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  1. Ok, I remembered a question I had a while ago, seems like a good time to ask: Why is this project named Iduna? Just curious.
  2. This update means we are finally getting 3rd classes, right? (I'm joking don't send your assassins after me pls) Are you guys looking for any specific type of player/feedback for the beta tests? I thought about applying, but I have only been playing very casually, so I don't know how useful I could be.
  3. IceKirby

    New Headgear Card

    Make it a shield card, totally balanced then
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe those updates are for servers that have renewal and 3rd classes, which is why many of them get so much stronger. It would be hard to adapt those to a pre-renewal server. That said, some changes are cool, like Backstab and Bowling Bash.
  5. That's why I suggested it as an option, just like the advanced search already has options to filter out MVPs or agressive monsters. That way there are no negatives, people can freely choose for their search to include non-spawnable mobs or exclude them. I understand this is not really a priority, but I also don't think it needs to be instantly declined. It would be fine to leave it as pending to implement it when convenient.
  6. While that information is already shown, it keeps cluttering the search results. Let's say I'm looking for Earth-element monsters because I have a weapon good against them and want to use it for grinding. If I try to search all mobs with that element, I will get results like Xmas Icering and Chupacabra, which, being event-specific monsters, are not really something you can rely to grind on. It's not like some new flag would need to be added to each entry on the database, the spawn information already exists, so it's just a matter of filtering the results.
  7. When doing any monster search on the database, we often get flooded by event monsters, MVP slaves and instance monsters. It would be nice to have an option to only show monsters that have a natural spawn on some map. Sure, there could still be some false-positives, but I'm sure it would make the search a lot more effective most of the time.
  8. I can't see anything looking like renting. Other than character creation and achievements, the two other windows looks like just a proper interface for Zeny Storage and a system to share screenshots to social network (SNS being Social Network Service). Iduna seems to be another spelling for Idunn (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iðunn), which has actual relation to apples. BTW, in the brazilian official server, Song of Lutie is translated as Idunn's Apples.
  9. I don't think they can even make any relevant changes to the interface without updating the client. From the teaser, even the character creation window is different, so it seems pretty certain it's a client update.
  10. New client definitely fits the promise for a "new world of possibilities" for gameplay. IIRC, with the current client they can't even add an effect icon (those icons on the right of the screen) to skills and items like Aura Blade and Elemental Converters.
  11. Entry #1: Name: Bookring Color: Light Brown, possibly using miniglasses Drops: -Level 6 Cookbook (#7477) -Level 7 Cookbook (#7478) -Field Manual 25% (#14532) -Field Manual 50% (#12208) -Job Battle Manual 50% (#14592) -Book of the Devil (#642) -Bible [2] (#1551) -Giant Encyclopedia [2] (#1564) -Model Training Hat (#5073) -Old Card Album (#616) Backstory: This Poring has always been filled with curiosity. His hunger for knowledge made him learn ways to sneak into Prontera's library to "borrow" some books. Don't worry, he always return them, although late on some occasions. His dream for the future is to become a bestseller book author, and he even has his autograph decided on. Entry #2: Name: Endowring Color: White, with some fire/water/lighting/earth particles surrounding him Drops: -Aspersio Scroll Box(30) (#13590) -30x Flame Elemental Converter (#12114) -30x Frost Elemental Converter (#12115) -30x Lightning Elemental Converter (#12117) -30x Seismic Elemental Converter (#12116) -30x Cursed Water (#12020) -4x Holy Elemental Scroll (#12280) -4x Undead Elemental Scroll (#12279) Backstory: This Poring has a trauma: when he was little, he went to a haunted house with his friends, and he was so scared at the ghosts that he passed out for 2 days. He eventually learned that the best way to fight ghosts is to use elemental attacks, so he went on a journey to Yuno to learn more about the elements. After years of intense training, he finally mastered the art of endowing weapons, and now he's fully prepared to take on those pesky ghosts. Entry #3: Name: Hattering Color: Yellow, wearing a hat Drops: -Poring Hat (#5035) -Poporing Hat (#5352) -Angeling Hat (#5132) -Deviling Hat (#5254) -Poring Tower (#5255) -Rainbow Poring Hat [1] (#18790) -SantaPoring Cap [1] (#5381) -Sapling Hat (#8507) -Small Dancing Poring Headband [1] (#18841) -King Poring Hat (#18785) Backstory: Most humans may not notice, but the fashion industry is one of the most sucessfull ones in the Poring society. Much of this is due to the creations of this talented Poring, whose creations can turn even the lamest of the creatures into very fashionable people just by bearing his hats. The recipe for his success? In a recent interview, he answered: "I look around me for inspiration. Every Poring out there has their own charm, all I do is reproduce that in the form of a hat". IGN: Kodoku Signal
  12. IceKirby

    Rate your leecher!

    1. Date of leech: January 21st, 2018 (on my monk Jikuu Sapphire) 2. Name of leecher: - Lollipop - (AKA Cassidy) 3. Price and Duration: 3m for about 1h 15min 4. Map of Leech: Abbey 3 5. Experience Gained: From 97 (0.5%) to 99 Non-Trans 5a. Experience Details: 8x rate, with exp shoes given by the leecher Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): 6. Friendliness: 5. A charismatic person, would always answer the questions even while killing the mobs. 7. Professionalism: 5. Gave exp shoes, escorted to safe spot and more importantly, taught me how to get there properly. 8. Effectiveness: 5. Being the first time I bought leech, I never had saw so much exp flowing in so fast. General Questions: 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Yes. 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: I actually felt I should have paid more since it went for over 1 hour, but she didn't accept since it was agreed on a package. But I still managed to sneak a 7z tip while giving the exp shoes back
  13. I was on Team B but thought Team A was going to win since I always saw them getting more points in the times I was playing. BTW, how about revealing the points total for each team?
  14. My method is similar to the "Focus on one digit per time" ones, but with a few added tricks. The important thing here is that the you can receive 2 hints per guess: How many digits you guessed correctly, and if the number is higher or lower than what you guessed. With those information, you can skip a few steps when guessing. My method goes like this (complicated explanation version, example comes later): Start with 20000 (30000 also works). Your focus is to figure if the first digit is 1 (dealer will say it's lower), 2 or 3 (dealer will say it's higher, it seems that numbers can only go up to 33000 and something). If it says higher and warp you to a room, guess 30000 next to confirm if the first digit is 2 (lower) or 3 (higher). Now guess 5 for the 2nd digit (15000, 25000 or 350000). If the number of digits that you got right increased, then you already found the 2nd digit. If it didn't, then check if the number is higher or lower than your guess. If it's higher, guess 7 (17000 or 27000). If it's lower, guess 3 (13000, 23000 or 33000). Now comes the important part. There's a chance you already have 2nd digit here (even without increasing the number of correct digits). Here's how: For example, if you guessed 7 and dealer said it's lower, then you know the 2nd digit is 6 (example: 25000 -> dealer says higher -> 27000 -> dealer says lower). This works because you now know the number is between 25000 and 27000, so the 2nd digit can only be 5 or 6. But since you didn't get the 5 in 25000 as a correct digit, then it can only be 6. If you guessed 7 and dealer said higher again, then you check if you moved a room up. If you moved a room up, then the 2nd digit is 7. If you didn't move a room up, then the 2nd digit can't be 7, so guess 9 (19000 or 29000). At this point, the only alternative are dealer saying the number is lower (then digit is 8) or higher and moving you up a room (then digit is 9). Now repeat this process for the other digits. Sounds complicated, right? I think I would have trouble understanding my own explanation too. So let's try an example: I first guess 20000. Dealer says it's higher and I'm warped to room 1. I guess 30000. Dealer says it's lower and I'm not warped. Number is 2XXXXX. I guess 25000. Dealer says it's higher and I'm warped to room 1. I guess 27000. Dealer says it's lower and I'm warped to room 1. Number is 26XXX (between 25000 and 27000, but 2nd digit can't be 5 since I was still on room 1 on the previous step). I don't need to guess 26000 since I have confirmed the 2nd digit already. So I guess 26500. Dealer says it's lower and warps me to room 2. Number is 26XXX (below 26500 and above 26100, since I know the 3rd digit can't be 0 since it was never pointed as correct before). I guess 26300. Dealer again says it's lower and warps me to room 2. So Number is between 26100 and 26299. I guess 26100 (I could guess 26200 too, but guessing 26100 is useful if you know there's a 0 somewhere). Dealer says it's higher and warps me to room 3. Number is 261XX (since I was warped to room 3 instead of 2). I guess 26150. Dealer says it's lower and warps me to room 3. I guess 26130. Dealer says it's lower and warps me to room 3. I guess 26100. Dealer says it's higher and warps me to room 3. Number is 2612X (I know it's between 26100 and 26130, but since I'm still on Room 3, then the 4th digit can't be 1). Again, I don't need to guess 26120. So I guess 26125. Dealer says it's higher and warps me to room 4. I then guess 26127 and 26129 and pay attention to dealer saying if it's higher or lower. If dealer says higher than 26127 and lower than 26129, then it can only be 26128. So, in short: Guess one digit per time. When you first try to guess a digit, go for 5 (exception: First digit, which can only be 1, 2 or 3). If you didn't get the digit correctly, increase or decrease by 2. This way you can make good use of both hints that dealer gives (number of digits correct and higher/lower). Save some time by skipping needless confirmations (once you figure a digit, guess 5 for the next digit, as explained in step 2).
  15. I'm farming the items for the Lord Kaho's quest (got almost everything already), but I wanted to know a few things before I even begin the quest (mostly about the MVP battle part). 1) The guide says you can (and probably should) bring a party to help against the MVP. If more than one of those party members are doing the quest, can both complete that stage at the same time or each person must assemble their own party? 2) I highly doubt it's possible, but since you receive an incomplete Lord Kaho's Horns at some point, can you start the quest until that point with a char and then proceed the rest with another? 3) More of a recommendation than a question, but my chars for now are a 95 Soul Linker, 97 Rogue and 80 Priest. I know I will need a party, so I wanted to know which one of those can help more at the MVP part (Except for a GEC shoes and the Santa Cat Hat, my equipment is not good yet, but it's above NPC level).
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