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  1. NattWara


    This may help you : calc.talonro.com btw, The sign, that you get from geffenia quest give 5% atk. Shield for geffenia should be Khalitzberg. But if you want universal then hodre is good. And try ice pick as weapon in calc. Succu/Incunus have high def. Also get a hell lot more dex. For stealing and faster cast BB. flee, having some is good but normally you get mobbed by bunch of monster. Survive with SL’s kaahi Tele clip, try swapping. Or get infinite flywing from Eden.
  2. NattWara

    Pls helppp

    Also for ASPD, It's for long term investment. for end-game content. like trying to 100% auto-crit Shiris. or those with tons of flee/def and also need lots of crit. Also depend if you're breaking another multiple of 10 dex or not. But since he's after SS frus so --> https://calc.talonro.com/ try it out. If 3 less dex won't make you fall below your current multiple of 10 then it's ok to bow thimble. Like this : https://calc.talonro.com/?caybLbiakbDabbLabaOakabwnefnfnfnaae5aaaaaaaaakYeDwjeDy0lhhPfbgEfhgZfLh6fLfaaajaajkkkaaakkaaeyfaaahcaaaaHaaaabataxataa You can change the bris ifrit to bow thimble ifrit. But in case you're using celeb + bris ifrit instead of bris sting + bris ifrit then with with build then when you replace bris with bow thimble, your damage is not as good. Or you can use food & pet to compensate, if you can use food/pet and get that 2 more dex to hit another multiple of 10 then it's fine to bow thimble. Ps. I would go for valk gryph, and kaho. valk bk give less damage than kaho, and less crit than valk gryph you're gonna be meh at both (crit & damage), great at none.
  3. NattWara

    Signing in

    And your credit card
  4. NattWara

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Nope, GM din't want to give out the custom formula for damage portion after 200k softcap so we don't have it.
  5. NattWara

    Guide for opening Gift Box & Old Blue Box. OPB(Soon)

    Gacha time!
  6. NattWara

    Hi :)

    Especially the one near DeliciousGreenApple
  7. NattWara

    LK SP PvP. Should I use Kaho or VH?

    I would go VH if I have to choose between the two. STR give damage but a tiny amount. Weapon weight give a lot more. Or use headgear with % damage increase. btw, I think that bapho horn exist here too. Check out the bapho instance quest. It drop one of the ingredient to make the horn, cursed bapho doll. Also, you can try alice doll hat. It’s cheap, give 10% vs demi human, have slot.
  8. NattWara

    Snake head hat, double attack lv1?

    I'll tag my friend to observe this: @gamenatdanaiiii He told me that he want to try put it on his BS/Archer class.
  9. NattWara

    bg when?

  10. NattWara

    Snake Head Hat [1] double attack lv5

    Hi, I'm posting a suggestion on behalf of a friend since he's not very good in English, I'll tag him to observe this suggestion : @gamenatdanaiiii Would it be possible to give Snake Head Hat [1] ID: #5388 double attack lv5 like in officials instead of lv1. He felt that it's not very useful with lv1. If not, may we know the reason why it's lv1 here. Preferably from staff member. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I'm asking this on behalf of a friend since he isn't very good in english. Regarding this item, Snake Head Hat : https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/5388/ On RMS it's double lv5, and also on officials. May I know why it's lv 1 here? I can't seem to find patch note searching in the Official News forum. Thanks.
  12. NattWara

    Let's show our Vanilmirths!

    Name him Wizilmirth
  13. NattWara

    Whitesmith Thanatos Anti-Magic Kaahi Build

    Maybe so he can surprise other people. I guess. Like lv98 novice with all gears except headgears other than egg shell kaho. lol, jk. Maybe he didn't care about cart sprite because it's just asthetic anyway.
  14. Hi Ghen, I wanna buy Hylozoist Card. IGN : NattWara Playtime : 7pm (GMT+7)
  15. NattWara

    Not Too Sure About Order Of Stat Importance

    Bring more meat then. like 1,000-2,000. Because merchant don't have so much flee like thief and if you're not using any damage reduction gear then it's not surprising you'll burn through thousands of meats. Or try easier mob like wolf or metaling.