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  1. Inko

    Raw zenny

  2. Inko

    GMC Lance

    And whats the problem to have a guide? I still didnt get It, someone made a GMC Gemini guide pretty fast too when It was a new thing.
  3. Inko

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    40 Yam 75 Conch 75 Sandman to kill
  4. Inko

    Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    I just sell everything to npc, except white herbs But most of the time i just drop white herbs on the ground to stay longer inside Geffenia Bow Stalkers have low weight limit and you don't gain much selling white herbs anyway...
  5. Inko

    Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Why don't you just make a merchant in the same account? Thats how i sell my rings/blue pots/mastelas, and takes a lot of time to sell everything already Transferring all the loots to another account must be boring as hell I just sell the loots when my Kafra storage is full, around 2k mastelas and many rings....
  6. Inko


    Gratz for the guide HaremKing0923 Keep doing the good job and helping TalonRO community. Do not let negative comments discourage you.
  7. Inko

    Vampsmith Gears (own version of Lezark's Guide)

    You can buy it from Reward Guru in Prontera for 5 Tc. I dont know if you can make it by a quest.
  8. Inko

    Where can i make SQI artemis bow?

    First of all, you need finish all 4 Seals to unlock the access to Valhala, thats where you make the SQIs and add the bonuses. https://wiki.talonro.com/Super_Quest_Items The npc is in Yuno.
  9. Inko

    How to get rich without getting bored

    7 Diablos Manteau in a week? You are lucky, i farmed there the whole last week and I didnt get any lol. The world is so unfair
  10. Inko

    Drake ou Turtle General?

    Eu colocaria Turtle, até para revender quando você enjoar fica mais fácil. Drake séria uma arma mais específica, como arma principal não acho uma boa ideia.
  11. Inko

    Farmer: Stalker or SinX?

    I personally prefer SinX, you don't need a huge amount of zenny to gear it up like a Stalker. Usually Stalkers use Sherwood Bow to farm in geffenia and just this weapon its worth 200M+ and you still need add the bonuses to it while as a SinX you just need a Non Slotted Ice Pick and an Excalibur. I farmed in geffenia for months playing as a Sinx and later with a Sherwood Bow Stalker and in my opinion its not worth all the investment buying a Sherwood Bow just to earn 1M+ per hour than a SinX. And if you wanna just farm Sleepers, i think SinX is better than Stalker too, cause you don't need endow, just equip an Ice Pick + Fire damascus and you are ready But like Gm Naus said, just choose the class you feel more comfortable playing.
  12. Your english is very good, I have been playing on talonro for almost 2 years and my english is not that good too ahah Talonro community is very helpful, you will like to play here. Welcome to the server
  13. Inko


    Acho que a única forma de doação é através de cartão de crédito internacional, posso estar errado mas acho que PayPal não é aceito mais.
  14. Inko

    Player Pets ♥

    My little dog So small but so angry