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  1. I'm watching you Mr. Last visited yesterday at 06:19pm /gg

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    2. Natalis


      So.... JUST COME BACK TO PLAY LOL *kicks your butt* I won't bite, i swear. You were so unfair last time. Hunf.

      - I might try just to call you to eat some coxinha in Padaria Real again but just little details -




    3. A n d R é

      A n d R é

      You are right, maybe I'm a bit (ok, a lot) emotional lol /desp

      Hey, don't kick me, it hurts /gg . Maybe I try to play on this weekend, if i still remember how to play this game =P 



    4. Natalis


      Hahahahaha! Sure! I'm not playing that much like before! I rarely play... just log in to chat sometimes or some quick play haha XD

      Ps: Next week i will be almost the whole week in Sorocaba... *wink wink* asjdkfklj

      Ps1: Sorry about that line message lol i tot too much to answer and then you deleted RIP

  2. Hi nab \(^o^)/ /lv

    1. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      omg inko whut stahp stalking mehhh

  3. 8D

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    2. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      Zomg Andre is inko?

    3. A n d R é

      A n d R é

      Hello Ritsu  /lv It's me haha    ┻━┻ ︵ ¯\(ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻




    4. Natalis


      Its me who stalked inko plzzzz *vosh vosh 2fast4u*

  4. Hello my friend.. 

    1. A n d R é

      A n d R é

      Hello Blu /no1

      I wish you can back to the game soon, you are very nice.

  5. Thanks very much Gm's for the new Costume, Snownow Hat Costume, It's so cute Now i'm just waiting for the Winter Scarf quest be available again soon
  6. I would like to know it too and Thanks Gm's
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