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  1. Anyone know if changing to 3rd job sprite is allowed anymore? I miss my AB sprite immensely but it was flagged by the new anti-cheat! ty in advance xoxo

    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      It's okay as long as it don't provide you any advantages, but if it's getting flagged by the new anti-cheat then I'm afraid you can't use that modification anymore.

    2. Ring


      Alright thanks! I am not injecting anything new into the game. It's possible I made a mistake somewhere renaming the class sprites. appreciate your reply !

  2. hello; i will not be active here anymore. thanks for all the fun! best of luck <3

    1. HugeNoob


      Have fun in the real world!

  3. tumblr_n4sbt2zlFg1rv8mhvo1_r1_400.gif.21d7edf7dcb94e4ec0211e4bee92014e.gif

    1. ssjVegeta


      This is what happens when you stay in the "Closet" too long. :)

    2. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      This made me laugh XD 

  4. gift for a friend <3


  5. [wip, personal art]fc9322ec06.png

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    2. Orchestra


      Hey, all the good things take time to ripen.

      Regardless, I'll be hawking. x:

    3. GM Luna
    4. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      y u so perfection, go awai

      no jk pls stay :< /lv2 

  6. [art]


    for amour~* & aryll <3


    commissions closed until i finish my DA order. ty!



  7. another commission slot available! waist-up sketch, colored (result varies depending on what I'm feeling up to)

    highly experimental.




  8. looking to do a private commission (sketch, waist-up, colored) for 5TC or the equivalent in zeny.

    will be delivered within 2-3 hours after payment is sent.

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    2. Ring


      awesome! i'll note you. <3

    3. Marly


      oh my god, only one? :c

    4. Ring



      I'll open another slot for the AFK hat funds when this one is finished <3

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