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  1. B>Twin Fang with Good Cards

    Hi, I'm looking for a good Twin Fang with good cards like Dopple, and TG this is for a crit build. please leave IGN or email me at kellypadd@gmail.com because I might not be online all the time. Thanks!
  2. Twitch Stream

    Hi Guys, I do stream on twitch whenever I play Talon. Just sharing hihi. Please see link below. https://www.twitch.tv/ke11z
  3. GTX 1070 blur issue!

    Yeah this really helps. Pixelated ragnarok is really horrible. I hope that NVIDIA will fix this soon. I already reported this issue to the NVIDIA team.
  4. GTX 1070 blur issue!

    I am also experiencing this issue. I upgraded from GTX 760 to GTX 1060. The graphics is bad, real bad. Any way to fix this? thank you!
  5. Charkam[2] best card for Crit sinx?

    Thank you for that information!
  6. Charkam[2] best card for Crit sinx?

    What would be the best card for Charkam[2] for Crit sinx? I have an Inferno Assassins glove as well.
  7. Professor Mavka Build help?

    OMG thank you for the information! I will try this thank you! BTW where can I find the Hypnotists staff with 2 slots? TIA
  8. Professor Mavka Build help?

    Hi Guys, I'm planning to use my professor to farm at Mavka. Got 2 Imp cards. What would be the best stat build to survive Moscovia? Thanks
  9. Davao??

    Kauban mi ani niya hehe mag mag 2 years na ko dri sa talon. Wla ghapon imba items lol
  10. DAVAO Players?

    Btaw buhat bai. haha. pero gamay lng ata taga davao dri haha
  11. Best Spiral Pierce Spear for Mavka

    Agree. you can afk at anytime at mavka. In geffenia you need to be alert + you need to tp back for the SL buffs which can be a hassle.
  12. Best Spiral Pierce Spear for Mavka

    Yeah. Then u are better than him. What's ur secret? haha. What is VF btw? LOL. I'm just curious because i see LKs like NTA at Mavka and he just walks and 1 hit Mavka pick up the loots then move on to the next. I find it cool lol. I tried using hellfire and I got a Spiral Pierce Damage of 11k, disappointed and switched back to my stalker. xD
  13. Best Spiral Pierce Spear for Mavka

    I think you're the one that I saw haha
  14. Best Spiral Pierce Spear for Mavka

    What is the Best Spiral Pierce Spear for Mavka. I saw someone there got a spiral pierce damage of 21k. Anybody knows how?