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  1. B>The things no one else wants

    Bump, still need a ton of both
  2. B>The things no one else wants

  3. B>The things no one else wants

  4. B>The things no one else wants

  5. B>The things no one else wants

    Level 3 Cold Bolt Scrolls and Tooth Blade[1]'s, I need a lot of both. Mail Valuable Creator or private message me here with offers
  6. Single Slot Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker

    Or you can attempt to use it for another reason? My argument isn't that they will be used to troll, my argument is that they are already used to troll anyways. This might give people another option for what to do with them. The only scenario that I would use it in is against someone tanking me, which I usually play prof in pvp and just strip shield so thats not really needed for me, but I still think that it would be viable. Your argument is "oh no it will be used to troll", well guess what, it already is, but this might give people more options with it. Breaking someones armor or weapon isn't entirely useless, the weapons themselves just are. And as I said, anyone who plans to troll with it, will likely use it on sinx for the added aspd. So just make the slotted version impossible to use on sinx, or make the proc rate a lot lower for sinx in the slotted version.
  7. Single Slot Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker

    So you can get 189 on a class, therefore all other classes don't matter? Also Gypsy has only 1.1 weapon delay with a dagger, which I pointed out isn't the same for all classes. I am just looking to make these weapons more interesting, since currently, the majority of the time they are used is to troll. They are rarely considered useful in pvp otherwise. I think if a slot is added more people might consider them.
  8. Single Slot Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker

    Right now Mailbreaker and Swordbreaker are only used to troll to begin with by sinx, and even with slots for doppels trolls would still mostly just choose sinx for the easy 190 aspd. I just think Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker are pretty useless in general, and could possibly be made slightly more useful by adding at least 1 slot. If you want to prevent further trolling just make it so Sinx can't use the slotted versions of the weapon.
  9. New gears/rebalance for extended classes?

    I have one more suggestion I can throw out there. Add Gunslinger and Ninja spirits to the soul linkers 8). No one uses spirits anyways especially in ET or GEC, but you can say you responded to everyones vague request for Ninja and Gunslinger buffs, by giving them literal buffs .
  10. Equiment for Ninja class other expanded class is outdated

    Seriously this is the 3rd post of this I have seen...
  11. SQI Elements

    What I mean is they tried to make it a theme. Since the weapon can freeze they chose to make it Water element. It wasn't a requirement that they made it that element, but I point it out because thats why the chose the water element for each. Its a water/ice themed weapon.
  12. SQI Elements

    Neutral Suiken would change champ battles drastically... The whole point of keeping Kaiser Fist around is so that once they switch to water armor, you can quickly switch to Kaiser Fist and do massive damage. PvP in this game is all about switching and adapting... Also the elements of Evang and Suiken are meant to match the bonus skills/status ailments they have available. For Evang its Frost Nova, and for Suiken it is freeze on chance.
  13. Let me start off by saying that I understand why Mailbreakers and Swordbreakers with three slots were never introduced to the server. It would be quite unbalanced. However I believe that by adding only a single slot balance would be maintained. As it stands now these two daggers are only useful for Assassins, or classes that stat for high agi to begin with. Daggers also have a lower weapon delay when held by some classes compared to others, making it even more useless to these others. As it stands now these items are rarely used, yet this could very easily add interest to the items once again. That is really all there is to the suggestion, so let me know your thoughts.
  14. New gears/rebalance for extended classes?

    Sounds good to me. I was only offering up a possible solution to a thread that originally gave none. But if its as you said then I would consider the class to be good as it is.
  15. New gears/rebalance for extended classes?

    Honestly the most reasonable customized card I can think of for extended classes that maintains balance has already been provided, which is the Pinguicula Card. Ninjas are often compared with High Wizards and Professors, and this helped to provide the Ninja class with a feature that these 2 classes have had for a long time now (no catalyst requirement). As for Gunslinger, they are most commonly compared with Snipers, and GMs chose to add elemental bullets to put them more on par with that class. GMs are definitely taking extended classes into consideration, but most of these "suggestions" are just vague requests for GMs to buff the classes, without providing any direction or solid ideas on how to do so, and without taking balance into consideration. Reclusio Perpetua, I realized I quoted you, but I am not singling you out, I was just pointing out the customized cards for Ninjas, and you do seem to be taking balance into consideration by mentioning that they only work for pvm. Now for everyone on this post, if you really want this to happen, lets actually take the time to come up with ideas and collaborate, so that GMs have a solid lead to work with. I am not even fully in support of any more buffs for extended classes, but I will help you get started, and I will bother to break it up into sections. All Extended Classes: First lets start with a more broad idea of the extended classes, and what gears can be provided to them as a whole. I have seen another recent post with people asking for rebirth gears, this could be a good idea, but asking for all rebirth gears as a whole could affect game balance, especially when you realize that Ninja and Soul Linker have unique survivability skills that need to be taken into consideration. Instead you should be looking at each individual rebirth gear and consider whether or not it would be balanced, then suggest that. For example many would like Diablos Manteau, and honestly I wouldn't consider an extra 5% neutral reduction game breaking in terms of PvM or reg pvp, so go ahead and suggest that, and while you are at it look at a few others and compile a list so you can suggest more than one at a time (suggesting one at a time would probably eventually get ignored by GMs, lets help make this easier for them). Now some rebirth gears would be nice and all, but you also have to take into consideration Non-trans woe and Non-trans events. Extended classes are more meant to compete on that level after all, so lets keep all our buffing for these classes to PvM and regular PvP/WoE (People are pushing for them to be on par with Trans classes in PvM and reg PvP, but lets not break Non-trans features while we are at it). How can we do this? Well we could make a suggestion/request to the GMs that any rebirth gear provided to extended classes be restricted in Non-trans WoE, and that they also make maps with Non-trans gear restrictions for events. Since no other Non-trans class can wear these gears anyways, it can be as simple as a map wide restriction to these items. Now onto class specifics. Gunslinger: For the class specifics I am only going to try to come up with one suggestion for each extended class that I can (I can't do all classes, I don't play them all), since this is simply supposed to help give examples on how suggestions for this should be made, and I feel one idea each is time consuming enough as it is. For Gunslinger I already made my suggestion in an earlier reply, and it is simply better weapon selection for the class. As I said many people try to compare Gunslinger to Sniper, and for me if I were to compare the two classes I would be focusing on the weapons. Just compare Western Outlaw[2] to a Composite Bow[4]. While Western Outlaw is only a Level 3 weapon, it has a higher starting attack, so when both are upgraded to the max they are pretty close in attack, however Comp Bow has 4 slots while Western Outlaw only has 2. I think the best way to bring Gunslinger closer to Sniper for PvM is to provide some guns with more slots. However certain gun types give access to stronger skills, therefore not all gun types would be balanced at 4 slots, and should only have 2 or 3. So each gun type would have to be considered, and possibly a new weapon provided for each. As for whether or not these weapons should be available in Non-trans WoE would have to be up for discussion, since of course Archers do get access to Comp bows, but Gunslingers have better crowd control skills, which is why more slots would only really balance them in terms with Sniper. Ninja: So Pinguicula card was a great idea in my opinion, and was great in terms of balance compared to other classes. I think a great starting point for Ninja would be to focus on were it compares to other classes after this. As I said, people will compare Ninja to High Wizard and Professor, so lets look at them. Now High Wizard doesn't need Gems as often, and therefore can just switch between Mistress mid and High Wizard/Vesper mid (I am thinking PvM when I say this, since in PvM High Wizards usually Storm Gust while Kiting, or spam Jupitel Thunder. As for PvP, how often you need a gemstone depends on what class you are up against). Professor on the other hand gets a bonus that can nullify gemstone requirements, which also nullifies the need for Mistress mid. This means Professors can constantly wear a headgear that ignores 20% mdef, as well as a bonus that offers 10% matk. Off Topic... This may seem unbalanced but Profs aren't really chosen in PvM for damage over HW, if they are chosen its for specific skills they have. As for PvP Profs don't have any good physical attacks for when someone uses GTB (they have to risk getting close and using Strip Shield instead). Ninjas and High Wizards however have decent physical attacks to use (High Wizards have Magic Crasher bonus with Magi). I will say though Prof is my favorite class of the 3 for PvP (not WoE). Ok back on topic. So for PvM both High Wizards and Professors can almost always wear a mid that ignores 20% mdef, Prof also can get an additional 10% matk, and High Wizards are just generally better for damage in PvM then Ninja. So I think my suggestion would be to increase the 15% matk Hira Shurikat bonus to 20%. I think this would bring their damage slightly closer while still staying balanced. I know changing bonuses would generally be avoided since people have already chosen those bonuses for what they provide, but a boost in a stat would not harm that. Soul Linker: Ok this is more of something that has bugged me since I saw it. The Auto Guard that cast on Priest Spirit... with Maya Card existing I think its weird that it is a skill that every class already has access to. I feel it should be more unique. As I said, I know changing bonuses at this point is avoided, but I always wanted to mention that =/. As for what I could actually suggest for Soul Linker, I wouldn't have a clue where to start in terms of balance, since I have yet play this class for anything other than buffs. However I always thought it would be cool if with the bonuses that cast additional skills with Soul Links, would also cast on the Soul Linker, but only one could be used on the Soul Linker at a time. Therefore if a Linker cast spirit on a Hunter, then it would also cast Energy Coat on itself (as well as the Hunter). But if it then again cast spirit on Wizard, it would cast Improve concentrate on itself, and the Energy Coat would be removed (the script would simply be when this Spirit skill is cast, remove Auto Guard, Improve Concentrate, Energy Coat, and Reflect Shield from the Soul Linker, then cast/recast whatever skill is combined with the spirit). This would mean Linkers would have to recast Auto Guard each time they used any spirit other than Priest, but thats not bad. But sadly I also mentioned earlier that Linkers already have good survivability, so I am pretty sure combining that with Auto Guard AND either Reflect Shield or Energy Coat would be greatly unbalanced =/. As I said I have yet to play Soul Linker like that, so I am not sure where its balance lies, but even without playing it I can already tell that that would be excessive, so maybe just have a different unique skill cast for the Linker when the Spirit is used, and the same unique skill cast for the class its used on so the bonus isn't changed, but rather boosted (So when casting Hunter Spirit, the Hunter will get Linked and have Energy Coat cast on it, and a different unique skill will be cast on Soul Linker). That would all have to be up for debate, I am just trying to provide some kind of suggestion ;D. Super Novice: I also haven't played this yet, but Super Novices already have great gears that can be bought from NPC and easily upgraded. Therefore I am not even going to try for this class, my Soul Linker suggestion already seems excessive as I said (I kind of only suggested it because I thought it would be cool). Taekwon: Become ranked, end of story. Yea there can only be 10 on the server, but its not supposed to be easy to obtain. Maybe try to convince GM's to create a sub rank for the 11-20 positions where its only 2x HP and SP? Idk, but any buffs to this class would also buff the ranked version, which is strong enough imo. Star Gladiator: Already great in PvM, doesn't need enhancements there. As for PvP, I wouldn't know =/. It is everyone elses turn to come up with suggestions. I really hope this helps people realize how a suggestion should go. Come up with an actual idea, and then consider where it lies in terms of balance and work from there. If you are entirely sure how to balance it, at least come up with some ideas, so that a discussion can be started, and people have something to collaborate with. A decent amount of people seem to want better extended classes in PvM, and if they put more effort into their suggestions that might be a possibility. All I can say is good luck, and I am interested to see what you come up with. That are should be aren't. And the reply is so long it bugs whenever I try to edit it =(.