 pal can tank ifrit the whole day. To make it less supplies used, tank can use its HP to safety wall his/her own pal. Sniper needs to max range, get WS buffs, get FCP as well, you don't want your weapon to break in the middle of killing it. Take a peek at my sniper guide to reach that imba damage. Valk Set Up 2nd easiest of them all. Again, use def 99 pal with FCP and assump to tank. Sniper needs to max range it and aim for the correct valk. I would recommend the HP to safety wall the pal because that gurl hurts. Clue: increasing agi would give you more flee. Whuuutt? During the first phase of valk, that's when she's not using assump yet, she's easy. Second phase, she's using assump, so less damage to her. Third phase, she'll agi up AND use EQ. Remember these 3 phases. Follow my guide to 100% hit that gurl when she's on her PMS. Bee Set Up I would say, this is the hardest of them all if you want to 2-man it. Me and my partner failed during our first run due to this bee, killing it takes like 1 hr. I would suggest you to use champ-pal tank setup rather than def99 pal. Yes, it will makes you harder to kill it BUT less supplies. Less supplies = more profit (Ha!). Bee could critical wound your tank, if you use champ, your pal is not affected by this critical wound. FCP the damn champ and assump it always. Never ever miss pneuma, follow my guide on how to kill these MVPs. It's almost the same but easier since there's no mobs that disturbs you here. Skull Root Set Up - idk the name, but you know what I mean Never let your def99 pal tank this. Use champ-pal tank setup and pneuma the champ. No need FCP. Why wasting? Sniper, shoot that damn root max ranged. You'll get meteor storm-ed and you'll die. Just keep resu your own sniper when you die. Keep it buffed, faster kill, more time to rest. Remember that pal can gospel after devo. Naght 2nd hardest of them all. Use champ-pal tank setup. Champ gets FCP and assump. HPs should not drop sanctuary AS IT COULD FULL HEAL THE NAGHT WHEN YOU'RE WIPED. Sniper just normal hit here, concentrate more on dropping pneuma on both layers. There will be 3 layers to kill this. 1st layer is your champ tank. 2nd layer is your hp and pal. 3rd layer is hp and sniper. 1st and 2nd layer would be all Tank person setup. 3rd layer would be the killer setup. Tank person's HP needs to safety wall the champ, always, while the killer person's HP needs to pneuma both 2nd and 3rd layer. NEVER EVER MISS PNEUMA. Sniper just normal hit it. Use crit gears. By the time when you're more experienced, you actually can combine 2nd and 3rd layer to a single pneuma. Giving max-ranged sniper, allowing devo, allowing SW and this would allow the killer person to DS it, not only normal attack. Hide your Bio, while bringing your WS max-ranging the sniper, so it can give sniper Over Trust and Weapon Perfection but not being attacked. You can use AkAkCivil Servant Artemis for this boss, it's ghost. Oh, HP can signum this guy too to reach higher damage. Hehe. WS and Bio Cart Guide What to bring? This is the job for the killer person. My cart setup is exactly like this on both WS and Bio: 50x Awak Potions 1500 Meats -> Lucky my partner has bris[hellpoodle] 5x each elemental quivers (use oridecon for normal) 5x berries 4000 GJs -> You're not going to consume all these, just for back up purposes. 50 Ygg Leafs 50 Green Pots Whatever Bio needs to bring around 50 FCP, that's all. WS needs to bring 20 R.Ori, 20 Steel -> To repair arte and tank's fragile armor. Sniper Guide What to bring? This is exactly what my sniper bring during each ET run. Crit gears, DS gears -> DS just for MVPs, Crit for mobs. -> You can only bring 3 Arte in your sniper, I used AkAkAk, TTT, AkAkTh. The other combination such as AkAkPhree and AkAkCivil Servant, leave it the WS or Bio. 800 GJs 3x silver arrow quiver, 2x oridecon arrow quiver, 2x immaterial, 1 others, while bringing 500 arrows each on inventory. 5 Green Pots 5 Awaks 5 Leafs Armor: Sniping Suit [Ktul] and [Gloom], Tights [Dex+3] [Gloom]. -> Leave Tights [Hit+12] [Gloom] on your WS or Bio. At first, we start of with only AkAkAk and TTT artemis to successfully did the ET run. We made those other artemis through out our runs and bought all other fancy gears. HP Guide What to bring? Not so fancy gears if you know how to kill those mvps properly. Fire armor [RSX] Unfrozen armor -> Only for Naght Medusa, GTB shield (no need alice) The rest is up to you. You'll need better gear to tank first ez floors for faster run. Conclusion Really? Conclusion? Is this some kind of essay? Whatever. I don't know how to end this guide. Remember this, all characters except the HP that tanks the first floor up until FBH needs to follow the Sniper (auto-follow). Use first aid or any other skill before entering each portal to let the followers enter before the sniper. This way you don't need to keep auto-following on each floor. Good luck on raiding ET instance! Be rich! P.S. You can 2-man many other raids -> GMCs (Black Talon, Muui, Boreas (2nd Easiest), Shiris, Seiren (Easiest), except Howl, the map is too huge). If you want, I'll make a guide for each of those GMCs. 2nd P.S. You can 1-man Yuno Seal. Nerf hammer coming soon! Be prepared =P Regards, ........
  2. If you don't know which sniper type is the best DPS, you don't need to read this guide. Prolly just gonna waste your time by reading it.
  3. Hi there, If you wonder what "Big" MVPs are -> Ifrit, Bee, WM, Valk -> These MVPs are worth to camp for and to die for since it will make you rich as hell. But the thing is, you might not know how to kill it, other than raiding it with your guild. Hold on, that's incorrect. You can actually kill those MVPs with only 2 people playing with not more than 2 clients or even soloing it. I'll tell you the required gears and you can easily fill the other gear that I didn't mention with any kind of gears. Here's how: 1. Ifrit There are several combinations to kill Ifrit, either the hard way or the easier way. Hard way - HP & HW duet: HP Required Gears: Kaho, Gemstone Mid, PCB, Lucius [RSX], Evang [DrDrDr], +7 Stone Buckler or any high def shield [GTB and Alice], Shoes [Eddga], 2x Bris [Sting] -> These are what I used to tank Ifrit. HW Required Gears: Get at least a SOM or any other weapon that can kill Kasa in a single SG with ampli. What to do? All the HP tanker needs to do is safety wall themselves and drink CWP. You can change these methods in your own preferences. That's all folks. Easy isn't it? Oh wait, there's actually easier way. Easy way - Pal, HP, Sniper trio: Pal Required Gears: Get def 99 pal with GTB shield. HP Required Gears: Same as above. Sniper Required Gears: Follow my sniper guide to reach highest DS damage. What to do? Pal drag Ifrit to the nearest corner. Sniper needs to kill the kasa (JUST THE KASA), it will spawns another 1 when the kasa died, then kill the extra kasa again. This method will let Ifrit's slave to be 2x Salamander and 0 Kasa. Another job to do as a sniper is to reach max range, so you won't get EQ-ed. HP, your job is simple, safety wall the damn pal and drop sanctuary on sniper since Ifrit's meteor storm can kill the sniper. 2-man guide - Pal and HP dual clients, Sniper solo clients. Tanking ifrit would be easy when there's no Kasa (REMEMBER THIS). 2. Bee Pal, HP, Sniper, Bio, HW Pal Required Gears: Def 99 Pal with ALICE shield -> Bee doesn't EQ, just bunch of hurtful spirals. HP Required Gears: Medusa shield Sniper Required Gears: Follow my guide. Bio Required Gears: NAKED. You just need this to FCP the pal, nothing huge. HW Required Gears: You can't kill Necros in a single SG? Are you kidding me? What to do? There are 2 forms of bees (Chon2 and the real Bee) 1st Form - Chon-Chon HP USE SIGNUM CRUCIS until it . This will hugely affect the DS damage as it will double the damage. Pal needs to get FCP and Assumptio (Keep these alive all the time when tanking bee). Find a cell in abbey03 (there are bunch of cells in abbey03) and put the pal on the corner while tanking bee (so it doesn't get moved around). Sniper's job as usual, aim for the correct bee and kill it! If it starts to agi up, just wear crit gears and start to normal hit it OR use artemis [Ak, Ak, Phree]. HP is the hardest and most important role in this bee killing process. NEVER EVER MISSES PNEUMA ON THE PARTY STACK. The reason is bee always (well, often) uses Hell's Judgement that will kill your beloved sniper and HW, so never miss it. HW's job is just to kill the necros (not important role in killing bee if you have good sniper that can kill necro in seconds) but HW can also quaq the 1st form bee, it save less meats or CWPs for the tanker. Oh, 1 more thing. When bee teles your pal (Expulsion), just regroup and repeat the same thing. 2nd Form - THE REAL DEAL HP RE-SIGNUM IT. As it changes to different form, it will reset the signum effect as well. Meh, there's not much a difference to tank this form. I personally think that this is easier since it does not need Ak, Ak, Phree or crit gears to kill it. Dear HWs, if you are that bored, ganba the LP so that you can SW the pal. 2-man guide - Pal and HP dual clients, Sniper, Bio (Useless but important, just let it die when it's not needed), another HP (less important but necessary depends on your skill to play many clients). We usually leave the HW part as our sniper can kill necros fast. Again, REMEMBER TO SIGNUM IT! 3. Valk Pal, HP, Bio, Sniper Pal Required Gears: Same as killing Ifrit. HP: All gears as long as you can pneuma and assumptio. Bio: NAKED. How lovely... Sniper: Follow my guide. What to do? Pal, just like Bee, needs to be FCP-ed and get Assumpt. Drag it to the corner, ANY CORNER, and just tank it like a man. HP needs to SW the pal and HP doesn't need to pneuma the sniper. Sniper just need to aim the correct Valkyrie Randgris (it's the purple-ish) and reach max range. SO EASY. All you need is the correct gear for the sniper and def 99 pal. You'll be surprised how easy to kill valk. IF you cannot afford to get AkAkPhree Arte, bring HW to quaqmire the valk. EZ. 2-man guide - Pal and HP dual clients, Sniper and Bio dual clients. 4. Wounded Morroc & Satan Morroc Pal, HP, Bio, Sniper Pal Required Gears: As WM will EQ in certain times, I would advised to always use the GTB shield to tank WM. Def 99 please. HP Required Gears: Depends where you'll stand. If you stand max range with the sniper, you need Medusa shield. If you SW the pal, you need GTB shield. Bio: Naked. Sniper: Follow my guide. What to do? Pal needs to get FCP and Assump (always), corner the WM and HP SW the pal and Signum it. The most crucial job is Sniper as the main DPS. NEVER EVER TOUCH THE SLAVES. If the sniper tend to activate slaves AI, you'll have to figure it out how to deactivate the AI again. Sniper needs to max range it because WM will EQ in certain % of HP. I would suggest to kill it on spikes where there are less mobs. Follow this guide and you'll be able to kill both WM and SM easily. There's another way of killing WM using HP to tank it. W O W! HP Gears: Kaho, Missy Mid, PCB, Holy Robe [Garm], Evang [DrDrDr], Alice & GTB high def shield, high def garment [deviling], high def shoes [bearer], 2x bris sting. -> If you can reach def 70, you can tank this guy. How to tank? Get linker buffs, FCP and tank it like a man. -> It's harder to tank it this way but it's possible. All these MVPs can be killed with 2 people playing some dual clients. I would recommend you guys to try this out and you'll be amazed how easy they are IF you properly follow the guide. My partner and I decided to post this guide to open up the competition in killing these MVPs. This guide is what my partner and I did, you can simply copy it or make it even better with less party member. Less party member -> MORE PROFITS! I can't provide any screenshot, just like my sniper highest DS damage guide. I will open up more guides as it was our secret but meh, everyone deserves to know this guide. Wait for it <3 Enjoy killing! Cheers! P.S. Sorry for the bad english -> English is not my first language but bear with me lovelies.
  4. Hi there, I would like to tell you guys about the card combination for artemis bows and the gears to reach highest DS damage on any big MVPs (ifrit, bee, valk, you name it). Start of with Bee: Lord Kaho Horn Agi+1 [Bloody Knight] Vajra Tights [Dex+3] [Gloom] +4/+7 Artemis [Ak, Ak, Civil Servant] Sleip[Mystel] Any garment [Stem Worm] Bris Ifrit & Bris Sting Stat: Str: Any points left Agi: 97 int vit: Let it bee Dex: 99 Luk: Any points left Guide: Get +5 dex bonus by standing next to your guild leader as guild leader can give bonus +5 dex. Eat +10 dex food (Trust me, your dex will be rounded) , VENATU's BEEP and ALOEVERA. Remember to tell your high priest(s) to use skill Signum Crucis until it uses emo. Ifrit: Keep everything the same except: Lucius [Dex+3] [Ktul] or Tights [Dex+3] [Ktul] -> Lucius gives higher survivability but tights gives higher damage. Night Garment [Stem worm] -> I prefer to use this on any MVP since it gives more HP % but not during WM raid. +4/+7 Artemis [Ak,Ak, Thanatos] -> Interesting isn't it? This artemis would do you good during Halloween Event. Valk: The same as bee except: +4/+7 Artemis [Ak, Ak, Ak] When it power up / agi up: +4/+7 Artemis [Ak, Ak, Phree] Tights [Hit+12] [Gloom] This combo would not miss at all (with those bonuses I mentioned). Wounded Morroc and Satan Morroc: Keep everything the same as bee except: Diablos Robe [Gloom] -> [Dex+3] is really good, but can you get it? +4/+7 Artemis [Ak, Ak, Ak] Diablos Manteau [Stem Worm] 2x Diablos Ring [Sting] -> You can signum this guy too for higher damage. DO NOT TOUCH THE SLAVES or it will do heal, spawn bombs, everything. JUST DON'T. Remember to read Signum Crucis skill and you'll know how useful that skill is during ET, and many other "hard" stuffs. I know this is really bad written guide since it's my first time making it. I can't provide any screenshots, sorry for that. There's no trick here, just easy guide. Follow and you'll be best DS sniper in the server. Good luck!
  5. How do we get the new costumes exactly? Anyone have any idea?
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