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  1. NewGuyinTown

    adding bronze coins to platinum skill quests

    not sure if pecopeco,carts,falcon have a traditional quest as well. if yes can add bc to them. bc for everybody!
  2. NewGuyinTown

    HighThief job lvl 40 or 50 -> rogue -> stalker [Farming type]

    ah. crap i already job lvl 50 my stalker. lowest lvl steal will be lvl 8. so practically high thief juz nd job 47.
  3. NewGuyinTown

    HighThief job lvl 40 or 50 -> rogue -> stalker [Farming type]

    i know its been awhile the trend. what if u nd lower lvls of steal? do u still max job lvl as high thief?
  4. NewGuyinTown

    Thief leveling up to job 50

    aqua elemental has high job exp also check those out.
  5. NewGuyinTown

    adding bronze coins to platinum skill quests

    i was thinking since if u change job the traditional way, u get to earn bronze coins. why not for plat skill quests? also other quests like travelling to a new region via ship. maybe can add bronze coins to those as well?
  6. NewGuyinTown

    Storage Link idea

    Hi i was thinking of a feature add to reward guru for 5tc to link ur storage accross the forum accounts. or maybe a vending machine for untradeable pets. u can bring a pet egg to the vending, & select transferable to other accounts within forum accounts much like the costume vending machine.
  7. NewGuyinTown

    HW Thor03 Solo

    im only using dts and im able to solo the guardians. u nd to have rsx, devi eddga and ic. when u see bow guardian. drop a quag on him and spam sg. watch out for ur sp if ur using kaahi!. if no kaahi, watch out for ur hp & sp! also u nd at least 78 vit total to reduce stun duration to a point its tankable. 97 vit is best but int will be too low. lastly for sword. drop 1 quag between u and sword, spam sg. the thing is dont be lazy to quag! The rest of my gears are same as urs. tank gears like pcb for lower mid as well. but i dont sell leech in thorv3. juz leech my own chars. 1 more tip. add soul drain. the 20% sp is good if u combo with energy coat & kaahi. and if u got maya guard, use it.
  8. NewGuyinTown

    Amor Crafting

  9. NewGuyinTown

    Adding more Vanilla instances

    xmas vanilla fields seems abit weak compared to the halloween one. and droprate lower. probably can finetune future vanilla fields. 😁
  10. NewGuyinTown

    Questions on GTB

    if i not wrong succubus sp suck also goes through gtb
  11. NewGuyinTown

    Questions on GTB

    u can still get frozen by wide freeze.
  12. NewGuyinTown

    Where are all these bows?

    only drops from cecil damon. asura champs asura-ing day & night to get their hands on 1.😀
  13. NewGuyinTown

    Error donating to crowdriser

    Unable to donate to crowdriser. it says something went wrong.
  14. NewGuyinTown

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    Well we got vanilla for a slower pace but one thing about vanilla is ppl who invest in vanilla woe they juz log in for woe then log out. not enough vanilla content to sustain it.
  15. NewGuyinTown

    Fun and unorthodox builds

    This is priceless haha. wanna try it but each monsters can only be stolen once. might nd to kill them fast as well.