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  1. I'm farming the items for the Lord Kaho's quest (got almost everything already), but I wanted to know a few things before I even begin the quest (mostly about the MVP battle part). 1) The guide says you can (and probably should) bring a party to help against the MVP. If more than one of those party members are doing the quest, can both complete that stage at the same time or each person must assemble their own party? 2) I highly doubt it's possible, but since you receive an incomplete Lord Kaho's Horns at some point, can you start the quest until that point with a char and then proceed the rest with another? 3) More of a recommendation than a question, but my chars for now are a 95 Soul Linker, 97 Rogue and 80 Priest. I know I will need a party, so I wanted to know which one of those can help more at the MVP part (Except for a GEC shoes and the Santa Cat Hat, my equipment is not good yet, but it's above NPC level).