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  1. Butt.


  2. I had heaps of fun writing this! LOOOOOL
  3. I have this sort of mental picture Boreas having a huge ass hammer (Bob the banhammer) somewhere around his room... /shot
  4. Was looking for you in !main, d'aaaw. Just wait, I'll join on this one dear :>
  5. Since I got time to burn, might as well try it
  6. To write or not to write, that is the question...
  7. Christmas! Christmas is Near! ”I have all the time in the world, I have money, I have all the things I need to hunt on my own… But why do I feel something is lacking…” as Carla heaved a sigh while walking around Prontera, vendors lined up in the sidewalks hoping to sell their goods, she snooped around each stall hoping she’ll find something worth her money. ”That looks good on you dear, here take a look at the mirror.” The merchant gave her a mirror, she looked magnificent. Her long curvy brown hair dangled around her shoulder, her blue eyes glittered the necklace that she was trying out complimented her a lot more. ”I’ll take it…” she smiled gently and handed over her payment. She walked to the town, noticing that the buildings are being decorated with Christmas decorations, an indication that its already that time of the year, she remembered the time where her family celebrated Christmas together. But now they passed away, she’s now eighteen and had always celebrated Christmas on her own, she earned her money by hunting monsters and selling it to people. She always thought that people come and go, that they’ll leave her eventually. She walked down the pub to get her quest for today, she was asked to slay Majoruros at Glast Heim dungeon. Carla went out of the pub and she’s out on the streets again, upon seeing how people was so happy with how they live, she started to get envious and spaced out. She kept walking without looking where she’s going until, she bumped into someone. ”I--- I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” the man looked stared at her and then smiled at her. ”No worries my fair maiden.” she gave her a look and seem something was off. ”The name’s Quintus, Quintus the Clown.” Quintus held out his hand for her to shake it. Carla slowly took Quintus’ hand and gently shook it. ”I’m Carla. Carla the—“ Quintus interrupted her ”Carla the beautiful Sniper?” with a warm smile spread across his face. Carla couldn’t help but smile as well, with such compliment coming from a total stranger. The clown cleared his throat and spoke… ”People hide their sadness behind their smiles, letting them believe in such lies. Even if I know my effort to make you smile will be futile, I would like to still give it a try. For such fair maiden does not need to cry, for I’ll try my best to keep you fine. I know it may seem stupid but I’d give it a try, until the time you’ll be mine.” She couldn’t help it and a tear ran across her face, the poem was elegant and sweet. ”I—needed that…” People clapped their hands for the small poem he made for her. ”I know it’s a long shot but I’d give it a try, would you want to go out with me and eat?” Quintus asked her out; Carla simply nodded as she blushed hot red. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't Kill Me Please D:
  8. 500 words!?!?!?! Ack... My work ain't gonna be detailed :'( :'(
  9. Howlieeee~ My heart is broken for I cannot join your magnificent event! (Yet Again!) </3 :'( But still, have a blast with the event! I know its a good one, I have this awesome feeling that it would be so awesome *Very very very very very far high five!* Good luck to everyone! :3
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