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  1. Question: Armor Card for general farming (sinX DD)

    Imo, your armor is too good to put general purpose card... I'm thinking porcellio for more atk. But it's so general. And with your current gear it just a tiny bit increase. Maybe with that armor you would want to lock yourself in some map. Maybe geffenia, use items like the guy above me said. But personally I don't like geffenia because there's more thief class than there is a succubus/incubus now. Not to mention some mobber class. And some take forever to kill buses, hence poor spawn rate.
  2. B> 50 Fang of Garm @ 1m ea / or pm your offer.
  3. PC) 96-99 NT Leech price

    About 5m, but that's depend on your leecher. You need 210m exp I've bought abbey before and it's 100-130m exp/hr @ 2.5-3m /hr (8x rate) And Odin will usually go by 100m exp per 2.75m. Is what I've bought. And with 96-99 they will get it done in about 1 hour. (7-8x rate)
  4. Empyrean [ Social / PvM ]

    Okay. I applied through the guild page. IGN : NattWara-SNP
  5. Gear Review Request: SOM DDD vs SOM GGG

    Wow!! An actual data Thanks very much for your effort in testing it out.
  6. Empyrean [ Social / PvM ]

    Look so interesting!! I want to sign up. Is it alright if it's not my main? (My main is for farming & items management between my chars)
  7. farming sleepers -- sinX

    And instead of just going to farm you came here to shamelessly reply saying that you didn't read, and hope that people will have to "repost" because you're lazy. You could have just gone farming and ignore the thread. You already got what you ask for.
  8. Card chance to proc

    Ok, I agree with the 1% 10 rolls, it should be that. And here's where I think the 2 card add up to 1% : https://wiki.talonro.com/Whitesmith_-_Vampire_Whitesmith_Guide It's not entirely related to this topic, except the part about sniper card, it is also a proc-by-chance. And that 2 cards of the same % script would add up. Different scipt(modifier) will multiply. : https://wiki.talonro.com/Stacking_Of_Cards Is there a place we can see the code about how % carding calculate? Or a statistical test (1, 2, 3 atroce cards / 1, 2 atroce cards + bapho card, hitting 1, 2, 3 target, with large sample size of data)
  9. farming sleepers -- sinX

    90 / 99 def sinx? Okay...
  10. Card chance to proc

    I would rather go for 2 doppel, if you're on budget might as well go for 1 doppel, leave the other slot until you get the money. it's more reliable. But if you insist, then, Yes, the chance will increase, the base chance is 0.5% for 1 card (the script use autobonus 5,10000 = 0.5% for 10,000 millisec) And with 2 card it become 1%, that, and hitting 10 mob = 10% Your choice.
  11. farming sleepers -- sinX

    Being earth element didn't reduce attack from earth attribute attack, in this case, sprinkle sand. But being fire / holy element does. Fire : earh hit for 50% Holy : earth hit for 75% Earth : earth hit for 100% Source : RMS's Attribute Table (Pre-Renewal) http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=misc_table_attr Only earth attribute level 2+ does reduce earth attack but elemental armor made you level 1 of that attribute. level 2+ is for monster. and garm is kinda pointless for this guy. He said he is a SinX. Might as well just have high flee. Or have pocellio in that armor slot.
  12. farming sleepers -- sinX

    Ice pick + red naght [3Inca]. MA/SBK build. Or just ice pick + Fire endow. best armor, just decide how many hit you want. 1hit kill or 2 or 3 or ... up to you. I can just give a calc link and didn't tell you why I think that is best if you're just gonna copy paste it. But that's spoon-feeding and that is not good. Go look up these stuff instead - D vest D mant combo -Thief cloth -Magmaring card -Turtle general card (this and magmaring card isn't for MA/SBK build. Go find out why) -GEC -LKH -Bradium ring -Celebration ring -slotted mid headgear, STR/AGI -bloody knight -Nightmare card / nightmare terror pet. -Porcellio card. -There's many more. This is almost spoon-feeding already. Go read what these item do. Bathory make your armor shadow element... nothing to do with sleeper.
  13. Artemis TTT or TTQs

    It's stated in that wiki you just posted.
  14. Auction: see attached

    Is this still going?
  15. Gear Review Request: SOM DDD vs SOM GGG

    I'm wondering why 185 would solve it. Just wanna know but with 184 185 you will always have ping. So ACD of JT is capped at 0.33 per sec. 183.333 is the number but we use whole number, so 184 Now both 184 and 185 are faster than 0.33 so they are capped at 0.33. Let's use 333ms so this match with ping unit. and during this 333 ms the skill bar is grey with a dog paw icon on it. Now assuming you can smash your keyboard 10 time per sec, with 50 ms ping with little to no deviation during this test run. Assuming the click is not stacked. Command that get executed in the middle of the 333ms will trigger nothing, command that executed after 333ms will shoot the JT. (Because the only time it stacked is in buffer when the server can no longer handle incoming packet) at 0 ms you hit your key, the next 100 ms you did it again, and so on... Packet 0 sent at 0 ms arrived on server at 50ms, a JT is shot, delay for 333 ms, will finish at 383ms Packet 1 sent at 100 ms arrived at 150ms, nothing happen. Packet 2 sent at 200, arrived at 250, nothing happen P3 arrived at 350, nothing. P4 arrived at 450, JT, delay will reset at 783. ... I noticed that even when lag you can still issue command. Even when there was 2000ms ping spike, extremely laggy. The command I clicked at 0ms arrived 2000ms later, but the action is performed. Now, if you have such perfect timing but still have ping, assuming you hit your key exactly at 333ms, and that if the time it is executed on the server is equal to the end of delay, it fire JT (mean using execute time >= delay end, and not '>') At 0, you click, arrived at 50, JT, At 333, another click, arrived at 383, JT At 666, another click, arrived at 716, JT ... It's 3 per sec with the starting one shifted with the delay. However, ping are not stable, no one will ever get the same ping number over the course of time. So there's a probability that your packet will get executed before the delay end and nothing will happen. Or that it will get executed after the delay end. But not exactly at the delay end. (Could happen but with very low probability) Even if your finger have such perfect timing. So why did I come up with this assumption? Try to click SG when the delay isn't finish. Nothing will happen. It did not queue up and automatically cast another one. The server never know when you click, it know when it get the packet of your action data. It can measure ping but it is pointless to do so. As the way to measure it is to send a dummy packet to you can bounce it back, then measure the time since it was sent until it came back. And that packet wasn't the one carrying your JT command. And by doing so overtime will only result in average ping. And the measurement will even be 2-ways sending. Or by using the same time server to sync the time and having the user send it with a timestamp. That is also unreliable as the server cannot trust timestamp from your PC. Unless an admin configured it to do so. You never know if the player's PC is following a standard or not. The result should be the same for 184/185. Is that it did not "solved" the ping issue. Even DD+Berserk pot getting 188 did not solved it. Unless the game was programmed to allow queue up of skill if the execution time was within a certain acceptable threshold. (Ex. 20ms before delay is over) But that is not about aspd. It's just the way the game is coded to be more tolerance to lag regardless of your aspd.