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  1. HELP 190 ASPD

    How do you have 2 aspd pot buff? Does it work both at the same time?
  2. Gears for Hunter

    Sting card is decent. But is it best? Hmm.. I think it's situational. Sometime you might want to crit if you meet a monster that wide silence a lot or have very high flee high def. So it depend on your build. I saw some sniper use 1 bris[sting] + another one bris [ifrit]
  3. How to one shot necromancer?

    Actual testing in-game I'm using 161 INT, mostly 1 shot the necro. The one that got away are those that spawn or walk in later after SG start hitting. The calc is wierd sometimes (many times) I'd say gotta field-test builds and see what suit best.
  4. How to one shot necromancer?

    The necro have skill "Stone Skin" Lv3 which reduce MDEF by 60% and increase DEF by 60% They will end up with 0 DEF 0 MDEF and they use it everytime. (Check skill analysis of necro on RMS) You can tick it under "Monster Buff" in the calc You might also want to optimize your stat because every 5 INT increase your MAX MATK and every 7 INT increase MIN MATK So 140, 145, 147, 150, 154, 155,... and so on EDIT: I rechecked rms about the stone skin. Seem like you need more MATK to 1-shot more consistently.
  5. Hi, I just started mining/jewel crafting/enchanting and would like to have a price check on these items. Glittering Jacket[1][INT+1] Glittering Jacket[1][MDEF+4] Odin's Blessing[1][STR+3] Odin's Blessing[1][LUK+3] Silk Robe[1][LUK+1] Silk Robe[1][LUK+2] Silk Robe[1][LUK+3]
  6. Thai (ไทยแลนด์~~!!!)

    สวัสดีครับ ยังมีคนเล่นอยู่ไหมครับ?
  7. What are we playing?
  8. B> Buying SQI Upgrade Ingredient.

  9. B> Buying SQI Upgrade Ingredient.

    Hello, I'm looking for the current items. 563 Straw Basket : 10,000 z.- ea 870 Rusty Screw : 2,000 z.- ea 590 Ancient Tooth : 10,000 z.- ea 57 Wing of Dragonfly : 3,000 z.- ea 305 Antelope Skin : 2,000 z.- ea 632 Needle Packet : 1,000 z.- ea Reply here, pm on the forum, or pm me in game. My chars name that I used often: -NattWara- -Lisbeth- Thank you.
  10. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3

    hello, is the service still active?
  11. Rate your leecher!

    1. Date of leech: 1 June 2017 2. Name of leecher: ~L33roySG 3. Price and Duration: 27.5k per 1M exp, paid 6.67m for lv 95 @ 0% to 99, took about 1 hour and 20 minutes. 4. Map of Leech: odin_tem03 5. Experience Gained: Lv 95 to 99 NT 6. Friendliness: 5/5. 7. Professionalism: 5/5. 8. Effectiveness: 5/5. 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Yes 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Yes. Very much.
  12. How to have bald head?

    Thanks. I found it.
  13. How do I change male hairstyle to have a bald head?