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  1. If someone have similar problem and solve it, please help D:
  2. So I clean reinstall my windows10 and only make w-updates and visual c++ with directx installed and still same problem. I guess its somehow fault of Talonro itself by lasts updates. So I guess for now my only options is wait new updates that on my hope fix this problem, but sadly I cant play at home.
  3. Tried others RO client to run (steam one and couple others) they run normal and without any crushes. Maybe its cuz ROExt ? Can I disable it and run TalonRO without one ? edit: tryed it and do nothing.
  4. Did it hour ago, after try everything else from the list. Still shut down after selecting character. One time was lunched, but screen was freeze on loading image and on background was playing theme music(but vary lagy) and after that it crashed again.
  5. @howrah Yes I tried it to, change local, create new shortcut with following properties and still no changes. Tried to launch it on different compatibility. Still dunno what make it unplayable, I don't change anything just dl updates for vcard drivers(use nvidia 660ti) and updates to TalonRO through patcher. On my work laptop its working fine(but there I have win7 and different spec), but I can't use it to play D:
  6. always run throug TalonPatch.exe, and I reinstall full game, but still same issue.
  7. Greetings support team ! So I played game last time 4 month ago, or less, and after I come back I cant run it after character select screen. Its close immediately after or tell me that it was crash. I have Windows 10, local was always Russian, now I even changed it to English(United States), was trying others locals but still nothing. I don't change anything in my computer, so everything same as before when I last time played. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxzMLyxhZFRpYmxDWmVPVm1YaUU CrashLog
  8. KojakJet

    B > Orlean Glove (S or Z)

    Orlean`s Glove (Sting Card or Zerom Card) PM me here or Mail on KojakJet in game, thx o/