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  1. Solo sniper in endless tower

    u can use 1 celeb and 1 bris[sting] combo for now. or if u wanna put ifrit in the bris is fine too as ifrit gives crit as well. When u switch over to crit gears it is easier to hit ur 100 crit.
  2. Solo sniper in endless tower

    u definitely nd all the bonuses to reach maximum dps. the 190 or 200 dex and above is juz the dps advantage u can get from bris sting & ifrit or bris sting & sting combo. definitely get the bonuses while ur on celeb rings first. no point buying bris if u still dont have bonuses.
  3. Gypsy as DPS

    if u can duet. the dps will beat 2 snipers. becuz 1 side of thr duet benefit from the attk boost. (attk song forgot name). if not its quitr hard to out dps snipers as they have true sight.
  4. Solo sniper in endless tower

    2 bris sting if u can hit 200 dex. if not juz 1 sting 1 ifrit. if u can hit 210 dex that is even better but i can only hit 210 dex with 10dex food.
  5. TalonRO getting blocked by McAfee

    When i turn mcafee back on, talonro shuts down.
  6. Solo sniper in endless tower

    i thought going vit build with LT sleip is better? since u switch alot gec is not going to heal ur sp much. juz bring more gj. and u can use less greenies. they are mainly for when u are on LKH. go 57vit, with valk helm u will have 97 vit. LT sleip gives u more hp than gec and it gives u dmg as well.
  7. Is gamesite100 voting down?

    I just type V1 SHUTDOWN in the captcha becuz i dont know what else I can type inside the empty box.
  8. New command to remove certain skill effects

    Ow. ok thks. Btw, is there a way to recommend changes in the original server? Since we cant change them in this due to the fact that it is hard coded.
  9. Is gamesite100 voting down?

    hi guys everytime i vote for this site it shows V1shutdown. any tips?
  10. New command to remove certain skill effects

    forgot to add. keep high wiz IW effects also but remove asura champ asura strike effect. generally keep all defensive spells effects but remove all offensive spells effects as the information has no benefit whatsoever.
  11. New command to remove certain skill effects

    I am suggesting a new command which removes the effect of hwiz heavy area spells such as storm gust, lov heavens drive, JT but keep the effect of hp skills suchs as pneuma, safety wall and prof area effect spells such as LP, deluge, volcano. In other words, only the useful spell effects. Mainly removing hwiz offensive spell effects should be enough becuz it lags everyone!
  12. Wave Challenge

    the suggestion is already implemented but i wanna ask something interesting. what time did u complete on jan 3 2017 server time? that will be more than 24hrs to jan 4, 2017 23:00 server time. Lols. 😂
  13. another wave challange suggestion

    i find the wave challange suggestion to remove the 24hr cooldown is a genius, it really is. but now there are residue points trapped in another game account even after this change. most ppl prefer to use 1 account to do wave everyday. what im suggesting is to be given a choice to either transfer the points out to ur main account or to wipe them out since u will not use that acc any more or better still convert into some other form of points to be use elsewhere.
  14. I feel that this should be allowed by the reward guru as well but for a higher price than non-enchant armors. since sqis can be unslotted as well so why not?
  15. About hidden enchant and attention concentrate

    thats the problem. im already using it.