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  1. Hollgrehenn : “That would be 14,350 Elunium, 2893.5 Cat Ear Beret, and 34,485,185 zeny fee in total for each +10 Cat Ear Beret assuming you have average luck with power of Lord Mathematic, dear customer.”
  2. Sprite could be from Novice False Egg Shell https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/5055/ I'm aware that there is a Kaho with this sprite but it's only for Kaho. So I cannot use other headgear, like Valk Helm or Aegir Helm and still have the look of Novice False Egg Shell on my head. Could this costume be made available? Maybe through GMC box/Event box or prize/Monthly costume box.
  3. Hi, I'm posting a suggestion on behalf of a friend since he's not very good in English, I'll tag him to observe this suggestion : @gamenatdanaiiii Would it be possible to give Snake Head Hat [1] ID: #5388 double attack lv5 like in officials instead of lv1. He felt that it's not very useful with lv1. If not, may we know the reason why it's lv1 here. Preferably from staff member. Thanks.
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