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  1. Hi GM's I'm wondering if the design is intentional but the xmas costume is a bit too small to be seen with aura, while it looks with simplified aura effects it looks a bit small to the deviling counterpart. Maybe moving it a bit more outward or making it a little bit bigger would make it noticeable I've attached some screenies for reference.
  2. No parties Take Clowns. NEVER EVER! lol
  3. A week before the nerf. I made my first SQI = Electric Guitar. That was a really sad day for me when the skill was reworked. Broke the gear and went on hiatus until I could accept the fact that the class is unwanted in any kind of PvM activity. To be honest, the current meta won't be welcoming to Bragi even if the damage reduction was removed. As the meta switched to DS Snipers as the main DPS source. Most snipers have switched to Dex gears rather than crit gears. So bringing back the old bragi won't do much. I for one loved bragi + Sharpshoot, it gave the possibility of small party runs with 1 Hp 1 Champ 1 Pally 1 HW 1 Sniper 1 Bio and 1 Clown. Its quite hard to change the community's view of the class nowadays. They see it as a debuff since most snipers adapted to the change in meta, 100+ crit snipers aren't popular anymore since getting Max DS damage brings the base damage of Sharpshoot up as well and usually there's like atleast 3 snipers spamming SS thus killing the need for a bragi. The only hope is the incoming SQI Revamp, hoping that other classes would be viable as DPS like SBK SinX's or Spiral Piercing LKs on ET/GMC would probably bring clowns back to the meta.
  4. I mean come on.. this is really annoying.. the other day it was complete 40th floor of VANILLA ET, then finish a game of haunted house, WHICH NO ONE EVERY PLAYS. Then this its really sad.... I mean real sad... I had to do kiel dungeon access just for killing 50 alicel but this is really too much. Battleground isnt even active right now. O.o
  5. Alright So We all know most Vamp items don't work with gunslingers and I think they wont be fixing that EVER. So its a bit hard to farm with them So I tried experimenting a bit and here's what it lead me to... My build consists of getting HP/SP each time a monster is killed which gives a decent sustain. Since GS's skill Desperado already has a somewhat decent attack we can kill most monsters in 2~3 sometimes even one Desperado. PROS - Decent Sustain (I dont use GEC) Ability to mob up to 20 monsters even more if you're adventurous like me Increased places to farm ( I've tried orc dungeon, high orcs, marcs & swordfishes, even tamtam regions) I dont use a single buff - even speed potions Flexibility with Elemental Bullets VERY CHEAP BUILD WORKS EVEN at 50% weight GREAT AT COLLECTING SQI BONUS INGS CONS Slow Movement speed - You can negate this by having increase agi on yourself Flee dependent - You are very Squishy ( I'll try this soon using decent armor with high Refine rate - need to farm Eluniums) Crap damage against High Def Mobs Low weight Limit HP/SP Regeneration Disabled Level Dependent as well You need to adjust your agi until you have 95% flee of the usual mobs you encounter so they wont hit you while luring But id say you can already start this at Lvl 70+ Here's a Screenshot of What I'm Wearing and My stats as well Now lets Get to what each item does Cramp Headgear (1 TC from Reward Guru) - 1% chance to get zeny when killing a mob - The chance is low but when it procs gives me around 500~1kz per desperado which negates my 10pcs of bullets Usually works for me every mob so its a decent investment Recuvative armor (40 bronze coins from Rental) - every mob killed gives 60HP/6SP (I wish GM's would increase this though because their counterparts Deleters gives (100hp and 10sp) Slaughter Jacket - Sky Deleter Card (200k i bought it from vend, Magma dungeon farmers might have these in their storage) Gives 100HP per mob kill *Note I bring both of these because I have to adjust depending on how my HP/SP pool is at Low Hp you need to wear the slaughter, Low SP you need to wear the rental armor Revolver Weapon - Any weapon is fine. I just put Skeleton and Wolf card on mine because i got them from leveling my GS the STun proc on the skeleton is quite decent though Low Level Hood (Kavach Icarus) - This one is optional But i would recommend the garments from Rental gives Flee and Neutral resist as well... Any gear is fine as long as you get more than 10 flee boost Outrageous Sandals - Zombie Slaughter Card (Most HP leechers at abbey have this its a thrash card) Gives 50 HP per Monster Kill (has combo with Ragged Zombie Card) Lunatic Clip - Ragged Zombie( Abbey drop as well and thrash) - combined with ur shoes you get 2SP per kill also gives 1% bonus damage to mobs and cause external bleeding although negligible because they will die right away Optional Accessory - Any is fine, Although I am saving up for a Mimic Clip So in Total You can have either 110HP/6~8SP or 150HP/2SP(The Sp of this works on Demi Humans Only) Per Kill However a good setup would be, If you're sure you can kill everything in 1 desperado I'd go for the 150HP/2SP per kill just bring some GJ's around 50 pcs in case you will run out then swap with the other armor and regen SP like a boss So depending on where you're going you just have to adjust your bullets and dont forget to make cartridges at einbroch ( My GS looks a bit like Kirito's avatar from SAO2 haha not intentional though just random from stylist) ALright so Once you have supplies yourself with enough cartridges you can go explore wherever you want Lets head to Orc Dungeon first I purposely get myself low hp and mobbed around 10~15 just to let you guys see how it works Using 1 Desperado Then here's whats after that Its a cool thing my other accessory randomly drops grape juice and some food items as well helps in ur sustain also you might get some ingredients that people buy to make stat foods Now to go to Level 2 and make use of the Zenorcs Rushing in to where loots are And Voila my Hp is full Just keep in mind you can pre cast Desperado right before those Mobs Hits you Okay? it will still hit some of them giving you some HP/SP to further decimate the rest of the Mob. Heading to High orcs Next Lel just when i was about to go home i got a card After Mobbing About here and there and dying to Spiral Pierce from Orc hero after Decrease Agi-ing me In the end its all about haivng fun. As of the Moment I'm playing this character alot because its fun and my current build lets me do neat things I'm currently trying to secure a +8 Set of the armors that I'm using its easy enough to buy the card anyway I dont mind feedbacks and All but do take not that the aim of this build is to be able to farm using really cheap items Although you can replace the Shoe with GEC but that ruins the vamp Meta You can also use Kaho and Celebs. This guide just serves as a basis on trying to overcome the GS sorry trait of being unable to use Vamp Equips. I just collected enough ogre teeth that i need. Off to Honey Pot collecting!!!
  6. Well the rsx is for the pally if he keeps getting knocked back his GC is useless. IKR its not that worth grinding that much. Super hard to sell trans plates
  7. Core? I think Not. You need RSX armor for core. A decent defense and alot of damage reduction to surive 5~10 mobs Plus its too crowded for you to be able to just mob a few. By the way. Forget about Juperos Core. Lots of parties already ruined Trans Plate prices. I remember being able to sell one piece at 600k now its 200k and already hard to sell. LOL That was for the Pally and Sinx Classes for Juperos Core
  8. Well regarding the lowballers on the buying end.... I feel you there BRO. haha! once i had someone buying my SB's for 300k ea wtf
  9. I wanna know everyone's opinion regarding the so called "LOWBALLERS" that ruin market prices Lets face it our community has those kind of people that in order to make a quick buck drastically reduce the price of their goods compared to usual vendors up to the point that the lowball price becomes the normal price. Yes everybody wants to farm and all I get the feeling as well. These things not only occur in item prices but in other services as well like SQI ings farming, seal service leech service and etc. Don't get me wrong there's no solution to these cancers to our economy but who knows? I just want to gather information and Opinions regarding everybody's experience especially to those who farm expensive stuff like diablos mant, transparent plates, AoCE, and more... Coz me personally what I do sometimes i buy the lowball items in question mainly Transparent Plates and Stone Bucklers and sell them as my own. I'd Appreciate everyone's feedback and experience ^^
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