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  1. Firstttt...! this is something neww
  2. Reason why i use 2 handed because of the Parrying ya, in many cases Nibel can be very superior. I've fought one dude with Nibel, he does 10K x 2 per BB. thats 20k per BB, with spam rate nearly the same speed, his DPS shock me, probably wayyyyy higher than Asura (200k but can only deal every 10 seconds or so which also not factoring aiming and hitting at the right time). he has Paladin devoed him so that also remove the need of Hellpoodle and probably using 2 Megingjard for maximum damage. But ya - This guide is only meant for solo for now. i haven't fully figure out OGH yet, my sword keep breaking in the first boss because it use Demonstration, but with HP duo for aspersio and assump most importanly, the rest of the mob is doable, haven't get the chances to try the 2nd boss. Kraken using LK is doable BUT will be stressful imo, first of all it has Reflect Shield, you'll be eating your own damage and struggle healing yourself from both reflected damage plus the actual monster attack damage also reflected damage can't be blocked by parrying if you are using 2 Handed Sword nor reduced by Reduction if yo uare wearing shield, then it has Flee Up and use it 100% at certain point, also Earth Quake followed with constant Storm Gust pushing you around by the slave stopping your damage flow here and there, but i'd agree since from what i notice, the video started from Kraken already used Earth Quake mean its already low HP, we never know the actual Battle Duration, How long it takes to kill it, Managing The Struggle and Resources Used. It come down to Being Effective and Efficients, since Kraken and the Slave do not have Heal skill, you can just clash till you die and keep coming back to kill it, but thats hardly Competitive.
  3. Its something wrong with your calculator, Try with the same weapon, and turn off True Sight. You have True Sight active in your Sniper link, also 1 link have job lvl 70, the other lvl 1. And yes, they both deal the same dmg, it has nothing to do with the class.
  4. Agility Up/Increase Agi and NPC_Agi up is different, some mobs have increase agi and some have npc_agi up, like uhh.. it does take off their walking speed but the flee is not dispelled, though the minus AGI debuff is still kicked in, so that still reduce Flee. lets say a mob have 200 Flee, buffed with npc agi_up it become 500, then debuffed with quagmire; it doesnt return/dispel the flee to 200, and lvl 1 quagmire is too short and give insignificant differences for the cost, x_x
  5. 1. I don't think Gierath is necesarry at all, INT based ailment fade off as soon as you get hit and unlike sleep, stun, frozen you still have control of your char to use green potion, there are alot of better mid gear. 2. Making mvp back facing the party is actually bad ideas, the best postion for most is from the side, Paladin can achieve maximum range of devotion and negate the need of using pneuma for mvp without hell judgement, while if their back is againts the party mean the mvp is closer to party stack, and risking getting caught in Pulse Strike range, thats why the yellow one is prefered ONLY IF the scenario is MVP dragged from Top, but then maybe they just dont know how to position and making them standing in specific cell you wanted and just follow with whatever they already watched/seen. (Go down from top and make straight L turn, Paladin and HP stand just next to pillar below them, they both wont need pneuma, just count the cell and check Pulse Strike range from iro wiki, these are useful for Ifrit, Valkyrie. Less job for HP, more free time to do something else. 3. During Naght making MvP facing party is best, He has 2 cell range, giving the paladin and sniper +1 more free cell to stand, when both Paladin and Sniper stand at their max range, there will be 1 cell gap between Pally line and Sniper line, thats where HP need to put Pneuma, also = Less Job for HP, 1 pneuma to cover Sniper and Paladin, and when Paladin also have Gospel, it will reach sniper making it far more quicker. 4. Quagmire doesn't take off NPC Agi Up iirc, they're different than player increase agi, if thats the purposes of it. If its just to slow down mob, i think not worth it sacrificing garment, its only lvl 1, thats -10 AGI/DEX and last very short, you also need to get hit in order to make it proc. 5. Rata better use Fire Armor, it has Magnum Break and his attack base attack is pretty high it also has Earth Attribute attack making it painful if you wear Wind. 6. ... Actually im lazy correcting most 1 by 1, i think better double check the guide sir.. not trying to be rude but some info is abit wrong and might misleading especially if newbie read XD
  6. just made this today: Gear are: - Shining Bulb Top - 10% Reduce from Shadow [Permeter] another 15% reduce from Shadow. - STR1 [Permeter] - Isis Garment - 30% Reduce from Shadow - with Angeling Armor Alternatively you can use Valkryie Circle 10% more damage to Shadow and Demon. That dead bcs i forgot to check and restock meat, sorry.. but with HP duo, it should be easier than dualing, aid with SWand Assumption when it runs out, my assumptio runs out at certain point and still able to endure and survived it until all my meat is gone, you might want to carry few YggBerry/Seed in case your HP is too low and debuffed with Critical wound which is the biggest obstacle for this case, other than that i think most of his attack is tankable and wont 1 shot even without deviling.
  7. Ah that explains, thanks for the info. I haven't try using RSX since i need to be on Fire armor as well, not Wind like i added above, i'll have a try and update them. Yes, actually you can get 100% Shadow Resistance with Angeling, which will nulify Both Grandcross, as theyre the most painful skill, but im not getting 100% though, since that sacrifice too many pieces of gear, just enough to endure. I also forgot to include Permeter Mid and Upper Headgear in the guide as those reduce Shadow Property, i'll add them together along with the demonstration video later. Yeah, We are the one of the many, the choosen, to wield and granted the power of the Legendary Katana..!
  8. *** Greetings, Fellow Knights of Midgards! Due to having quite abit of request, i decide to make this guide. so~ Welcome to my guide, Before we start~ I'd like to tell you that this is.. Bowling Bash type of playing, mostly using 2 Handed Sword againts Low to Mid Tier MVP & few Mid-High, mostly the one that is soloable by other popular solo classes such as Champ or HW, while maintaining the efficiency, effectiveness, practical, cost minimal and competitive in the actual battlefield. We'll head down explaining what's good and what's not good compared to other Build, Skill, Weapon and Classes, I've also include several video demonstration at the bottom, so you can judge it yourself! PROS: Bowling Bash is The best short range physical AoE, Endowable, Cast and Animation are reduceable with higher DEX and ASPD, insanely high modifier; at lvl 10 it does 500% ATK and it hit twice making it 1000% ATK and unlike Spiral Pierce, it has no ACD! Parrying is really a live saver, 50% Block Chance from almost every Physicial Attack and unlike Auto Gua98rd, it can block Spiral Pierce, Hell Judgement, Soul Breaker, Pulse Strike which considered as dangerous physical skill MVP has. Cheaper in gear and Versatile, You don't need an SQI (2 Handed Sword SQI Please ), also You'll be and can use almost the same gear/equip for both farming and MVPing and still effective as it is, just get some Meat & Grape Juice, you are set. Gain Control of your character completely, unlike Berserk - You still can heal, switch gear and re-buff during the combat. Huge HP Pool, Be thankful because you have 20.000 to 25.000 HP or even more!, with this much of HP, You'll likely to survive almost every single high damage burst attack when parrying fails to block such as Spiral Pierce, Powered Up Hell Judgement and so on~ Status Immunity againts VIT based status ailment, You'll be running atleast 97-10 VIT or more and that makes you immune to those BS. (Cursed, Silenced, Stunned) Get to fight honorable way! We don't do maneuver, dodge, aim, hit and run, kiting, we don't need to worry about slaves. We jump on them, tank and blast them with brute force attack. and maybe died miserably but dying is normal, shit happens out of control sometime, atleast we died in honorable way! CONS: Lack of Shield and that mean lack of reduction and specific protection since we are using 2 Handed Sword, you'll also having issue againts Bosses or monster with annoying or dangerous spell such as Earth Quake, and require you to learn about timing and switching at the right time, or require extra 1 handed weapon just to face those specific monster - talking about GTB Shield. Flee and DEF Issue i'm talking about those MVP with absurd High Flee/DEF. For those - you'll require specialized weapon, unlike Asura which ignore DEF and Flee. Lack of Element Access We are stuck with our weapon element and there is not that much elemental 2 handed sword aside the one crafted by Whitesmith, which hardly to be an option, so most of the time, you'll want to use Endow from Sage, Aspersio from Priest or Elemental Scroll/Cursed Water to gain specific element. Size Modifier Againts small and medium size, 2 Handed Sword only deal 75% from 100%, unlike Mounted Spear build which always deal 100% regardless of the size, we still deal 100% damage againts Large, though the differences is very small, but still considered as a loss. Equips: This is basically What i wear and use, not all gear listed here are a must to get, but i list here just so you know! there are maybe better option or alternative that i don't know, those are for us to find out and experiment. Upper: Lord Kaho's Horn, Shining Light Bulb [Permeter Card] Middle: STR+1 with [Bloody Knight Card], [Permeter Card] Lower: Chewing Bubblgum & Pussycat Bell Weapon: Main Weapon: Veteran Sword [Doppelganger] Default weapon, Get this first! Side Weapon: Krasnaya [Phreeoni, Phreeoni, Doppelganger] I switch to these when MVP start using Agi/Flee Up, it gives me roughly 450 HIT, i won't recommend getting these unless you will go on active camping those specific MVP but if you do, these are definitely worth it once you get some amount of rare drops, here are list MVP that require this weapon: Mistress - You definitely need it. Lord of Death - Optional, the HIT still somewhat reachable. Dark Lord - Need it. Dracula - Need it. Note: You might've wonder about Invoker of Death or Violet Fear, personally - Violet Fear is great and have bypass DEF effect, but its not suitable for this job, its effect only works againts non-boss, and it only has 2 slot, while Veteran Sword have built-in 2 SG card, still having 1 extra slot, bonus the STR and DEX stat, while Krasnaya - i need the 3 slot, even its ony lvl 3 weapon and generally weaker, on the other hand; Invoker of Death effect sound terrifying but still not the best for this job, i can't think a suitable role for this weapon in my own hand, The perfect dodge however; might be a lucky charm. Reason for Doppelganger instead Sword Guardian is i aim to cut the animation swing as much as possible, in my experience there are noticeable difference in spam rate with my current ping (Average 150-180ms) between: Lower than 184 ASPD 184 ASPD 185 or more Shield: Golden Thief Bug Only if you'd want to challenge Baphomet, Orc Lord or RSX, and just for info: they all have noticeable cast time, learn to notice when their Earth Quake is coming, after that it will takes couples of second before another cast, which usually enough, alternatively you can just run away out of screen, as they're immovable during their casting time, switching is far easier though, or having another 1 handed weapon, but that cost more investment. (Extra: Most of these MVP have 2 Earth Quake condition state, Attacking and Chasing, both have separate cooldown, so they can actually cast it twice one after another if their state is changed from Attacking to Chasing/Vice Versa for whatever reason. - Credit for Black Metal for the info) Garment: Main Garment: Proxy Skin Fragment [Deviling Card] Default Garment. Side Garment 1: Heavenly Maiden Robe [Roween Card] - Increase damage on Water Property enemies by 10%. I don't recommend this unless you'll actively doing Octopus Instances, speed up Killing Tentacles Part, but honestly its quite cheap, even so, without this you'll still perform nearly the same, only speed up a few minutes, so ya~ Side Garment 2: Heavenly Maiden Robe [Isis Card] Special garment just for Fallen Bishop Hibram, to endure his Dark Grandcross, trash card, trash garment, still i find it helpful. [Spoiler: Wearing Angeling Armor + High Shadow Resistance will nulify his Holy Grandcross and still reduce Dark Grandcross to minimal] Armor: Main Armor: Lucious Fierce Armor of Volcano [Gloom Under Night Card] Since most are Demon / Shadow or combination of both, Gloom work the best and the Fire Element is just because it is the most common and used for many situation. Side Armor 1: Aebeece Raging Typhoon [RSX Card] Good to Endure Water or Wind attribute attack such as Drake Waterball, Water Attribute Attack from Octopus and so on~ Side Armor 2: Any [Bathory Card] to nulify Dark Blessing / Comma from certain MVP, like Amon Ra, Dark Lord. Side Armor 3: Any [Angeling Card] i only use this againts Fallen Bishop so far, other than that rarely used, i don't recomment getting this unless you are playing other class that require Angeling like SB Champ. Footgear: Main Footgear: Sleipnir [General Egnigem Cenia Card] Side Footgear: Sleipnir [Eddga Card] basically the only footgear i have lmao, fund me plz Acce: Main: Brisingamen [Hellpoodle] It doesn't need to be on Brisingamen, aside of the stat it offer, you'll just need the card. I started with Diablos Ring! Side 1: Megingjard For small harmless MVP where healing is not much of issue without or using only 1 Hell Poodle, the damage boost is not that much, really, i'd recommend getting the Main first. Side 2: Clip [Erendee Ebeece Card] for the autocast pneuma, to block spiral incase Parrying fails. Stats: There is no perfect stat ... it all come down to your own taste and ping, but this is my current rough stat: DEX: 130 ~ 140 Total - Not just to raise HIT, but also minimum damage and mainly reduce the invisbile cast time of Bowling Bash, Without this, its hardly to reach the magic 3 skill/seconds VIT: 100 Total - To nulify status ailment STR: All the remaining goes here, you'll probably end up with around 100-120 Total STR which you might think is quite low. Skills: I won't explain full detail since its pretty much known already but this are the most used skill i use: Bowling Bash: You main offensive skill, obviously. Parrying: Your ultimate defense skill, note that its duration are shorter than ther self buff, keep your eyes on it, it get removed if you take off your weapon, if ever you are annoyed with the stop it cause, try to carry shield or other weapon, swap to remove quickly. Aura Blade: It doesn't have icon buff, but you shouldn't be worry that much, usually most low-mid tier dies before this runs out. Two-Handed Quicken: Longest buff, pretty much activate and just forget about it, but decrease Agi will remove this effect and make it unusable, Quagmire also remove this effect. Charge Attack: This is Body Relocation LK style, normally it push back enemy, but since Boss Protocol can't be pushed back, it will just teleport you to their cell, you still can use this againts random normal mob to jump around and travel bit quicker, Its incredibly useful to avoid MVP/Mob skill that active during "Chasing" state, lets say Dracula will use Decrease Agi during Chasing State but not when attacking, so clashing as fast as possible will save alot of time and trouble, it is also considered as Ranged Attack, using it againts certain mobs will trigger some skill that is normally triggered by Range Attack, like Margaretha, Kiel, Mistress will cast Pneuma on them. Concentration: Its basically Endure + Auto Berserk/Self Provoke as one; Give you huge damage boost, prevent flinching, It also give a whooping +50 HIT, the drawback is that it reduce Hard DEF by 25% of current DEF, be wary of it. Additionally if you don't mind losing DEF, instead using Endure (skill), you are better using this to gain the same effect, minus the MDEF bonus, it has almost no cooldown. Here are the Showcase/Demonstration of Lord Knight in Action: *** By this guide, I hope it encourage people to play, use and experiment more of this Class in other aspect, area and purposes aside of Farming, Lord Knight is incredibly versatile and even more effective at many point more than the popular Meta classes, our Damage Per Second Flow can reach higher more than the common skill used by other class; say: Asura, Storm Gust combined with higher Survivabilty rate. Lord Knight can and should be an actual competitor in terms of MVP Hunting. While this guide is only meant for Solo, the same technique also work in Party and likely can remove the need of Two Handed Sword and use non 2 handed weapon or even Nibelungen for maximum benefit, and it is all entirely up to you to experiment for the best setup. Goodluck and See you in the field, comrade! *** PS: I am not really active in forum, if you have a suggestion, video request, advice or question please contact me thru Discord: APX#7363 goes by Nickname Frostheart in tRO Discord.
  9. I use Veteran Sword [Doppel]; Veteran Sword have built-in SG Card in it, and Doppel speed up the swing of BB. For Armor i switch from time to time, but Fire Armor Gloom is most used since; other armor i use is Wind [RSX] for MVP like Drake to endure his Lvl 10 WaterBall, Mistress to reduce her Jupitel Thunder, Giant Octopus to reduce his Water Attribute Attack and Water Ball. Having Hellpoodle Accesories is necesarry to Heal yourself -cheaper- by using Meat. Check out my youtube channel for Lord Knight MVPing videos, all is using BB Build www.youtube.com/c/Frostheart Reason why i put Doppel instead of Sword Guardian is this, Extreme fast BB, i call it The Power Move ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2tLUVer8YA&t=12s
  10. A: Midgard Camp or Any New World city, I do take Knight because the peco will help and carry me during the long trip assuming there is no warp or anyone to teleport you and quest, i'd say Two Tribe and Guardian of Yggdrasil the story are good! Conflict/Misunderstanding between Sapha and Laphine tribes Q: Here is one tough question! Where do you see yourself in the the next 5 years!?
  11. Eveey person reply after me has stinky feet
  12. Already suggested it in discord, Would be nice to add more Map and Monster to the list, especially those less known/explored map like; - El Dicastes Field. (Intense) - Manuk Field. (Intense) - Malaya Field / Hospital. (Normal) - Dewata Dungeon 2, Volcano (Normal) And so on~ Thanks.
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