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  1. @DeliciousGreenApple such a beatiful story
  2. IGN: Cueio No GM Challenges Just made this one because there were not as many entries as I expected haha
  3. Everything seems good so far. Good job everyone. I'l update with anything I find. Edit1: Actually I found this: The main quest being short is really nice, so people that want to try the instance will probably not be discouraged by long quests. The hunting grounds being open all the time is really good. Being able to farm candies and the other "mysterious" stuff there at anytime is great. The Melodia map this year is way to big, but thats my humble opinion haha. The MVP defense and the Shadow Tag seemed imbalanced, in teh hours I played. The competition d
  4. I see what you did there haha clever....clever
  5. IGN: Cueio Name: Bardring Color/Appearance: Normal poring with a Ministrel Hat Drops: (probably gonna edit) 100% for the hat, and maybe 30% for each guitar. Burning Passion Guitar #1914 Loner's Guitar #1915 Green Acre Guitar #1916 Gentle Breeze Guitar #1917 Wandering Minstrel Hat #5188 Noble Hat #5469 Sky Hat[1] #5465 Backstory: Once a normal poring, living his live, grabbing loots on the floor, this poring was witness to the murder of his best poporing friend. Cold blood murder by a merciless Novice. From this moment on he deci
  6. I love these contests!! Ideas are already rushing in my mind!!! Nice idea for a contest. Will probably post something.
  7. Time for some more amazing arts. Good luck for everyone.
  8. Er... what am I supposed to right here?

    Oh, happy birthday!

    (totally not doing this because other GMs want to spam your feed)

  9. Lots of boats with the same look... i chose this spot because of the sand floor... tricky spot xD
  10. couldnt participate in this one. good job guys
  11. Is that it omgomg IGN : Cueio
  12. I feel like i'm fighting in a nuclear war with only my fists! Why are you guys so good? As I said...I'm not an artist, I'm just someone with ideas Here we go: IGN: Cueio Entry 1: The Paper mask (middle and lower headgear) -------- Entry 2: Wireless Speaker (Upper Headgear) -------- Entry 3: Fake Tongue(Lower Headgear) -------- Entry 4: Lunar Lunatic (Upper Headgear) -------- Entry 5: Skull of Archer (Upper Headgear) --- AoA parody -------- Entry 6: Strange Bard Hat (upper headgear) ---
  13. No point in registering anymore. Yuren won.
  14. Hiii. I would like to give a try at this. But I dont have photoshop to open the .psd and edit the text. ANy sugestions? Should I use the font (courier New) with a size that makes it look similar? Edit: I see, i thought the font had to be courier new. Edit2: over 9000 ideas, but lack skills to draw
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