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  1. Don't fail me lil sis, be a strong ninja... @Futaba Sakura
  2. A couple looking for PvM synergies

    My first vote for, HP-HW as it can take down like Almost Everything in the game, except Holy and Shadow like Mos said, easiest to learn among all in my list based on my experience. HP-Champ is great partner too, but you can't take down Ghost MVP, its more challenging than using HW for some cases as you don't have AoE attack, you will get bothered by other monsters around. HP-LK is next level, it cost alot more and harder but the versatility is worth it, you can take down everything except the high tier bosses with the right equips and technique (its more than just Reload, Dodge and Punch or cast Storm Gust and Kite) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But after all, nothing is perfect and choose your own playstyle. Watch some Ragnarok Videos in your bored time to find your liking.
  3. WS for juperos

    Yeah, i tried and also maybe that, Hyper-active/Angry mode mobs, only luring without touching them wont trigger their skill set.
  4. WS for juperos

    If Elements affects, Deviling will get you around 150% damages, reduction from shield, highest resistance you could get probably 35%? Or 30%? That is still huge % you will receive.. idk which one takes first priority (Element, Size, Race, Range modifier?) But well, Its kind of hard to test that clearly though.
  5. Old Video.. Remaking Prontera BGM.. /desp



  6. WS for juperos

    I think, Dark Breath dmg is fixed? The blue one use lvl 4 which is 40% of Target HP, ignoring DEF and Flee. If it follow elemental advantages, mean it will do 80%, and leave me with 20% HP. I tried using Holy armor + Strong Shield once, still no difference. But well just RSX is fine and im sure its better, even if its unnoticeable irowiki.org/classic/NPC_DARKBREATH
  7. [Video] Old Video DEF-Parrying LordKnight Setup vs Beelzebub. /no1

  8. Question about Horn Card

    That is Demonstration, and its Physical, not Magic. It change (Melee/Ranged) depends on your range to the caster, if you are in melee range (Less than 4 Cell from caster), Safety Wall blocked it, and Long Range reduction won't take effect. But Magic should be considered as Long Range regardless the distance.
  9. Roles Update: - Adair is now part of Pioneer, mainly as Sexy Secretary Moderator. - Yabusame is now Part of Pionner, mainly as Organizer. - Impel is now Part of Pionner, mainly as Discord Bot Creator and Manager. Repect for them for giving their contribution, time and efforts.
  10. Goodluckk ... I CAN'T JOINNN.. Scammmm..