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  1. frutselflob

    Enchant Crystals (eden) items

    Hello everyone, I love the new eden Items that are upgradable through the energy crystal quests. Before upgrading through the 'quest' the Angelic protection armor is enchantable. I noticed that after creating my advanced angelic protection i wasnt able to enchant it anymore. Taking 10 days of farming and break chance on enchanting kinda make it an hard to get item. Next to that since enchanting can only be used in unrestricted woe the item wouldnt be broken in my opinion. I think that by making it enchantable it would become a "ok" alternative to the widespread used Novice Breastplate. With kind regards,
  2. frutselflob

    The Eden Group

    True, True. Sooo hypothetically we could change the name of the hunting board in question to wel say Trans AND extended. Then add the the possibility of extended (and not first) classes to it. Wouldnt that solve the issue? (yea last try then il stop ) Still love the eden quests though
  3. frutselflob

    The Eden Group

    Dear GM's I love playing around with extended classes and i noticed i am not able to do the Trans Hunting board (Sounds Obvious). Though wel geared extended classes just come short a bit from the trans equivalents and i would love the oppertunity to go defeat even harder monsters under the flag of the almighty Eden group. Would it be a possibility to open up the Trans Hunting board to Extended classes? Let us proof why we are called SUPERnovices
  4. frutselflob


    Later GM's changed this opinion and its not allowed to use any sprite modification that gives you an advantage over players that dont have it. (see other threads on this forum).
  5. frutselflob

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

    I want more vanilla ET's!!
  6. frutselflob

    Prepare Me a Song Winners!

    i havent gotten a single reward yet
  7. frutselflob

    Prepare Me a Song Winners!

    Ooh, cant wait for new patch to arive Yaay its finaly here
  8. frutselflob

    Help geffenia

    @chraine19 Brisingame SQI + Sting card
  9. frutselflob

    Prepare Me a Song Winners!

    Yaay!! Well because my song was about a GMC and the newest GMC is even more fun to conquer lets make it a GM SAEN box IGN: Knobbie
  10. frutselflob

    Snake Hat

    Talonro's itemDB discribes lvl 1 double attack. and if you look at item script it reads "[bonus bDoubleRate,5;], [], []". so i think it wil just proc double attack at 5%.
  11. frutselflob

    Post Def-Nerf Pally/LK Tanks for ET/GMC/Seals

    Thnx for the hint Howrah gives quite a bit of insight. Though i was supriced by the "don’t ask for spoon feeding". reason for that below. - Allot of players in the Talonro community have a limited budged. Since most of the community says DEF nerf ruined def pall it is kinda hard to spend 150+ mil (if luckey) on the most basic gear. If you want to make it your main and get strong items a lot of hundredmillions more. Thats quite an insane budget (i dont have) to just throw around to try statements made by players and just “figure it out”. So a little bit backup on the statement that a build is still viable is not a strange thing to ask in my book. (I heard before this topic came up that tanking Naght sieger is a real big problem). So spending all my zeny on a build that most of the community doesn’t believe in is quite a risk. Of course I could make one just for the half devo half 99 DEF pal lure pally in GMC to make the instance go quicker but it would be nice to have a bit of reassurance. - Second: of all allot of the high end community holds back information on insane builds. Which is smart if you want total domination or are scared that a nerf will take place. We even had the first 99 DEF pal post half a month before the nerf just to show of when the GM was already debating on how to fix this OP build. So on things that are already nerfed like "kaahi, bragi and DEF" I would think its a good thing to help the community still use those things to max potential if still viable. Thnx again for the information. And il try to deside whether it is worth the risk of spending all those hundred of millions on a build without backup
  12. frutselflob

    Post Def-Nerf Pally/LK Tanks for ET/GMC/Seals

    Tainaka, can you please explain why its still viable.. of course I know that before the nerf using an def pally was insanely strong. I started to build one 3 days before the nerf came about and I lost all hope when it did.. Now I’m not looking for a overpowered super tank that can handle everything easily but can you be more specific how it can be viable of you read stuff like that black metal sead. Is that true wil tanking beel drop ur Def to 30 or does it work differently. Now ofcourse there are allot of great guides bout an SB champ and what items to use where and how to be the best ET party. Yet ew have all been there all done that so having a (less effective but still viable alternative might be a fun mixup) I dont know if anyone has an in dept explenation of how def and its decay works to the letter in different mob combinations. Can you please give us an explanation how you would be able to tank the mvp's from floor 75+ in ET with a DEF pall or in a GMC instance? like when to use GTB when when to Alice and the playstyle you need to play to pull a feat like that off, is tanking beel and naght sieger impossible or just very expensive in the way of using grape juice and CWP's. I would love to hear more if ur not afraid to share ur playstyle with this fun alternative to an SB champ.
  13. frutselflob

    Help geffenia

    I read on an Assassing geff forum topic that Pharaoh doesn’t reduce the mana cost of the activation effect kaahi. only lessens the BB a bit. though those 300 grape juice i spend in an hour are barely worth the effort of changeing the manuk I see allot of people using the storaall functionality, I myself don’t use that because I use GJ and Fly wings. But I agree on the Dex argument u gave .. I haven’t found the time to calculate perfect Dex for succubus steals and incubus steals. I agree that on incubus lower Dex might lower income because WH<Mastella though on succubus it might increase (rings>mastella)yet haven’t calculated it (So if anyone feels like doing that xD please go ahead). A full Dex might be mandatory for best steal results. on another note I run a 274 flee at the moment, not job 70 yet and I don’t use the dragon vest combo (deciding whether it's worth the zeny just for one character) and I fare really well without it. So an option for you might be even to lower Agi stat to place into Atr so a good 50 base Str would improve the carry cap allot. With my setup can stay in geff for a total of 2 kaahi's till I am overweight and got to go back. When I am higher lvl 'and might try to use the dragon vest combo' I think I will be able to manage 3 or more kaahi before 90% overweight. But that’s just my playstyle, I don’t like to hop back and forth in the fountain every 6 minutes + running in and out 4 times to get to the right level (though !return helps i imagine). Advise him to use !identifyall command from bonus bundle might improve on his income Haha agreed. I can imagine that people running [Gloom] just use armor switching when walking around then switch before the final blow. might even just teleport around much more and use less chase walk. the latter I don’t use often only to lure just to evade the violy's Ah now that you say so! On the other hand the +5 in Agi gives room lower the base agi stat and add to str. might even get more than the +5 str I bargained for
  14. frutselflob

    Help geffenia

    Well the items are great, Although below my advice to you. (And don’t take all I say for granted it just my vision on the use of gear in geff). Personally I use a different set. I prefer Marduk mid to counter the annoying Silences (no Green pots costs). With a TTth Sherwood you are getting 2xBB anyway even without the BK mid and pirate dagger. As for the teleportation brooch. I would go for a 2e celebration ring since the stat boosts are just good to miss (str for more weight limit, dex better steal, +5 flee and more). Instead of the creamy brooch use fly wings. If you manage to steal 1 extra mastella in a run you can use 120 fly wings to get that one (flywing = 45 zeny and mastella round 5700 overcharged so that more than 100 fly wings for just that extra steal you might get from faster tp. Also the flywings don’t cost mana to use so that’s less grape juice consumption (1gj = 3 fly wing) and with flywings you teleport quicker (no nasty quick key+enter+cast animation but just insta quick key teleport) because every second in geff is worth income) plus what’s more horrible then not being able to teleport while being mobbed by a big mob that’s just a bit to much to handle while ur on Kaahi so have no mana. Downside of the Fly wings of course is the weight they use up so find that magic number of dex that will 2 BB the good mobs 100% of the time and put rest stat in STR (more time in geff means more money). Next to that just park your married soul linker in geff (Kaahi and Rogue spirit) and a HP for the basic buffs and you are good to go. Some people don’t use it, reason for that is that a stalker can handle geff without it, yet I like kaahi for the big mobs of 2-3 diabolics + slaves and 5-6 succubus that you can kill and walk away from. Those are the only things I know of that could boost your income. I never counted my income so this might even be slower then what you do. All I know is I don’t get the 5,5 to 6 mil an hour. But those legendary numbers might be gained only by lucky ring drops or no other players in geff. Might even be possible only before kaahi nerv (which I think was a good nerve). PS: some use Gloom instead of bathory, because with kaahi you can manage the undead damage attacks and some people say they can 1xBB the good mobs yet I never tried this. This might even be the magic you need for the highest possible income. To be Honest I only just started stalker and will play it till I get bored. Yet I would love to hear more from people who get that 5.5 mil an hour magic number all stalkers are searching for. If you think the above advice is crap because my statements are wrong I would love to be corrected just to get that one step further to max income. If we get enough information I can rewrite it all to a good stalker geff guide on the wiki or forum. With kind regards
  15. frutselflob

    Prepare Me a Song

    IGN: Knobbie Original: Jingle Bells, Background to this Talonro version: GMC Gemini is one of the most fun GMC's to complete, when it just came out we were happily suprised. This is a look into the wonderful world of playing TalonRo interpreted under the well known Jingle “Jingle Bells”. A glimps into the experience of playing on this serfer, [Verse 1] Got all I need to bring! The party is now full. Champ is still gearing Her name is a mouthful The challenge will soon start Bio fill up that cart! Did we all bring marc armor? Now let us play this smart [Chorus] 2x Come on by, Gemini! Let us GMC We will grab his donut and become the MVP Come on by , Gemini! Let us GMC We will grab his donut and become the MVP [Verse 2] Tendri in the way Almost a TPK Regroup in the south Let us make him pay We can’t go back to town Buwaya just went down Where is Hardrock mammoth I wish we brought a clown [Chorus] 2x Come on by, Gemini! Let us GMC We will grab his donut and become the MVP Come on by , Gemini! Let us GMC We will grab his donut and become the MVP [Verse 3] Kraken is in sight And gloom under night Lets kill stalker Gertie And this strong lord Knight This was an easy floor There is just one more With the little unicorn Where we lost before [Chorus] 2x Come on by, Gemini! Let us GMC We will grab his donut and become the MVP Come on by , Gemini! Let us GMC We will grab his donut and become the MVP Snipers double strafe Proff go use dispel All of us be brafe This is going well We are almost there Lets find something rare Or just 50 copper coins I’le be a millionaire [Chorus] 2x Come on by, Gemini! Let us GMC We will grab his donut and become the MVP Come on by , Gemini! Let us GMC We will grab his donut and become the MVP Have fun with this wonderfull tune!