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  1. This is fake crimson!
  2. Lamia

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    @Amissapanda Buy new computer!
  3. Lamia

    PvM | Halloween Fright Fight

    Slot 1 for 31th, thank you @GM Lance
  4. Lamia

    FA gloom +3str or FA gloom+12Hit

    STR3, you can almost hit everything there except the crawling girl and you don't want to de with her, only gives trouble as she cast critical wound esp if you relly on meat+hell poodle.
  5. Lamia

    Event | Design Your Own Treasure Poring

    ENTRY #2 Name: Bossring / Summonering Color: Spiked Black Poring with Red Strip or Dots Drops: Old Card Album (MVP Drop) Reward Ticket (2) (MVP Drop) Trigger: Upon killed, Transform/Spawn random Miniboss or Low to Midtiers MVP (similar to Bloody Branch). Story: A poring that are sucked into Dimensional Rift during Morroc incident and became cursed, it appears that evil spirit infested the poring body and become parasite, however they will abandon and show themselves once its Host died. | IGN: Mobius Frostheart |
  6. Lamia

    Event | Design Your Own Treasure Poring

    Name: Chemistring Color: Darker Green than Poporing with black dots. Drops: Glistening Coat Box (50 pcs) 50% Acid Bottle Box (100pcs) 75% Bottle Grenade Box (100pcs) 75% Reward Ticket (2) 100% Embryo 100% Acid Bottle creation guide 100% Bottle Grenade creation guide 100% Glistening Coat creation guide 100% Lab Permit 10% Story: Before ExperimentIng human subject, Rekenber was already experimenting small monster such as Poring. Varmundt, The scientist is worried about what Rekenber did that time, he tried to resign but keep rejected and forced back to continue the research and build something new, After many tried and attempt to escape, he finally succeded to run away and dissapear from Midgard. Nowhere to be found, During his success escape attempt, he managed to set free one of his best creation, the Chemistring. The Chemistring are mutated Poporing, Stronger than its counterpart, move fast, having ability to teleportation and can endure/reduce pain (Receive only 1 damage like other Treasure Poring). | IGN: Mobius Frostheart |
  7. Lamia

    I AM NEW.

    Check Technical Support, You probably using Telkom which block talonRO
  8. Lamia

    Rental / Eden Shield?

    May i suggest adding Shield either from Rental or Eden? Seems like there is none, wonder why? An "okay- weight" shield or with some effect for shield boomerang/chain build and/or some shield that gives reductions but yet still not replacing the common essential card/shield such as Hodremlin, Tirfing, Platinum Shield etc..
  9. Lamia

    Hello! Newbie Incoming.

    We are the same, i've never played Ragnarok before but trust me you will love it. And also this is great server to start with! If anything feel free to use !main chat command in game to ask around and browse the forum for guidance.
  10. Lamia

    Mvp and their teleports

    Its prevent someone damage the boss until certain of hp left and the left chill somewhere safe in the map or rude attack to make it tele and still get the mvp even he/she 10 miles away from the boss, so it is your own thing to prevent it to teleport and keep track where the boss is. Also~ it will benefit the monk more than other class that way as they have high burst damage.
  11. Lamia


    Good choices, Knight is decent starting class, make sure to check out those Eden Gears and Rental items, also read some guide about it! Goodluck, Havefun!
  12. Lamia

    Mob/Monster Counter

    Isn't it already showm in the quest windows, Open the quest, at the bottom its written xx/xx as in monster you have killed/total.
  13. Lamia

    TalonRO On Twitch & YouTube

    I'd like to be added, Lately only do funny stuffs and memes, but will add more casual type of contents in the future! Youtube: www.youtube.com/TheNekonoize Discord: @APX-#7363
  14. Return from break and remix my favorite BGM in Ragnarok, Thanatos Tower theme!


  15. Lamia

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    @GM Lance Register under party name; " Crimson - Rift " Thank you.