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  1. kevinabe

    Zeny Search

    Kind of like storage search, you just put in a minimum to search for and it will search all your chars to let you know where you have left Zeny lying around. Maybe just have it show the results as all the Zeny you have per account added up, that way it can include whats in the bank in the sum. The players can do the rest of the footwork finding the Zeny on that account. I obviously assume this won't be helpful everyone, since not everyone is as unorganized as me. But I am sure there is still a good percent of players (especially players coming back from hiatus) who have trouble finding all of their Zeny.
  2. kevinabe

    PCB Quest

    This moved itself way back while I gone. Thought I would bring it back to the front just this once to see if I could get any input on it.
  3. kevinabe

    B>The things no one else wants

    Bump, still need a ton of both
  4. kevinabe

    B>The things no one else wants

  5. kevinabe

    B>The things no one else wants

  6. kevinabe

    B>The things no one else wants

  7. kevinabe

    B>The things no one else wants

    Level 3 Cold Bolt Scrolls and Tooth Blade[1]'s, I need a lot of both. Mail Valuable Creator or private message me here with offers
  8. kevinabe

    Single Slot Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker

    Or you can attempt to use it for another reason? My argument isn't that they will be used to troll, my argument is that they are already used to troll anyways. This might give people another option for what to do with them. The only scenario that I would use it in is against someone tanking me, which I usually play prof in pvp and just strip shield so thats not really needed for me, but I still think that it would be viable. Your argument is "oh no it will be used to troll", well guess what, it already is, but this might give people more options with it. Breaking someones armor or weapon isn't entirely useless, the weapons themselves just are. And as I said, anyone who plans to troll with it, will likely use it on sinx for the added aspd. So just make the slotted version impossible to use on sinx, or make the proc rate a lot lower for sinx in the slotted version.
  9. kevinabe

    Single Slot Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker

    So you can get 189 on a class, therefore all other classes don't matter? Also Gypsy has only 1.1 weapon delay with a dagger, which I pointed out isn't the same for all classes. I am just looking to make these weapons more interesting, since currently, the majority of the time they are used is to troll. They are rarely considered useful in pvp otherwise. I think if a slot is added more people might consider them.
  10. kevinabe

    Single Slot Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker

    Right now Mailbreaker and Swordbreaker are only used to troll to begin with by sinx, and even with slots for doppels trolls would still mostly just choose sinx for the easy 190 aspd. I just think Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker are pretty useless in general, and could possibly be made slightly more useful by adding at least 1 slot. If you want to prevent further trolling just make it so Sinx can't use the slotted versions of the weapon.
  11. kevinabe

    New gears/rebalance for extended classes?

    I have one more suggestion I can throw out there. Add Gunslinger and Ninja spirits to the soul linkers 8). No one uses spirits anyways especially in ET or GEC, but you can say you responded to everyones vague request for Ninja and Gunslinger buffs, by giving them literal buffs .
  12. kevinabe

    Equiment for Ninja class other expanded class is outdated

    Seriously this is the 3rd post of this I have seen...
  13. kevinabe

    SQI Elements

    What I mean is they tried to make it a theme. Since the weapon can freeze they chose to make it Water element. It wasn't a requirement that they made it that element, but I point it out because thats why the chose the water element for each. Its a water/ice themed weapon.
  14. kevinabe

    SQI Elements

    Neutral Suiken would change champ battles drastically... The whole point of keeping Kaiser Fist around is so that once they switch to water armor, you can quickly switch to Kaiser Fist and do massive damage. PvP in this game is all about switching and adapting... Also the elements of Evang and Suiken are meant to match the bonus skills/status ailments they have available. For Evang its Frost Nova, and for Suiken it is freeze on chance.
  15. Let me start off by saying that I understand why Mailbreakers and Swordbreakers with three slots were never introduced to the server. It would be quite unbalanced. However I believe that by adding only a single slot balance would be maintained. As it stands now these two daggers are only useful for Assassins, or classes that stat for high agi to begin with. Daggers also have a lower weapon delay when held by some classes compared to others, making it even more useless to these others. As it stands now these items are rarely used, yet this could very easily add interest to the items once again. That is really all there is to the suggestion, so let me know your thoughts.