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  1. No Monkey Talk

    Might as well come farm in real life. In term of efficiency that is the best. Farming in-game won't make you richer than McDonald boy. We play for fun where you can spend endless millions and enjoy it rather than to make more endless millions and locked yourself up in geffenia. Now since you ask for money making way, Search the forum for "sinx 4.5m geffenia" Can't remenber exact name. Or spend a few hundreds more and practice until you feel like you kickass and start selling leech in high-end places like Odin3 DG Thor3 (some place with a duo). But you must really really kickass.
  2. san po pwede mag pa level at mag pa pera

    Philippines section is here sir : https://forum.talonro.com/forum/34-filipino/ This is "Guide" section so please english only. And only guide.
  3. S>Random Gears (Mostly PvP Vanilla Gears)

    Hey, it's me again. Would like to buy +7 novice shield [rafflesia] = 2m I'll be in-game at about 3pm server time same char IGN : NattWara
  4. Gear Review Request: SOM DDD vs SOM GGG

    Try TalonRO calc : calc.talonro.com it's depend on your other gear as well. The limit you're looking for is 184 ASPD (3 action per sec) GGG might not reach this. DDG seem ok, got 183.2 when I try to put it in calc. Other gears I put in there are kaho, 2 bris[1] clean, SQI Bonus 5 dex x3. 95+55 dex in stat, I leave the rest so try whatever build you like. 183.8 with increase AGI Lv 5 from Osiris Card DDD With the same gear is 188 However if you use berserk pot then you can reach 184 with DGG/DDG/DDN but that pot is heavy and you need a new one everytime you die. Or you can try lighter one like concen/awak but I would rather not. As a mage class our weight capacity os quite limited Regarding the bypass, You might prefer mid[vesper/HW] 20% And actually against high mdef monster, swapping to +9/+10 SoP is better for some spell, SG included. Check out "staff swapping damage" in this mage sub-section. Just be sure to find a way maintain your INT for MATK breakpoint. I did not consider HP buff here since you also mentioned solo.
  5. Selling My Stuff

    @Jailbroken What time are you online?
  6. Selling My Stuff

    How many siroma card you got? I'm interested. I'm looking for 2
  7. S>Random Gears (Mostly PvP Vanilla Gears)

    Hi, I wanna buy guard[Thara] 3m Pm me pls.
  8. YES OR NO´T

    You should already have some clue from the calc link I gave because I use Succubus as an example, which is your main target in Geffenia farming along with Incubus. Or read this guide here : Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia Or you can go for your TF AA crit. it's all about build that match your play style. I prefer MA/SBK Ps. A good TF AA crit build is very expensive. But if that is fun for you then go TF (and 2 bris[Ifrit] preferably) Or if you just wanna farm and just want the zeny. IP+excal build in that guild is more effective & efficient and a lot cheaper. And soul linker slave would be very useful for you.
  9. DD sin with 2 elemental weapon

    For normal attack, it is calculated seperately. For skill Meteor Assault it take element from right hand weapon. For Soul Breaker, the int part is uneffected, the physical part take element from right hand weapon. I think bow & arrow are different than DD. Because DD use [R.Hand] and [L.Hand] slot. Where as bow take both of that and arrow have another slot on top of your char pic. However for SinX putting arrow (tested with holy arrow & venom knife) doesn't change anything. (See below result) Test Info : Class : SinX Total STR used : 120 Total DEX : 105 Total INT : 23+20 HIT : 204 Weapon : +5 VVS Ranked Elem Dama Monster tested : Hillwind, Water 0% & Wind -25% (will miss). Fire & Neutral 100% Earth 200% (There will be 20 damage sometime, I will regard that as a miss because that is from VVS, unrelated to elemental) Normal Attack (left right hand mastery lv 5) R : Earth, L : Fire ~600 & ~200, no miss R : Fire, L : Earth ~300 & ~500, no miss R: Water/Wind, L: Water/Wind = 'miss' 'miss' 'miss' if one hand water/wind and the other is fire/earth = some damage number (~300 fire, ~600 earth) & some 'miss' Meteor Assault R: Water/Wind L:Anything else = 'miss' 'miss' 'miss' (spam the skill many times) R: Water/Wind L:Anything else + Holy Arrow(Holy)/Venom Knife(Neutral) = 'miss' 'miss' 'miss' (spam the skill many times) R: Fire/Earth L:Anything else = some damage number (~1490 fire, ~2990 earth) Soul Breaker Bare-handed (Neutral) : ~5000 R: Wind/Water, L: Anything else : ~3000 R:Fire, L: Anything else : ~5000 R:Earth, L: Anything else : ~9000 R: Wind/Water, L: Anything else + Holy Arrow(Holy)/Venom Knife(Neutral) : ~3000 R: Wind/Water, L: Wind/Water + Holy Arrow(Holy)/Venom Knife(Neutral) : ~3000 The 3000 is from the INT part of the damage. This will hit regardless. PS : Sorry didn't take pic.
  10. YES OR NO´T

    Ermm... That depend on where you go. Different gear are effective for different places. And by "use soul" I think you mean soul breaker? so MA/SBK build? Take a look at these builds Twin fang SBK succubus with aspersio : https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibLababbFaOabglaawleaQfnfncQe5aaaaaaaaahkaawib4wEtlcltogwfjbHfLh6fLh6eeeeaiakaakfaabkkaaEaaaaabaaab9aaaaHadaabadaeabac +4 IP (FS6+FS7 enchant = 30 ATK 10 HIT these are not saved. Manually put it in "Manual Edit" section) & +4 Excal, doing the same thing without priest buffs: https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibBbpabbiaxabacbagEeaaaaaaaagqeaaaaaaaahkaawkb4uklfclnDgwfjbHvsaavsaaeeeeaikkffaaaaaepkaaab9aaaaHacaaa Or if going without enchant then can use BK carded mid and some green pots for this build instead. If you're going other places where monster don't have high DEF. maybe IP is not necessary. Maybe you are more comfortable with using priest/sage dual client. So it's about where are you going and your play style.
  11. Best Gear for Super Novice?

    Inferno is Ifrit card. imp is ignite
  12. B> 2x Scorpion Card, Kaho Card [CLOSED]

  13. S> Moonlight Flower Card 21m [SOLD | CLOSED]

  14. S> Moonlight Flower Card 21m or pm offer
  15. B> 2x Scorpion Card, Kaho Card [CLOSED]

    2x Scorpion Card 2m ea or offer Kaho Card pm offer IGN : NattWara