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  1. NewGuyinTown

    Summer race normal badge quest confirmation

    Feels similar to my suggestion. +1. but for me i suggest to remove the quest much like how u remove quest from eden gramps. becuz sometimes ppl took it on wrong acc as well. *those hyper active itchy hands*
  2. NewGuyinTown

    "Every Job" option for advanced item search

    +1 so hard to find a specific universal item.
  3. NewGuyinTown

    New suggestion for next year race

    Hi all, kinda late for this years race so i leave it to next year. I wanna suggest implementing the the ability to retract normal missions from the amazing race officer as long as u havent talk to the mission npc of the theme. becuz some of us kinda make mistakes here and there by clicking too fast or taking quest on wrong acc. Or an option to remove the quest much like eden gramps. As for adv missions,i dont think its possible as u submitted 4 normal badges but ill leave this to the gm to decide. so the suggestion is juz the normal mission part.
  4. NewGuyinTown

    The Amazing Summer Race 2018 Summer Event

    Blue cherry blossoms costume from basic summer
  5. NewGuyinTown

    The Amazing Summer Race 2018 Summer Event

    I got clothing palette pack from basic too.
  6. NewGuyinTown

    Duo WERPA Leech

    Thank you Lady Venus and Invoker for leeching me! 2 chars, 1 lvl 91 to 95Trans and 1 lvl 91 - 95 Nontrans for an hour. Arigatou! Summer WERPARAFFLE Hope I win. P.S.: This invoker is stronger than Sumiya invoker. xD
  7. NewGuyinTown


    Eden sword with endow will make ur dmg 500+. becuz the 2 handed sword has base 200 attk. if u get enchant against brute u get another 20% dmg increase. samething for ws alchemist. eden axes got strong base attk.
  8. NewGuyinTown

    fastest place to lvl to 99 as knight

    I already can 1 hit the HO with 2 handed eden sword. But gets kinda slow pass 80. I also tried ice titans too with Alhpiess. nd a few hits ( forgot how many hits i think its 3 or 4) with pierce even with Ahlpiess. Brandish spear does same dmg as pierce on ice titan.which kinda got me wondering, the aoe skill has the same dmg as the single target.
  9. NewGuyinTown

    fastest place to lvl to 99 as knight

    sleepers is another way too. but since im more for exp i might get refined brocca and try out ice titans.
  10. NewGuyinTown

    fastest place to lvl to 99 as knight

    noted thks man
  11. NewGuyinTown

    fastest place to lvl to 99 as knight

    noted. i was thinking of incorporating eden quest in as well.
  12. NewGuyinTown

    fastest place to lvl to 99 as knight

    Givened that im geared. where can i level quickly using a knight. is high orc good to lvl 99? or i juz join abbey/odin temp for maximum exp gain.
  13. NewGuyinTown

    Why you need a dancer / Gypsy in your party!

    what happens when u attack the target that is winked
  14. NewGuyinTown

    Does FAR work with eden weapons?

    sorry my bad. animation delay. but description is kinda of wrong where it state all weapons except range.
  15. NewGuyinTown

    Unslotting/stat change of midgears

    Suggest to allow reward guru to unslot the midgears. or allow chiqita to change ur midgear stats to another of ur choice at a price or not.