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  1. New Monk Player

    Luna Kaleet or Carga Mace, for when you become champion. I don't know about carding for combo monk. My champ is either SB or Asura build. Sometimes Finger Offensive/Investigate build. Only tried combo monk once in GHP. There's also a nemesis. It's cheap but holy property. It's quite good for leveling at GHP. You can also use our database and look up the weapons. Try searching for knuckles. I don't know much about other knuckles since I don't main champ, I made zeny with other char then went straight to buy a Suiken 3AK. But if you farm with champ maybe TTT card is better for your long term investment (unless you only farm at DG or place with bunch of boss monsters)
  2. New Monk Player

    .Hi, welcome to TRO Since you've been doing Eden, check out the rental gears. it's pretty good, Can 1-hit sleeper Best of all is it only cost bronze coin which you get from eden (along with the merit badge) when doing hunting board quest. For stats, check our wiki If you want a rough idea on how to make your char, try it here For zeny, sleeper is good starter for monk because you have investigate skill, it's almost like a free ice pick. It's at magma dungeon warp, but don't go into magma dung. Just go to the portal in the north. But if you're looking for something to farm that other than that. During my early day I like farming hill wind. You can keep doing combo monk there. It's from lighthalzen city - up - up - left.
  3. anyone here knows where i could get a romantic gent?

    Please don't make 2 thread for the same purpose consecutively. You can reply to your own thread if you wish to bump it to the top. You can also edit the content and title as well. FYI: The NPC Reward Guru have it for 5TC but that is very pricey from your price.
  4. B> Errende Ebecee Card/In any cheap accessory. 4m
  5. Baby Leopard pet

  6. Geffenia champ

    Try using SL buff. Kaahi will save you a lot more than flee does. Just bring a lot of gj. But it's still worth the investment. And that it's passive so instead of healing you can be utilizing your time doing something other than waiting on ACD. walking through 10-20 of those red/black little demons will be easy. I don't mob but still encounter situation where I am unintentionally mobbed because the monsters was already there. My aim is for 3-4m minimum, optimal goal at 4.5-5m on specific time when gef is less crowded. (See the other post about gef by Yumiko Yukio) Otherwise I switch to WS and go to magma for 2-3m unless you like the class, as in having fun. Then it's fine.
  7. Geffenia champ

    I use SinX in there but I don't really dodge. Even though I walk through the valley of the mobs of death, I will fear no monster, for kaahi is with me; my soul linker buff and my grape juices, they comfort me.
  8. Strongest AOE crowd control & AOE DPS builds?

    melee is ok when you don't mob a lot. it depend on how much you can handle, gotta try and test it yourself, try 10, then keep adding +5 +5 until you felt like can't take anymore. Sniper is great in that it can just stand on the other side of basilica. So the amount of mob is just as much as your mobber could bring. LK could be a good one, but for SinX it's less. because if you're wearing shield then might as well just use LK. and without shield it's pretty bad, as you can't relies on flee, even 400 flee is not enough. about 22-23+ monster will completely wreck your flee and def (except 90 def set by champ steel body). so all you have left is reduction gear, and reduction skills like assump or block chance like autoguard or parry. Or you could try LK/WS with Bapho and Kiel card with kaahi buff. Btw, since you mention thor, basilica will not work on most mob, it don't work on boss monster. And you probably need SB champ to mob them (HP can also do it if it's an active playing HP, it's way harder if it's your alt while you have to play another one. With SB champ with 2 poodle it's way easier). Or just dont mob so much and kill them quick. I mainly use HW+HP (F1 & F3) or HP+Sniper (F1 only) Ps. I dont alt-tab in thor. I run 2 PC because alt-tabbing make response too slow, even on PC with SSD. There're always a things to go wrong, especially when it's not just 2 TRO client (2 client and google chrome can also screw things up. since alt-tab take me to chrome, adding more clicking step, moving hands from one mouse&keyboard to another is faster) Magma can be solo by LK/WS and probably SN too. LK can do it 3 ways -normally hitting them, with this method I prefer WS because it's similar but I can have cart. -berzerk and hit them : nice way to do it but need to practice because you either relog or you monitor your HP and ready to rezerk when zerk mode is off on low HP. -BB : good kill speed, but annoying horse keep draining your SP. It's annoying even with GEC. WS : I love using this one, it's lazy mode, buff, mob, click, wait, then greed all the loots. And that I can sell all the trash loots to NPC without caring to transfer it to storage for another char to take advantage of 24% merchant NPC selling boost. And all consumable purchase too. And you have identify so forget the magnifying glass. Kinda like all-in-one easy to use char for magma. Some people use this in geffenia too but they take too long to kill a mob compare to SinX/Stalker. Geffenia can be mobbed by ME HP but normally killing them quickly one by one is better. since the spawn rate isn't very good for incubus & succubus compare to how many players are in there, and compare to how many other non-relevant mob are all over the place. (And that annoying holy-baby-monster-thing while I'm using holy element to kill shadow monster) If you want to mob in gef, apply kaahi and spam GJ. Or if you go to map that Grand Cross work well like bunch of demon/undead(element) then that's another good plan. It work on other map too but the damage is not so good.
  9. Strongest AOE crowd control & AOE DPS builds?

    Is it boss type? Are you playing many chars? Try 1 mobber 1 crowd control 1 hitter. mobber can be anything to your liking. LK/SB champ/HP/WS/... and so on For crowd control you can try use the HP to cast basilica when the mobber is coming close, then have the mobber walk inside basilica with mob trailing behind him. You should now have a tightly packed mob in a tiny space. the hitter can be sniper and use sharp shooting. Or HW meteor/hd/lov or ninja spaming north wind. Depending on the element of whatever you're farming. I didn't mentioned SG for this tactic since it bumped mob all over the place and some will be frozen. You could keep doing the SG butit take time unless someone break the ice for you. And it have long delay and some mob that is not affected can come through. (Like juperos farming) Or if the mob isn't that huge and dangerous, might as well use SB champ be bait.
  10. Newbie Farming for new rogue

    ME HP, My Eye Have Power! GHC, Go Hunt Cards!
  11. Hello - Hola!

    Hello, welcome to the server. You can check out the guild section here And we have many custom features, you can check it out here : TalonRO's Custom Features If you need to ask anything about classes and builds you can here to the class discussion section here. we also have international section and you can find Spanish section here. Please keep other section in English. Enjoy your stay.
  12. 9 artemisbow

    I've seen +7 about 900-1,000m So +9 should be about 18,000m-20,000m dunno who sell it.
  13. Hello Server!

    "<p>Hello, Welcome to TalonRO :)</p>"
  14. Who dropped a nightmare card yet ?

    I thought he mean the horse.
  15. SQI Bonus and - Vahalla Quest

    Try make a topic in Suggestions Love the idea. On top of it, the one right now I can't choose what to remove. It just remove the oldest/first one. RIP Paying some fee is fine. Like stat reset. But not like throwing away previously invest millions and selecting another one that also cost millions. Worst case is I have to throw away multiple bonus because the one I want to replace is in the middle.