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  1. MoonSun&Stars

    Main Gypsy - not advised?

    make a gypsy and clown. then say duet looking for pt. autofolo ur clown. use ring of nibel. tada.
  2. MoonSun&Stars

    Make auto biltzbeat a toggle function

    Hi guys. I see most snipers are not having their falcon on. although its mainly for mvp to not lure them or triggle bio slaves. what im suggesting is the ability to toggle it on an off so u can use detect ability as well. thank you fellas.
  3. MoonSun&Stars

    Monster skills on monster database

    nah i would like to know about power ups or flee ups.
  4. MoonSun&Stars

    Monster skills on monster database

    thks man.
  5. Hi talonro community. How do you find what gmc boss monster skills they use on talonro monster database? Thank you.
  6. MoonSun&Stars

    How steal works for noobies =)

    but for stalker and sin x u cant get a lower lvl of steal unless u dont add any 2nd job skills or u use a joker card. thats why supernovice has a more versartile steal as SuNo can choose what lvl of steal he/she wants.
  7. MoonSun&Stars

    Evolved pet transferable through forum acc

    Hi guys. i think u muz agree that getting 1k rep points for that evolved pet is tiring. imagine u have to do it for 3 seperate accs and getting it loyal on all 3 thrice. im suggesting a way to make it transferable through all ur forum acc. probably through some form of shared storage. i dont mind if there is some charges involved. its best for convenience sake.
  8. MoonSun&Stars

    Starting out after finishing thief quest

    There is the Eden resource guide, should prolly try to get ur hands on those eden gears. quite good for newbies. There is the Eden resource guide, should prolly try to get ur hands on those eden gears. quite good for newbies. Juz focus on the Main quest to get the equipment and weapon.
  9. MoonSun&Stars

    Best Asura Weapon after Suiken

    muz be the higher base dmg compared to LBW.
  10. MoonSun&Stars

    Not comprehensive Magic ninja farming guide to manuk field

    the new eden huuma shuriken seems to be a good alternative if u dont have sqi yet. juz enchant double insect mattk and 2% mattk. idea is to kill centipede fast. if u got pinguicula mid u can cast water evasion tier 2 skill for more spear of ice dmg. but muz have ic or close to ic to work. use speed pot if u may but u not going to cast as fast as those sqi guys with doppel slotted. and i agree that ninja is meant more for single target then aoe. if ur good u can try dicastes field to hunt dolomedes for bradium ring too. but that is much harder than manuk field. play style ic and decent after cast delay to survive there and u nd wind skill instead of ice and fire.
  11. MoonSun&Stars

    Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    if u dont have sqi weapon. i suggest u get pinguicula mid + the new eden ninja weapon enchanted. i think is huuma shuriken. enchant with 2% mattak and 10% insect mattk. do some quick work to those centipedes which are kinda sturdy. u dont wanna get brute becuz u can kill tatachos with fire. also beaststafe sniper beats ninja in splendide field so no point getting brute.get insect dmg and u can kill dolomedes for those bradium rings as well.
  12. MoonSun&Stars

    Gypsy as DPS

    if u cant afford the sqi. the eden weapon seems to be good haha. juz rmb to enchant it. its foc too. usually enchant with demi human 10% and 4% attk. so u can make quick work of those bio mobs with AV.
  13. MoonSun&Stars

    Best Asura Weapon after Suiken

    +9 Lich bone wand adds 300sp though
  14. MoonSun&Stars

    Detale card hardly ever used, can we use the RMS version instead?

    its the same effect but they remove the gain freeze immunity.
  15. MoonSun&Stars

    Evolved pet suggestion

    u nd a new pet and u nd to build the rep points again. sorry its 1k rep points not 2k.