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  1. HEY YOOOU! YES...YOU! are you looking for a PvM/social/WoE guild filled with random insomniacs/"altaholics" who live off of comfort food? :0 HAHAJK! :)) FRET NO LONGER! maybe this guild is the one for you! we cannot promise that we'll be 'that' friendly (???) but we promise not to judge when you make your keyboard sound like a woodpecker on crack when you type like this guild's leader while using discord >:) *coughs* BWAHAHAJK! :)) we are currently looking for active members! please feel free to joooin! kindly send rOteG or Secret Call a message!
  2. Hello, person-who's-about-to-waste(?)-738759384249058345-seconds-of-your-precious-time-reading-this! :D If you're a member of this guild already, you made the right choice! If you aren't a member yet, please do not hesitate to join these OMGPRO!awesome individuals! To the Team Secret guild, thank you so much for "adopting" me and guiding a newbie like me. ;__; I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologize for sometimes disappearing for extensive periods of time (probably asleep?) and come back like...'sup y'all! how's the weather.' D:!! Thank you for the 'WTF?! moments' I've shared with you guys that have truly been priceless. HIHIHIHI <3 :'D HAHAHAHA! :)) I hope to see you all in gaaaaame! <3
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