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  1. Thank you guys for finding time for this very lucky but also very messy ET. A real Christmas miracle to have enough people for ET in a dead guild under such short notice.
  2. As with most of the members back then, and prolly 90% of the players who were active around the same time this guild was, we've moved on to other things. I personally just visit the forums to give this thread the odd bump from time to time. _(:3/ L)_
  3. Welcome back to the server and the game, good ser. Quite a lot has changed since you've last played so I recommend heading over to the changelog if you still haven't. See you in-game! _(:3/ L)_
  4. Welcome to the server good ser! Some helpful links I suggest you try scanning if you have time: https://wiki.talonro.com/Category:Custom_Features https://talonro.com/general-rules/ Have fun and see you ingame!
  5. Am sorry good sir, we are a weekender guild at best, I'd love to dedicate time in bringing the guild back to life but I am still a bit preoccupied with rl stuff right now and it wouldn't be fair for you to be in a guild that barely has 5+ people online any hour, if you want to dork around/chat with someone and if I'm at Dewata then am always okay with company. @AishaVP Thank you for reminding me why I am still proud of what I've started with this guild. This means a lot.
  6. Mikae


    @Kokoneaby she has bun-themed igns. If you don't mind the intermittent deadness, you can drop by Dewata, where me and my weekend peeps hang out, and oh, welcome to the server!!
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