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  1. NattWara

    Ghaspy's Mini Stop

    Omg that Kafra! Bump for fellow man of culture.
  2. I have been using doctor from before until now, because 6-7 GJ does not filled my SP bar. Unless I’m a class with INT as main stat. Or I’m playing multi-client. I don’t care of “Most monster don’t drop 1k loot” because I pick my profitable target, and I don’t refill every 1 monster. Eating consumable is not wasting, I’m saving my time. Instead of waiting. Otherwise I will dual a priest and/or prof. Because time = money. You should not care about 150-200k or 19k You should care about (150-200k - 19k) / time it take to earn it. People who farm seriously spend on these consumable, because it make their income higher, the increase income in most profitable places already exceed the investment, instead of waiting natural regen. If you aim weaker monster so that you will regen enough during the fight, also take into account your profit/time. If it is worth it to hunt that, or eat consumable and hunt more profitable but harder monster. If you do not want this then you need better gears, mostly from player vending. GEC, damage reduction gears/cards, HP/SP draining gear. Try earth deleter card for physical melee class. It’s cheap and worth enough to pay itself off considering your increased profit. Or if you don’t mind multi-client, make your own DIY doctor, a priest and prof. Or try to organize a party. Also, if you decide for multi-client way, take note that Alt-Tab take time too. Or you can invest in (or if you already have) SSD drive, or preferably another PC right next to you. Or both.
  3. If at level 50 swordman and still can’t beat lv 20 monster then it just something wrong with the one playing. If you have played hundreds other games then you should know that each game is different, save for some copy-pasta clone game. And that game built with multiplayer in mind are fundamentally different than singleplayer. Monster hit you hard and you don’t want to buy potions, that’s your choice, multiplayer game like this encourage you to either get a healer to play with you or spend money on potions which will never be as effective as another healer class player playing with you. Yet here we allow multi client and let you use almost-free doctor until non trans 69 Also doctor after that only cost 10z per level for healing HP&SP which is very dirt cheap. if it’s just HP alone that’s even more dirt cheap. My first week here I got no problem playing to 60-70 at all as a melee class. And that was when I know nothing about RO. All I know was STR = muscle = hit harder & AGI = faster and monster miss more. Because that’s what these word mean. I don’t see problem with eating 500 meats every 30 minutes. I was making enough to get that 150k-200k NPC gears and waste 500k on pets just because I think that pet is cute. You gotta do yoir homework by google and read stuffs and find your “profitable monster” I did not even made 500k an hour then and still no problem with using only NPC gears. You gotta learn how the game work, not taking logic from one game to the other and when that does not work you say there’s something wrong with the game. If you use it and it does not work then that should be expected. It’s not the same game.
  4. NattWara

    100% CTR on Ninja?

    Crown of deceit would DL DI 2 bee sqi bonus will surely give you 100% But you’ll drink whole ocean worth of GJs since this CTR route take slot for Pharaoh & GEC. (Even with those you still drink whole cola truck worth of GJs) With SQI you can get IC through dex route easy by accessory, garment, foot, lkh. And if you want the foot for other things then you can use food instead or get dex enchant in armor + get more dex from accessory. dex+3 armor, hira shuriken, stem worm, lkh, celeb/sting glove, sting bris. Can get you to IC without bless. If you’re in need of 1 more dex then consider +1 dex food. It’s very cheap, not heavy, can make one yourself easily too as all ingredients can be bought from NPC. And best of all is that stat food bonus doesn’t gone when you die. It last that whole 20 minutes.
  5. NattWara

    100% CTR on Ninja?

    Crown of Deceit, but it's mid+top so you only have 1 card slot for DI If you want to put Pharaoh too you should go dex route. We have a lot of dex items available here you can have 150 dex without bless or food and can have GEC in foot as ninja. Try that in calc. Or just bring priest or use food or keep your footgear card to save on equip cost. No, not needed. People are doing fine on official without LKH celebs brises and bunch of MVP cards. It just make your life easier. Also, how about trying the cast uninterruptible way with fast enough cast, not neccessary IC. You can do it with cicada on and get bumped back but your cast should be done before cicada wear off, 3 hit, plus the time monster need to get to where they bump you to.
  6. NattWara

    Gem cutting chances collaboration

    Because they ate different so some will make your life easier whether you wanna ride a bird and go real quick or wanna cloak so monster in some dun stop bothering you or whatever you prefer. Some of these can be achieve with gears but like frilldora for cloak but that’s many millions or you can just use class that have it. Also weight limit, or whatever that suit your way of mining. It’s a little convenience.
  7. Because it’s meant to be played with other people as a party. We allow dual client for convenience in case you can’t get a party. In that case instead of gears in the game you could get gears in real life, as in, more computers. Gears>>>Stats We have eden quest for probably all level, if you can’t get in lower one just join higher one. With 1) party or 2) your alts or 3) with good gears. If they made monster too easy that they got solo by ungeared player of similar level then might as well make this single player game. I think you’re just very new to this, Pantie undershirt combo can be bought by new joiner within 1st week unless you can’t dedicated enough play time, like having to work overtime, exam period and such. If you need to die to lose your exp, go to niffhelm get one monster to near kafra and save there. When you’re done quickly talk to warp girl before you die the 101st time. Or how many time as you want. For new player it take times to learn things. If you’re totally new, which you seem to be, I recommend spend a few hours reading our wiki and maybe iro classic wiki’s class section regarding your class. Also check out our monster database, tour our website and forum. Also read the stats page on wiki, get general idea what is STR VIT DEX...... etc etc. DEF MDEF FLEE whatever. This could take long, but it’s worth to know a bit of what you’re doing first. And stop buying “Potion” buy meat with a merchant, or just look for vendor that sell meat cheaper than NPC. it’s 50z ea and with merchant people can get it at 37z. With the 40-45z shop you’re buying cheaper than NPC already without having merc. But it’s good investment to make one. And for melee that smack monster physically you don’t need any INT. We have doctor, we have grape juices. It’s not expensive if you choose profitable monster. Zeny>>>Level because we have 5x-8x, level will come to you bery quickly. The first week I joined here I use RMS DB to find good profit monster. The one I decide to hunt wasn’t the best. You don’t need the best. Just something that get you going for now. And improve later. Explore and enjoy. Cheers.
  8. NattWara

    2hand sword for sleepers

    Depends on your other gears. Also, VF def ignore is chance based. Try checking vet sword. Without the vf def ignore, the vet hit harder for BB. Or Krasnaya. But will be a bit more expensive. try in here: calc.talonro.com
  9. NattWara

    Summer 2018 Tam Tam's Tiki Bar Prize List

    Day 22 have a costume : Cat Coffee Cup Costume ID#21063
  10. NattWara

    Voting system fail

    I think only one can vote per IP, if you’re on the same home wifi only one of you can vote. If your bro voted for 2 sites you can get the other 2. Otherwise one of you will have to connect with mobile hotspot while voting.
  11. NattWara

    Just got my sinX and some questions

    You're good for general pvm for DD SinX, the current stuff will do for now. For gef you can use excal, devi, bathory, IP. If you wanna geffenia I think your 30m would kinda fit here. (and a little bit more) (and SL char(s) to buff yourself)
  12. NattWara

    Crit battle HP

    ESL is not curse immune here, https://wiki.talonro.com/Custom_Cards
  13. NattWara

    Votes vs XP rate

    I saw it have target of around 21k+ each week sometimes a bit more at the start. If the goal is met then the exp rate go up by 1 from current rate. if not then it is down by 1. This week become 6 when voting goal not reach for last week rate of 7, if it was met then it would become 8.
  14. NattWara

    Accessoires for SN

    Oh, right! I forgot to check that, my bad. Guess it's either armlet or clip then. Or maybe this? https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/2873/
  15. I'm using Sleip Eddga to do casual stuff for now since I play other classes, And I'm using LT on some other cheap footgear for party run. If I focus on HW and have to choose I think I'll go with Sleip LT.