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  2. I guess everyone then, we tested it with some people last night. But i suppose gms already know of it, its pretty obvioussssss!
  3. When logging to game in payon my aura disappears. is anyone else having this problem?
  4. Ookay, i did click the arrows a couple of times trying to expand but OH WELL SHOULD HAVE DRAGGED! Yeah no prob with setting hotkeys with key assign!
  5. Clicking f12 twice closes the hotkey window instead of changing the row of my bm -> cant set the other rows except just 1. Or am i just too confused by the client that i cant find the right place to make it work? Is there a way for setting them?
  6. oh lol, haha. good i dont play with songs on... or bad when trying to find the poring... XD
  7. Yeah, same. We spent a lot of time scanning the whole map thinking its just in some bush... but no, couldnt find it. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. @ becca LOL idk how i escaped that and xinu, DID YOU FIND THE DEAD COCK?
  9. WOW! An event by vamp! Lhz3 mvp, still looking good... ...OR NOT! BUT WHY DOES THE ARCHER LIVE? 8( ! a hard situation.
  10. wow so much action this week but i only went for a walk.
  11. JESUS HEAL PLEASE! patching nowwww im half a year behind with my sakray so well see if im done before the next...
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