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  1. Thank you guys for finding time for this very lucky but also very messy ET. A real Christmas miracle to have enough people for ET in a dead guild under such short notice.
  2. We are ded Sir. But thank you for checking on us. Happy holidays!
  3. As with most of the members back then, and prolly 90% of the players who were active around the same time this guild was, we've moved on to other things. I personally just visit the forums to give this thread the odd bump from time to time. _(:3/ L)_
  4. Thom knows. These bootleg puzzle game ads on mobile are the best.
  5. Mikae

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Registering as "Dewata Failbox".
  6. Mikae

    Old player returning.

    Welcome back to the server and the game, good ser. Quite a lot has changed since you've last played so I recommend heading over to the changelog if you still haven't. See you in-game! _(:3/ L)_
  7. Mikae

    Hello~...!! :D New Player here.. ;D

    Welcome to the server good ser! Some helpful links I suggest you try scanning if you have time: https://wiki.talonro.com/Category:Custom_Features https://talonro.com/general-rules/ Have fun and see you ingame!
  8. Am sorry good sir, we are a weekender guild at best, I'd love to dedicate time in bringing the guild back to life but I am still a bit preoccupied with rl stuff right now and it wouldn't be fair for you to be in a guild that barely has 5+ people online any hour, if you want to dork around/chat with someone and if I'm at Dewata then am always okay with company. @AishaVP Thank you for reminding me why I am still proud of what I've started with this guild. This means a lot.
  9. Mikae

    Twin Fang SinX Thor 1 Guide

    _(:3/ L)_
  10. Mikae


    @Kokoneaby she has bun-themed igns. If you don't mind the intermittent deadness, you can drop by Dewata, where me and my weekend peeps hang out, and oh, welcome to the server!!