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  1. 1. Ya agree LoV in general are weaker, i'd use its wide range as advantage mainly to swipe small weak monster but for harder and bigger hp mobs it is bad, 2. The only thing that bother me is that it doesnt drain unless the monster finally killed with your own spell, and it is only work with single target spell which for me is slower, i'd opt to suicide with Osiris instead draining 1 by 1 if not possible to GJ, but i hardly find myself stuck in situation where i can't GJ, theres always a moment where magic such as earth quake is on cooldown, i've tried upgraded eraser one time for its Wide Soul Drain, it was nice, but require cycle switch between 2 staff! 3. If you look closely, Paladin is standing at his fursthest range to share 1 pneuma with Sniper, at that point your quagmire can't reach the MVP and walking back and forth risk yourself of getting hit by Hell Judgement, also if you stand under the same pneuma, at the moment Pneuma late, not only paladin and front hp go down, you'll also be dead since you are under the same pneuma, tank will be left alone on its own without SW & Devotion, it is saved my party quite often tbh. 4. In my guild/party we marked and allow Ninja as core for those run, GMC/ET stuff and of course we don't use Waterball while or when walking around, I've added side note that it have less use in any other instances, but then again. This is my personal guide that was actually dedicated for both of playing group! 5. I haven't find myself in that situation or maybe not yet, usually professor respond to that quick especially in GMC, maybe in some GMC such Howl doesnt require professor, but during the Boss fight itself, we usually let his slave [Tatacho] do the Ganbantein, let Katrin during Sushi and so on, i or we never ganba-ed anything during my HW history, be it GMC, ET, Rift and never had any issues =P 6. That cold bolt tho, honestly i forgot why is it even there and regarding Stone Curse, that would risk yourself as you have to go on close contact no, it sound impractical to me to Petrify maybe not every single mob just to disable them, and Bio 4 too, they're seems to be very weak compared to Bio 3 mobs. talking about the non lvl 99, maybe its good idea againts Bio 3 - But still getting close to them is risking yourself, and when you are with full party, it is better if just kill them altogether no?
  2. First of all, This guide is just my personal preferences and playstyle based on my own experience for safer party gameplay, Dedicated for both of 2 Guild i lead currently and people in it! Crimson Guild & Arkana. Also there are many thing i've learnt from, and figured together with people i've met which i cannot name them all. But some of the are @Mister Clay & Lucio. They deserve the credits! So lets get started, we will just assume that you --- already know the basic or minor thing about this and that as well as having the budget or ready for it. If not, I'd suggest you to read the complete guide created by @Mosjoandy <CLICK HERE> *** 1. Equipments. Item marked with ** are Luxury and/or Optional. - Upper: Lord Kaho Horn -- +20 DEX, INT and STR, doubt you don't know this. **Valkyrie Helm[1] ** - OR - you can find any suitable slotted upper headgear of your choices, cheaper: **[Evil Snake Lord] -- Luxury, Yet helps in some cases, you'll need 2 ESL, one as mid for it to actually work at its best. **[Marduk] -- Optional, Silence Immunity, keep it for top headgear for supporting while Mid headgear slot for Mistress, unless you're crazy preson that put [Mistress] on random 5TC top headgear ____________________________________________________________________________ - Middle: Slotted INT+1. [Vesper] -- Bypass MDEF of Boss-Type monster, Does not need further explaination here. [Mistress] -- Nulify gemstones requirement, mainly for Safety Wall. **[High Wizard] -- Optional. But for me, i'd take [High Wizard] at the last priority. **[Evil Snake Lord] -- See above **[Marduk] -- Similar reason, get it on mid if you want to keep Kaho stat, but you don't need to have own 2 Marduk, seriously! **[Orc Hero] -- My go to mid most of the time, just because its not only grants Stun immunity but also 3 VIT, honestly i swap to this alot, those Meteor Storm, those Whitesmith Hammer Fall, Surprise Sonic Blow from Assassin Cross & stuff - Lower: Pussy Cat Bell (DEF+5) There are many option but i prefer DEF for survival. ____________________________________________________________________________ - Armor: Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano -- Enchant your armor into Fire Property (Reduce 75% Fire Damage, But takes more damage from Water) Aebecee Raging Typhoon -- Enchant your armor into Wind Property ( Reduce 75% Wind Damage, But takes more damage from Earth). Formal Suit or any lightweight [RSX 0806] -- Anti Knockback, it is getting more use due to Iduna change, Ranged monster (except MVP) is now seems to change target when attacked, talk about those Bow Guardian, Sniper Cecil etc and most of them have knockback, it also grants you +3 VIT, best to put inside Fire Armor. [Marc] -- Frozen Immunity, When you're reading this, you probably know whats this for and when to use, Best to put inside Wind, Formal Suit or any lightweight armor [Bathory] -- Enchant your armor into Shadow Property and also protect you from Dark Blessing skills. **[Agav] -- Optional, Gives you 5% MATK boost but sacrifice DEF, Not really fan of it since in higher instances/runs, you are not really the main damage dealer, maybe can use here and there, but i personally find it hard to fit this one in my inventory. Additionaly get enchanted one, because i promise, this is a good investment! something that you will wear for long times and used for many classes until you decide to overups them! ____________________________________________________________________________ - Weapon: Staff of Magi Dark Thorn Staff Lich Bone Wand Any better staff you have. [Doppelganger] -- Faster animation for certain single target and self buff skill. [Necromancer] -- More INT and MDEF Bypass. - Shield: Valkyrja Shield Any shield you can afford - But i'd suggest to avoid Stone Buckler or anything heavy: [Hodremlin] -- Should be your very first shield, Offer you reduction from everything and anything by 15% and sometime pop you with 20% PDodge, No side effect. [Golden Thief Bug] -- Magic/Spell Immunity, try to get this quick. important. [Alice] -- Your last shield, Reduce 40% from Bosses, but you takes more damage from Non-Boss. [Medusa] -- Last priority, Grants you stone immunity and small amount demon reduction. What i use in General: ____________________________________________________________________________ - Garment: There are many but i'd suggest DO NOT take Dragon Manteau because the thing is heavy, try to consider the following. Beach Manteau - Very low DEF, but gives you INT+1, 10% fire reduction, no level and class restricton. (i mean.. you can use it on your Super Novice to save money from buying extras, or whatever NonTrans class you have) Beach Towel -- Very low DEF, unlike the Manteau version, this one offer 4% neutral reduction and universal. Proxy Skin Garment - Great DEF & offer tiny bit elemental resist except neutral. Diablos Manteau - Great DEF & offer tiny bit neutral resist. Naght Seiger Flame Manteau - Medium DEF, Offer tiny bit fire resist & boost tiny % MATK. [Deviling] -- Should be your main garment; Gives 50% neutral resist, but you take more damage from elemental. [Lord of Death] -- I'd say this is my favorite, +10 VIT and still giving 10% reduction from everything, i love having high resistance to VIT based status immunity, not a must but will improve your gameplay in great amount! [Leak] -- Last priority, i don't use this a lot, in fact i never use it unless i'm one of the main damage dealer and not just crowd control. beside, the +5 INT it offer barely noticeable, i only use this to reach confusion immunity rather than for reaching min-max MATK threshold. - Footgear: Sleipnir Any best shoes you have currently [Eddga] -- Grants you active Endure all the time and % boost in HP/SP. [General Egnigem Cenia] -- Yes you need this and please do bring if you have one. it Regen 100HP/SP every 10 secs. Your big SP pool and regen often doesn't enough to keep up. [Lady Tanee] -- If you're fans of MATK boosting.Some people recommend me this. Haven't tried it myself. i don't feel like stressing myself switching between 3 shoes though! [Nightmare Verit] -- Suggested by Clay, claimed to be better than Lady Tanee, Untested by myself but i'm sure does if you're reading this, you already can make your own jdugement and calculation by yourself (will check later). - Accessories: Brisingamen Celebration Ring [Sting] -- Gives you 4 DEX, simple. [Osiris] -- For the Full HP/SP upon ressurected, Most good dedicated HP have their ressurect at low level for instant delay, so you might want this ================================================== 2. Skills 1s Job: You'll mostly use [Safety Wall] with some [Sight] here and there. 2nd Job [Storm Gust] Your main AoE spell, Water element - Max Level Note: not everything is fine to be attacked by Storm Gust, first of all it push the monster around, and second it freeze them (for Non Boss only). Unless they're very very harmful or you are sure that the monster is gonna die before they get frozen by its effect, i'd suggest do not storm gust, this rules applies for party play such as Endless Tower or alike where we have tanks/lurer, It is tempting to Storm gust those horde of mobs thats being lured but no, God please don't!! Example Mob that is not fine to Stormgust: Acidus Gold, High Priest Magaretha (Non Boss), Frus/Skogull: They took very little damage from out Storm Gust due to their element and instead killing them or actually disabling them, your Storm gust will just scatter them, We want the mob stacked together for our sniper to Sharpshoot all at once. If you -really- want to help, Please just use Quagmire or Lord of Vermillion/Heaven Drive, that won't scatter them. To make it simplier; Do not Storm Gust non boss mob that is Shadow, Holy, Wind or even.. Water element itself of course lmao unless you can kill them quick, for more info about elemental: [Jupitel Thunder] Your main single target spell, Max Level. Very powerful single target wind element spell due to its MATK modifier and the spam with higher ASPD, aside being good, it also push back non-boss monster which somewhat good and bad. [Heaven Drive] Your secondary AoE spell, Max Level. Earth Element, damage not so great but it is good to reveal "Hiding" monster from afar, instead of using [Sight] and shorter delay than most other Wizard AoE. [Water Ball] Optional - Max it or don't take at all. The most powerful single target, requires you to stand on a Water/Deluge/Water Escape Technique, useful for certain instances, yet rarely used for most party instances - just have it because its cool!. [Lord of Vermillion] - Your secondary AoE spell, Max Level. It has the widest range out of all AoE, aside being used to damage water element monster, its useful to pull aggro and/or kill weak scattered monster due to its wide range. [Monster Property] - i don't know what to tell here, but please have it. It allow you to see monster info, their HP, elements, there are many skill that triggers during certain level of monster HP and some MVP can change elements, it helps to track those kind of stuff. [Ice Wall] - The name say it, get atleast lvl 7. it will last for about half minute. Often needed for Instances like GMC, to separated and protect party from monster or alike. [Amplify Magic Power] - No reason not to take it, and get it Max! at Max level it boost your MATK by whooping 50%, this skill is what makes the differences between Wizard and High Wizard! ================================================== 3. Stat: I cannot say much about Stat, as its very straight forward with 150 DEX in total, followed by INT and VIT or STR. But here is my current Stat: Other Useful Tips to improve your quality of run gameplay: 1. Always Quagmire, It helps more than you think! - It reduce monster ASPD, Slower attack = lower damage per second your tank will receive, Slowing their Walking speed, in case something bad happen and mob go on the loose you can escape easily, it also debuff increase agi and reduce flee, i will never get bored to shout and yell to my wizard in my party to cast that freakin Quagmire, Seriously! 2. Do not use Energy Coat randomly, the 30% reduction it offer might sound tempting, but it cost your SP in order to reduce the damage, in Crucial moment you want to have spare SP, it drained really-really fast and drain same amount of SP regardless the damage, i suggest to only use it when you are about to face 1 or 2 huge burst of Damage, such as Hell Judgement, Fire Breath and alike, not to reduce rapid attack. 3. Use [Teleport] - then Cancel to instantly remove Ground skill such as Safety Wall, Ice Wall and alike - in map that allow you to Teleport. 4. Adjust yourself and connect with whoever you're playing with because you're one of the core class and the back bone in most party run so makes the best of it. 5. Don't be cheapskate, bring Condensed White Potion! Paying a little more better than failed or stressful run. 6. Learn about the MVP, behaviour, skill and know what you're doing, Playing High Wizard is not as simple as SG all the way or about that AoE! It does and can do more than that! Example: Any suggestion or anything else feel free to drop it.
  3. I am not annoying, only @Mister Clay is annoying
  4. Well.. i was on break since months, so nothing much. Oh, Good to know. Atleast you didn't miss anything while you were out and manage to hop in again to see whats up with Iduna that people talking about haha.. Is the savepoint still the same? I'll drop by when i login.
  5. Wow, How are you guys @Amissapanda @Maruvin 😛
  6. Slot 1 for 31th, thank you @GM Lance
  7. ENTRY #2 Name: Bossring / Summonering Color: Spiked Black Poring with Red Strip or Dots Drops: Old Card Album (MVP Drop) Reward Ticket (2) (MVP Drop) Trigger: Upon killed, Transform/Spawn random Miniboss or Low to Midtiers MVP (similar to Bloody Branch). Story: A poring that are sucked into Dimensional Rift during Morroc incident and became cursed, it appears that evil spirit infested the poring body and become parasite, however they will abandon and show themselves once its Host died. | IGN: Mobius Frostheart |
  8. Name: Chemistring Color: Darker Green than Poporing with black dots. Drops: Glistening Coat Box (50 pcs) 50% Acid Bottle Box (100pcs) 75% Bottle Grenade Box (100pcs) 75% Reward Ticket (2) 100% Embryo 100% Acid Bottle creation guide 100% Bottle Grenade creation guide 100% Glistening Coat creation guide 100% Lab Permit 10% Story: Before ExperimentIng human subject, Rekenber was already experimenting small monster such as Poring. Varmundt, The scientist is worried about what Rekenber did that time, he tried to resign but keep rejected and forced back to continue the research and build something new, After many tried and attempt to escape, he finally succeded to run away and dissapear from Midgard. Nowhere to be found, During his success escape attempt, he managed to set free one of his best creation, the Chemistring. The Chemistring are mutated Poporing, Stronger than its counterpart, move fast, having ability to teleportation and can endure/reduce pain (Receive only 1 damage like other Treasure Poring). | IGN: Mobius Frostheart |
  9. May i suggest adding Shield either from Rental or Eden? Seems like there is none, wonder why? An "okay- weight" shield or with some effect for shield boomerang/chain build and/or some shield that gives reductions but yet still not replacing the common essential card/shield such as Hodremlin, Tirfing, Platinum Shield etc..
  10. Its prevent someone damage the boss until certain of hp left and the left chill somewhere safe in the map or rude attack to make it tele and still get the mvp even he/she 10 miles away from the boss, so it is your own thing to prevent it to teleport and keep track where the boss is. Also~ it will benefit the monk more than other class that way as they have high burst damage.
  11. Frostheart

    Mob/Monster Counter

    Isn't it already showm in the quest windows, Open the quest, at the bottom its written xx/xx as in monster you have killed/total.
  12. I'd like to be added, Lately only do funny stuffs and memes, but will add more casual type of contents in the future! Youtube: www.youtube.com/TheNekonoize Discord: @APX-#7363
  13. Return from break and remix my favorite BGM in Ragnarok, Thanatos Tower theme!


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