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  1. TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 5]

    18 IGN : Inko
  2. FS HP - MVP/GMC - Doubts

  3. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    12 IGN : Inko
  4. Geffenia farming Kafra storage

    Nope, you need to do it manually, one by one. I know how you feel...so boring
  5. Mad's Guide for Gypsy and Clown

    Nice guide, gratz
  6. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Poor Rinny
  7. HELP: Sinx Dual Dagger

    Don't be this kind of selfish player and break the respawn time to everyone else. You are not playing alone. Why is it ok in Geffenia
  8. i am VERY confused. step by step please

    I think Vilheim doesn't even play on TalonRO anymore, this topic is a bit old
  9. sniper stats and eq builds

  10. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    40 Yam 75 Conch 75 Sandman to kill
  11. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    I just sell everything to npc, except white herbs But most of the time i just drop white herbs on the ground to stay longer inside Geffenia Bow Stalkers have low weight limit and you don't gain much selling white herbs anyway...
  12. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Why don't you just make a merchant in the same account? Thats how i sell my rings/blue pots/mastelas, and takes a lot of time to sell everything already Transferring all the loots to another account must be boring as hell I just sell the loots when my Kafra storage is full, around 2k mastelas and many rings....

    Gratz for the guide HaremKing0923 Keep doing the good job and helping TalonRO community. Do not let negative comments discourage you.
  14. Vampsmith Gears (own version of Lezark's Guide)

    You can buy it from Reward Guru in Prontera for 5 Tc. I dont know if you can make it by a quest.