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  1. Join the guild guys, Legion loves to kill new members with Bloody Branches
  2. Someone kidnaped Ash and Eitr from Malangdo, we need help to rescue them !!!!!!! Legion is investigating where they were taken, join us and help in our journey Join us now O/
  3. Very good guide, very friendly to read. This guide should always be at the top of this section
  4. I prefer 3x Dracula, its better for Pvm, but if you go for 3x Doppel, just keep in mind that its not so easy to resell when you get bored playing Hp.
  5. Thats true, I am selling some SQIs too and waiting to see whats gonna happen with this update.
  6. Don't be this kind of selfish player and break the respawn time to everyone else. You are not playing alone. Why is it ok in Geffenia
  7. I think Vilheim doesn't even play on TalonRO anymore, this topic is a bit old
  8. André William

    GMC Lance

    And whats the problem to have a guide? I still didnt get It, someone made a GMC Gemini guide pretty fast too when It was a new thing.
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