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  1. 1. Yeah 2. Can't think of any reason why it got nerfed since it is not that overpowered. Current meta for a beginner is a knight since there is this comprehensive guide: you can cross-trans to other class after you rebirth: https://wiki.talonro.com/Cross_Transing
  2. pm/mail: Fruit
  3. I really think you should follow this guide: Ragnarok is kinda typical old fashion JMMORPG so I understand if it's difficult to grasp for newbies. I just returned recently and this is probably one of the best guides I've ever seen. If only there was a guide like this when I played back then.
  4. In my experience as a wizard wearing this, It interrupts cast every time..
  5. For abyss: 1. You'll need invoker of death or dragon slayer if you want to go 2 handed and parrying. 2. One of the acidus cast the skill "stop", you wouldn't want to use zerk build there. 3. Just stack defense and use dragon breath to mitigate the damage, also you could use stone buckler and one of the blue/red sword with 3 SG cards. 4. For headgear you could opt for helm of dragon instead of kaho.
  6. Wel you are a stalker not a rogue..
  7. Have you made your sage and priest slave? If not then you should make one. I never like rogue as a thief branch in general, since I prefer sin before rebirth. Rogues are so expensive to gear. But from reading some guides from wiki, You could upgrade a few things: Head: Chicken Hat Mid: Robo eye Lower: Pirate dagger Weapon: Weeder Knife Armor: Odin Blessing Shield: Tirfing card inside +7 stone buckler Robe: Falcon Muffler Shoes: Fricco Shoes For stats just get, Str, Agi and Dex. keep other stats as 1
  8. Not sure about PvP, but i guess getting those demi human reduction PvM Champ are usually MVP hunter: Kaho BK / Incubus Str mid Pirate dagger / Chewing Bubblegum Gloom inside str armor Luna Kaleet[AK, AK, AK] / Suiken [AK, AK, AK] GTB & Alice Vshield/StoneBuckler Deviling GEC Sleip / Variant Shoes Diablos Ring[Sting] x 2 / Celeb x 2
  9. Amy

    Full Defense Paladin

    and we just need a mob that attack with ice pick effect to counter SB champ and people like these.
  10. Amy

    When to buy GEC

    Meh if you guys oppose GEC so much, OP could've just buy earth deleter card and basically it does the same thing to hillwind because hillwind usually died with just 1 DS and with earth deleter you got all the sp used for DS back after 1 kill. For me personally GEC is the best buy for starter so my opinion might a bit biased, I bought it as first expensive item as a knight in shoes and used it until lv 99 LK, GEC and ahlspiess was the my best investment for me until I could buy much more expensive items like kaho and VF[2SG] <- (it was expensive alright). Farming and leveling in RO is really tedious task, having 1 less thing to worry while doing them provide much less stress and much better feeling. Edit: I don't know if Sniper need slave linker, but with GEC, you could get your slave linker much sooner.
  11. Well firstly, make sure you vote everyday: https://panel.talonro.com/voting/ I can help the other stuffs in game, what's your in game name?
  12. Tell us your level and class
  13. Amy

    When to buy GEC

    Yeah that hat is not bad i guess https://wiki.talonro.com/Ship_Captain_Hat_Quest
  14. 1) How viable is the class for a total starter? Just good for an alt to vend, oc and dc since most skill requires zeny and autoattack build is expensive 2) What is the class' role in a party/woe? just one of the extras, WS is just there to give buffs to the party, nothing else. 3) Is there a wide variety of builds? mamo/CT & autoattack with bapho card 4) Is it worth it to lvl up all the way to 99 as a Hunter and then cross-trans? What are the pros and cons of going for that path? Yeah pros: faster cons: you just have to get used to playing ws after you spent a lot of time learning hunter, but that's nothing compared to leveling to 99 as an under geared BS.
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