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  1. Slot 1 for 31th, thank you @GM Lance
  2. ENTRY #2 Name: Bossring / Summonering Color: Spiked Black Poring with Red Strip or Dots Drops: Old Card Album (MVP Drop) Reward Ticket (2) (MVP Drop) Trigger: Upon killed, Transform/Spawn random Miniboss or Low to Midtiers MVP (similar to Bloody Branch). Story: A poring that are sucked into Dimensional Rift during Morroc incident and became cursed, it appears that evil spirit infested the poring body and become parasite, however they will abandon and show themselves once its Host died. | IGN: Mobius Frostheart |
  3. Name: Chemistring Color: Darker Green than Poporing with black dots. Drops: Glistening Coat Box (50 pcs) 50% Acid Bottle Box (100pcs) 75% Bottle Grenade Box (100pcs) 75% Reward Ticket (2) 100% Embryo 100% Acid Bottle creation guide 100% Bottle Grenade creation guide 100% Glistening Coat creation guide 100% Lab Permit 10% Story: Before ExperimentIng human subject, Rekenber was already experimenting small monster such as Poring. Varmundt, The scientist is worried about what Rekenber did that time, he tried to resign b
  4. Return from break and remix my favorite BGM in Ragnarok, Thanatos Tower theme!


  5. @GM Lance Register under party name; " Crimson - Rift " Thank you.
  6. Full remix for my Bragi videos;

    And the idea video!


  7. [Video] I just got my FIRST CLOWN but the Bragi, WTF!!! Nerf dis!



    1. DoucheEnrique


      • Step 1: get Clown
      • Step 2: remix Bragi
      • Step 3: mod client data to include remix
      • Step 4: ????
      • Step 5: DANCE PARTY!!!
    2. Gremio


      damn that is actually really solid haha

  8. My Entry: IGN: Mobius Frostheart No Challenge.. I end up remix the song instead just replacing the lyris.
  9. Old Video.. Remaking Prontera BGM.. /desp



  10. [Video] Old Video DEF-Parrying LordKnight Setup vs Beelzebub. /no1

  11. [Video] Leveling My New Professor, Lit More Than Dubai /oops


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    2. Ver


      Amon is the most ez of all ez, yeah. Not like kublin that wants you to die several times first >.>

      Concerning link:


    3. Frostheart


      I can try higher higher lvl mvp, but my aim was to lvl /hmm, i was lvl 70 when started to lvl this way, faster than soulstriking zombie or killing normal mobs, its like 1 lvl per 5 mins (counting autospell duration) also still better than buying leech.. /hmm

    4. Ver


      Nightmare one on that part is the best one to level on imho. Quick respawn, difficult to die. The map itself gives good exp too, even if it's not tamtam. I was leeching some chars there with prof back then, was very fast. And 20%+ exp from nightmare amon kill on some 97-98. :D Thor1 is ok too. DG needs bolt accessories.

  12. Thanks xD i have my notification off for tag and stuff, idk how to turn on again haha xD
  13. Wow, Thanks @GM Zelda.. I'll PM you in abit
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