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  1. Buying 2xGlove[1], msg me or leave offer here. THks.
  2. How much for Artemis[akx3]?
  3. thks ill disable mcaffee when im playing tro and enable when im not
  4. When I switch on McAfee again, the game can't start again. Is it possible to provide the talonexe.exe file? So I can juz copy paste that file into the folder.
  5. Same windows 10 too.
  6. My tro says updating client upon clicking. After it is done i click start Game, but nothing happens. Plz help!
  7. My tro says updating client upon clicking. After it is done i click start Game, but nothing happens. Plz help!

  8. Trading 2 turtle 1 the paper card slotted arte + zeny for 3 turtle card slotted arte.
  9. Hm imma close this topic as I don't want it to turn into a flaming topic.
  10. @GM Seiren wow thks gm! I guess my guess was right.
  11. @NeoArtS But u unslot 2 cards on to different equipment. What if it is unslotting 2 or 3 TG from the arte bow at one shot.
  12. @yummy90https://wiki.talonro.com/Rewards_List#SQI_Unslotting so the column under services is outdated?
  13. Although I might never get to use it im juz curious, what does 5 TC per card and 10TC transaction mean? Does it mean that if u unslot 3 cards from sqi, it is only 5x3 =15TC + 10TC, 25TC?
  14. Hm those questions im not very sure. I usually juz kill, seems to have exp.
  15. That's strange, the misses could be due to safety wall but since u say position lag, could be becuz of lag. ( I usually experience position lag only in dg becuz I fsk and they pulsed me at the same time) If u wing u have to reactivate warmth again. I'm not clear with the days as tro one might differ from iro but even if u save all 3 maps in Odin, u will not be able to activate comfort base on time of day. For example, I save sun in Odin but I can't activate comfort sometimes too.