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  1. B>Ultimate ascended black dragon hat

    Buying ultimate ascended black dragon hat. Wonder if anyone has it. Leave offer or pm me plz
  2. The Clown in 2017

    There is a clown & gypsy guide
  3. Implement !bj command

    Definitely @bsj. !bj sounds wrong haha.
  4. Unisex account

    Is it possible to allow the making of female chars in male account and male chars in female account? Thus making it unisex accounts. There are some problems such as vahalla access and making gypsy/dancer or clown/bard chars. Would be a nice addition.
  5. About braggi

    Not sure if skill modification is allowed but is it possible to reduce the aoe of braggi so that it will only affect the hps in the party and not the snipers?
  6. Stalker with lvl 10 waterball

    Wah 99 balls going to hurt a ton man. Imagine the dmg on ifrit. Lols
  7. Stalker with lvl 10 waterball

    Watery evasion got 9x9 cells. That will be a good one haha
  8. S>Nekomimi cyber headphone costume

  9. Stalker with lvl 10 waterball

    Oh thks haha.
  10. Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    Ok thks alot! I find the wind skill which hit lightning around u kinda useless. And i feel ninja more of 1 to 1 combat then aoe.
  11. Stalker with lvl 10 waterball

    Ow. Looks like have to go get hit by drake.
  12. Stalker with lvl 10 waterball

    Lmao that will be fun haha Btw what skills does the plagiarism npc have?
  13. Stalker with lvl 10 waterball

    Has anyone tried stalker with lvl 10 waterball? Seems super OP. Haha.
  14. Gmc npc for teleporting to next floor

    Sometimes there is a bug where u teleport at the instance the floor is cleared and u get stuck at the previous floor. What im suggesting is an npc spawning after the floor is cleared so u can teleport to next floor or have a dialogue box appear similar when u dc to prompt u to teleport to the next floor after moving about.
  15. S>Nekomimi cyber headphone costume

    Selling Nekomimi cyber headphones costume. Semi rush LBO or msg me.