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  1. Entry #1: Name: Bookring Color: Light Brown, possibly using miniglasses Drops: -Level 6 Cookbook (#7477) -Level 7 Cookbook (#7478) -Field Manual 25% (#14532) -Field Manual 50% (#12208) -Job Battle Manual 50% (#14592) -Book of the Devil (#642) -Bible [2] (#1551) -Giant Encyclopedia [2] (#1564) -Model Training Hat (#5073) -Old Card Album (#616) Backstory: This Poring has always been filled with curiosity. His hunger for knowledge made him learn ways to sneak into Prontera's library to "borrow" some books. Don't worry, he always return them, although late on some occasion
  2. I was on Team B but thought Team A was going to win since I always saw them getting more points in the times I was playing. BTW, how about revealing the points total for each team?
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