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  1. Hi, interested in your leeching services, when will you be online? :)

  2. Viewing gmc cooldown in game during off gmc hours

    I know about the tracker but sometimes the gmc is about to open, ,and everyone is rushing as gmc is quite competitive. U might lose a room due to ppl changing snipers and what not. So why not add something similar to the quest board, and name it cooldowns board.
  3. Bonus Bundle Update: Pet Intimacy Level

    Its a good idea but im thinking if u switch pets on the same char how does the system detects it. Hm. Maybe through a relog?
  4. Im suggesting to allow the viewing of gmc cooldown when gmc is not ongoing, either through the minigame girl or something like the msg board to show all cooldowns of all instances and what not of that specific game account.
  5. Buying 2xGlove[1]

    Buying 2xGlove[1], msg me or leave offer here. THks.
  6. +7 Valk Armor, Shield, Minor Helm, Shoes

    How much for Artemis[akx3]?
  7. Please help with client

    thks ill disable mcaffee when im playing tro and enable when im not
  8. Please help with client

    When I switch on McAfee again, the game can't start again. Is it possible to provide the talonexe.exe file? So I can juz copy paste that file into the folder.
  9. Please help with client

    Same windows 10 too.
  10. Please help with client

    My tro says updating client upon clicking. After it is done i click start Game, but nothing happens. Plz help!
  11. My tro says updating client upon clicking. After it is done i click start Game, but nothing happens. Plz help!

  12. T>arte[TTtp]+zeny for arte [TTT]

    Trading 2 turtle 1 the paper card slotted arte + zeny for 3 turtle card slotted arte.
  13. Regarding buying shops for TC

    Hm imma close this topic as I don't want it to turn into a flaming topic.
  14. Regarding Unslotting sqi

    @GM Seiren wow thks gm! I guess my guess was right.
  15. Regarding Unslotting sqi

    @NeoArtS But u unslot 2 cards on to different equipment. What if it is unslotting 2 or 3 TG from the arte bow at one shot.