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  1. Love your art work!  ♔.

    1. marvi


      Thank you~ :wub:

  2. ah play this one pretty pretty please >__<
  3. wew! Seriously? lol it was my first time entering talon contest tho, cant believe im one of the winners lolol thankies for my Guildmates (for cheering me up when i went all paranoid and depressed) Congratulation to all the winners~
  4. Omg it came out lovely!!!!! knob is hot here aaaaaah the waiter spore !! and the bunnies the cat too!!! ah! monkeyzz! You did great Alv~ both looks amazing to me e____e The Generals are so kewl O_O Tho i think the horongs are up to no good .
  5. @Aryll Thank you @azurhialine lol thanks
  6. Wow FF?! lol im flattered my art reminds you of it~ Ah he's a soul linker named Arcanis now that you mentioned it, in a way he is somewhat like Cid. ROFL
  7. cats are a must if i do say so myself *coughcough* thank you kind sir~ such strong arms you got there e_e -collecting the organs that was spat out-
  8. @Sakura Miyu Thank you~ lol im very honored that you love my work ah yup sae is an HP~
  9. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i cant believe i made it!!! Here is my entry~ IGN: orange tomato
  10. Autodesk sketchbook... though there are other apps which i heard was better this is the only one i'm REALLY familiar with. >Apps featured by CreativeBloq (website contains cookies) >Apps featured by Digital Arts
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