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  1. HELlo gm Lance like to book at 31st 17:00 svt thnx you so much
  2. can i have a slot for oct. 3 17:00svt pls thnx you
  3. We take a slot too thnx
  4. HI GM Lance can we book ok jully 6th 16:00 svt and july 18th 15:00 svt thnx you
  5. Name: Quivering / Rohoodring (a poring like robin hood) color: a Green poring that has Apple of archer top head gear or green hood poring with bow on its back Drops: 5x Silver Arrow Quiver Item ID# 12009 5x Elven arrow quiver Item ID# 20157 5x Crystal Arrow Quiver Item ID# 12012 5x Fire Arrow Quiver Item ID# 12008 5x Holy Arrow Quiver Item ID# 12183 5x Immaterial Arrow Quiver Item ID# 12014 5x Wind Arrow Quiver Item ID# 12010 5x Stone Arrow Quiver Item ID# 12011 5x Shadow Arrow Quiver Item ID# 12013 100x Trap Item ID# 1065 Apple of Archer Item ID# 2285 gakkung [2] bow item ID #1716 Halter Lead 7 days box Item ID# 16682 Backstory: There was once a unique and different Poring that born in the field of Prontera were they found out how difficult this troublesome poring to handle that was broken many times of thier monster rules but this poring was very skilled and very poor , He Got Idea of Training Himself at Payon were all the archer guilds trains. and learn also to craft arrows. when he came back because he is Kind all of his possession like foods he gave it all to its monsters community and was save it from hunger. but secretly stole from their greedy poring king During knight ! he Attacks it who ever it come on its way and mostly of course from adventurers of midgard that keep trespassing on their territory.. IGN: maikiyoh
  6. in game name: maikiyoh 2.headgear: snow bunny ears costume (my very first time handcraft) 😁😉 i try my best making it before deadline! best of luck to everyone!! >XD ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  7. in game name: maikiyoh 1. headgear: panda hat costume
  8. wew.. how can i post images here? ^^ pls can someone teach me? thnx ._.
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