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  1. I'm not certain what you mean here. You might be better off by simply commissioning this drawing from an artist, instead of making it a competition (?). Artists generally don't want to spend time working on complex drawings without getting anything in return.
  2. For @ATypicalNala , her characters. Don't think im doing more for now though... Time to get my rank in LOL! :>
  3. Aww! She is so cute and you did great with the colors, no worries! ❤️ Thanks so much! 😊
  4. here's for @nVALKry ! First time doing this, amidoingit right? my ref: Aries crown, awe and default pcb!
  5. Time to pop here once a year to see what's up?! LOL Basically not new but drawn this year. Kindred from league of legends which is what i mostly play these days.
  6. Thank you! I hope (?) i can get back to the mood of drawing some stuff here again.
  7. Hi and THANKS to everyone! I'll try to get back to drawing slowly...but surely, i hope! @kez <3 Ive missed you too!
  8. THANKS YOU TWO! I forgot this place for a while again. :-D I managed to finish my school and get another job meanwhile. How is everyone?
  9. Anyway! Sorry for the new post right after but here's the last pic for this round! Hylia for Aryll! Phew. A few months is a bit lot for 5 drawings, but my studies and work made me a lot busier than i thought when i had started this round. BUT it was a lot of fun! Lets see if I'm able to reopen in a few weeks if people are still interested.
  10. So a lot has happened! It took me a while to get back to drawing as well, i believe i didnt draw much for almost a year. I've been working for a few years and now trying to wrap up my studies in a few weeks! Then i'll hopefully be able to draw or play a bit more!
  11. Thank you! RO characters are fun to draw! Of course i remember you How have you been?
  12. Thank you so much! Hair is probably my favorite part of the drawings to work on, but these days i try to not get too carried away with it... Thank you! <3 Thank you again! And it makes me so happy as well that you like it Also thanks Mefi and Lela! YES I LIVEEEEeeee! /heh <3
  13. Cosette for Sakura Miyu! Unfortunately I didn't have the time to ls, but here she is. I really loved this color scheme! So peaceful to work with. <3
  14. Hellooooo everyone! I've been super busy past few weeks, but plan on getting back to drawing and finishing something this weekend. So much to do! SO LITTLE TIME! :S Sorry Sakura Miyu and Aryll for the long wait! ._.
  15. Thanks everyone! <3 I had the choice between apple green and amber for her eyes... and i liked how the green stood out.
  16. MANAGED TO FINISH ARYLL's ARYLL! Took me longer than i expected, but here she is.
  17. Oh, hahaha. I can see why though! I can spend hours on tumblr just spacing out.
  18. You're very welcome! And thank you! Thank you. :< aww. where do you have so evil firewalls?
  19. Finished Sakura Miyu's Sakura Miyu! The arch bishop was new to me, I dont think ive ever drawn one of these before. I did like it even though at some point i was a bit confused with what's going on in the dress...And of course i just had to draw her with the staff, because staffs are fun to draw! /pif (A note if someone is wondering... I've left out some ribbons on the stockings to better balance the bottom half of the body with the top. )
  20. YEAH!! Maybe...! Thank you Jessu! <3 Been busy again for a few days, but slowly making progress with the drawings!
  21. Finished Kez's linker! She was fun to draw, even though I kept forgetting to draw stuff on her. ._.
  22. Thank you! I don't even know who is my fav these days, but a girl with a ball or balls is my choice for mid! 8|
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