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  1. Oh my~ <3

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    2. HugeNoob


      Hahaha see you soon

    3. Sleepy o/

      Sleepy o/

      /hmm where have I read that before.. /sob 

    4. HugeNoob


      Oh please. I'm trying my best :(

  2. Be right back~ /gawi 

  3. Don't you ever sleep?

  4. I keep wondering why I get a new tab when I click the first upper left hand link option, its on main panel link now not on forum link *facepalm* or im just sleepy. Oh god I need more coffee.

  5. *bites khimmu* *clingy on khimmu* 


  6. How come i need to refresh a few times before i actually get inside the chatbox? /sob 

  7. To the guy in the chatbox,


    You can pm me,

    Gemini kicked me out.

  8. Okay screw this. I am officially giving up on the vanilla dungeon forever~ /sob

    Farewell Green Tickets, Farewell TOT Bags, Farewell Zenny~ *cut wrist*

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    2. yujinori


      D: *heals wrist

    3. Ring


      q.q the struggle

    4. HugeNoob


      Client keep crashing without warning.

      Fresh installed one :(

  9. Ohh look forum got upgrade again /ho 

  10. LMAO


    1. HugeNoob


      *take down notes*

    2. ~Lozaki~


      what? u think this is how i will feed u chocolate? LMAO

    3. HugeNoob


      Yeah I got to change my tactics. So thats why the chocolate taste so sour

  11. omg Y U So Obvious? /shy 

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