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  1. Updated the first page in terms of applying; "I will insta-reject your applications if you are just applying without joining our discord and notify us there that it was you / you are applying thru directory, this is happen alot. You will be missed alot of activities, runs and schedules without discord" Thank you for your understanding.
  2. Rip, I was away for some time..
  3. Full remix for my Bragi videos;

    And the idea video!


  4. Thursday Early ET!! @jyuiex lateeee not in cam xD
  5. Shall we open recruitment again?
  6. [Video] I just got my FIRST CLOWN but the Bragi, WTF!!! Nerf dis!



    1. DoucheEnrique


      • Step 1: get Clown
      • Step 2: remix Bragi
      • Step 3: mod client data to include remix
      • Step 4: ????
      • Step 5: DANCE PARTY!!!
    2. Gremio


      damn that is actually really solid haha

  7. Prepare Me a Song

    My Entry: IGN: Mobius Frostheart No Challenge.. I end up remix the song instead just replacing the lyris.
  8. Tomyum Guild NT WoE [we're back]

    Thats @Kono Yakusaku
  9. Tomyum Guild NT WoE [we're back]

    Good game, didnt expect you guys coming out of nowhere.. We were literally off-guard, no preparation to def.. But good to see the guild is back
  10. [13/12] Update: 1. We will soon rebuild NT WoE membership as soon the opposing have decents power specificaly Wednesday, we still have to recall many inactive members to return to the scene as soon as its getting back up, So please be patience with the scene and situation :< 2. Secret Santa registration is now closed and we are collecting the presents. Thank you~
  11. Don't fail me lil sis, be a strong ninja... @Futaba Sakura
  12. A couple looking for PvM synergies

    My first vote for, HP-HW as it can take down like Almost Everything in the game, except Holy and Shadow like Mos said, easiest to learn among all in my list based on my experience. HP-Champ is great partner too, but you can't take down Ghost MVP, its more challenging than using HW for some cases as you don't have AoE attack, you will get bothered by other monsters around. HP-LK is next level, it cost alot more and harder but the versatility is worth it, you can take down everything except the high tier bosses with the right equips and technique (its more than just Reload, Dodge and Punch or cast Storm Gust and Kite) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But after all, nothing is perfect and choose your own playstyle. Watch some Ragnarok Videos in your bored time to find your liking.
  13. WS for juperos

    Yeah, i tried and also maybe that, Hyper-active/Angry mode mobs, only luring without touching them wont trigger their skill set.