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  1. NattWara

    Crit battle HP

    ESL is not curse immune here, https://wiki.talonro.com/Custom_Cards
  2. NattWara

    Votes vs XP rate

    I saw it have target of around 21k+ each week sometimes a bit more at the start. If the goal is met then the exp rate go up by 1 from current rate. if not then it is down by 1. This week become 6 when voting goal not reach for last week rate of 7, if it was met then it would become 8.
  3. NattWara

    Accessoires for SN

    Oh, right! I forgot to check that, my bad. Guess it's either armlet or clip then. Or maybe this? https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/2873/
  4. I'm using Sleip Eddga to do casual stuff for now since I play other classes, And I'm using LT on some other cheap footgear for party run. If I focus on HW and have to choose I think I'll go with Sleip LT.
  5. NattWara

    Nibel bonus (15 crit) ingredient is incorrect!

    Erm.. It's unrelated but excuse me. Are Pyona and pyonabels2 the same person? From the reply it look like so, and your name is very similar. If so, please contact GM in private to resolve the issue. (Not me, I'm fellow player ) This is from https://panel.talonro.com/rules/ : You may only create ONE Master Account (Forum Account) per person. If not then It's all good. My apology for intruding. Just asking to be sure that you're aware and don't get found out later and get ban. By the way, I updated that part on the wiki page.
  6. DDD for me. Yes, with enough INT, see comment above (that beat me to it. )
  7. NattWara

    Crit battle HP

    Depends on what's the current problem you're facing. Try this https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/ and this https://calc.talonro.com/ To find things you need and help simulate your build. First decide what you want to do/where to level/farm. Ex: If you need flee then type "flee" in the description in item DB and find out. Although it's better to use script to search but in case you don't know the script then you can do that. Then you can look at the ""Item Script: and copy that to use in the search box that say "script" In this example would be "bonus bFlee". For other stuff like Str it will look like this : bonus bStr, and for crit would be "bonus bCritical". Since your question is quite broad so that's what I can say for now.
  8. NattWara

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    I'm not GM but maybe Ctrl+F5 could help you. Since Calc have been updated a few days ago. Doing that will made it reload the new stuffs. What skill are you using? Look like Assassin/SinX DD normal attack. if so, that's your off-hand damage.
  9. NattWara

    Accessoires for SN

    Don't know about those emblems but never seen anyone using that before. I heard it isn't in game. There's also celebration ring but maybe that's still pricey. Also Glove[Sting] is quite good for caster. But SN already have good dex so maybe some slotted stuff with imp & siroma. For reselling, celeb and glove[sting] is pretty good.
  10. NattWara

    any suggest where i can farm n lvling?

    Good luck! Btw, that’s not my guide. It’s from Brea.
  11. NattWara

    Sinx Transformer :)

    SinX can use Evangelist? 😲
  12. NattWara


    Clean - 185-190 TTT - 250-255 AKAKAK - 215-220
  13. NattWara

    Leveling guide?

  14. NattWara

    any suggest where i can farm n lvling?

    Yes, I know that you can farm while also leveling. btw :
  15. NattWara

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    I created an issue on GitHub, will be fix on next release.