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  1. Sorry to bring up an old suggestion but has this been implemented yet? If not i hope to add on like evolved pet be allow to be traded via that npc as well. thks!
  2. well u can put a game account cd instead. to block the bypass
  3. Im suggesting a pet adoption centre that can be unlocked when u activate bonus bundle but this pet centre can only accept loyal pets. so other players can buy a pet from the adoption centre by a price set by the seller or the centre itself. then when sold, the seller probably can get a 50% comission for untradeable pets and 100% comission for tradeable pets. the buyer doesnt nd bonus bundle. this will prevent further loyal pets selling scam. the other suggestion is to pay 5TCs to reward guru to transfer TWC points from 1 game account to the next. Hope u guys can consider my suggestions. thk you sirs/madams. Have a nice day!
  4. Its nice. maybe the pre-requisite could include some low end footgears like sandals, sandals[1], shoes, shoes[1], boots, boots[1]. u know what i mean. could include greaves though but sleipnir or eversong makers will hate u. 🤣
  5. Allow storage of octo hunting stick, seagods protection, things u buy from eden shop that cannot be stored etc. Kinda annoying that u can store it in its box form but when open u cant store in kafra.
  6. not sure if pecopeco,carts,falcon have a traditional quest as well. if yes can add bc to them. bc for everybody!
  7. i was thinking since if u change job the traditional way, u get to earn bronze coins. why not for plat skill quests? also other quests like travelling to a new region via ship. maybe can add bronze coins to those as well?
  8. Hi i was thinking of a feature add to reward guru for 5tc to link ur storage accross the forum accounts. or maybe a vending machine for untradeable pets. u can bring a pet egg to the vending, & select transferable to other accounts within forum accounts much like the costume vending machine.
  9. xmas vanilla fields seems abit weak compared to the halloween one. and droprate lower. probably can finetune future vanilla fields. 😁
  10. Theres a sorcerer that enchants biolab stuff in the sewers when u complete entrance to biolab quest. I then realize that biolab enchant are similar to malandgo enchants but 1 thing. they do fail and they break ur stuff when they fail. this makes it really is a turn off for ppl to enchant them. In addition to the fact that the equips that can be biolab enchanted, cannot be malandgo enchanted. I would like to suggest to remove the breaking upon failure part but still keep the chance to fail. maybe can increase the will of warrior or bloodthirst needed to enchant to even things out. Thk you & have a nice day!
  11. NewGuyinTown


    add white herbs, witch star sands, & white potions as well so ppl cab trade them for ranked cwp.
  12. I would like to suggest adding more vanilla instances much like the halloween instance but can be played anytime so that ppl can enjoy a slower pace pvm & make full use of their vanilla gears more often.
  13. Name: Matring Color: Purple with a Gift box on his head & bubbly skin Drops: 100 Yellow Bijou (7448), 200 wind of verdure (992), 200 crystal blue (991), 15 Valhalla flower (7510), 15 Golden Ornament (7435), 20 Detrimindexta (971), 200 alcohol (929) , 200 witch starsands(1061) , 200 white herbs (509) ,200 immortal heart (929) Backstory: A poring that use to follow tam tam everywhere he goes. Sharing the love of bearing tam tam gifts to adventurers along the way. Now he travels along by himself, hoping to gather rare materials throughout the region and become a master forager. IGN: MrHugoBoss
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