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  1. Thank you guys for finding time for this very lucky but also very messy ET. A real Christmas miracle to have enough people for ET in a dead guild under such short notice.
  2. As with most of the members back then, and prolly 90% of the players who were active around the same time this guild was, we've moved on to other things. I personally just visit the forums to give this thread the odd bump from time to time. _(:3/ L)_
  3. Mikae

    Hi There!!

    No autoloot but there is arealoot. The wiki has a lot useful stuff and I recommend scanning them, especially the ones for server customs and stuff. Welcome to the server and (back) to the game!
  4. We mainly do mid-end game content now ser, and not much outside of GMC,ET,Seals, if you are fine with that and are sufficiently geared on most core classes. Come join!
  5. /awsmsecond time... idk why  i cant post properly on people's wall.. anyway Mika-chu Bae!

    1. Mikae


      Eim bby. <3 <3

  6. Joa~

    /com Pokes

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      /omg when are u going to draw me nekid /gg/sob

    3. Mikae
    4. Joa~


      today plox i'll pay with my body /wah/fsh

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