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  1. Ever since the summer event ended, Port Malaya has been a bit lonely. With winter here, the sight is a quiet a bit different. It's cold and brutal, but still magnificent. IGN: -Gilgamesh-
  2. It just so happens both of you had the same suit on
  3. Eat it. If you live, you'll just have to catch another one. You should probably eat that one too just to make sure its also edible. If you die, well, you won't have to worry about it any more
  4. I think the point is to create a dish that can be linked to RO with some creativity. You don't have to cook something that already exists in game as an item.
  5. My favorite moment during the ball was when I started creeping on a guy cause I liked his suit so much better than mine. I even took a screenie of it... (marked over his name on purpose)
  6. I really wish this wasn't restricted to TalonRO. A there's a story I wish I could share but it has absolutely nothing to do with RO I'll see if I can cook something else for this though~
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