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  1. Crimson Guilds ◇ Mid-High PVM

    Add Video: New Prof GMC debut, When u trying to be useful..
  2. Crimson Guilds ◇ Mid-High PVM

    whats dis slacker gypsi doing!!
  3. The Tyranids Descend =D

    Welcome to the server Crystal. Awesome name for scary type person. Looking forward to meet you too! Hit me up im game by IGN: Mobius Frostheart sometime! Have fun and goodluck on your TalonRO journey..!
  4. Crimson Guilds ◇ Mid-High PVM

    Yes, i'm sorry.. We only recruit specific classes, There are many better guild. My suggest; Mirage & Leftover guild, are nice. Best luck and welcome back to the server
  5. Crimson Guilds ◇ Mid-High PVM

    Opened for 2 Active player! We are currently 73 / 75. Prefer main SB Champ to replace my duty, but any class will do!
  6. Prodigy, Vanilla Trans WoE:FE + SE

    or my side~~ ♡♡_(:з」∠)_
  7. Prodigy, Vanilla Trans WoE:FE + SE

    these kind of gif got me everytime
  8. Crimson Guilds ◇ Mid-High PVM

    Update Seasonal Events: Lit up the Summer!! More info can be found in our Discord servers!
  9. Crimson Guilds ◇ Mid-High PVM

    B-but.. You already win my heart.
  10. Prodigy, Vanilla Trans WoE:FE + SE

  11. Crimson Guilds ◇ Mid-High PVM

    @Liecafor ritsu it should be S> GMC Leech 2M
  12. Crimson Guilds ◇ Mid-High PVM

    Nobody main a dedicated SN yet atm or atleast not that i know off, i don't mind any class as long it work and got decent base setup, why not..
  13. It's been to long!

    Welcome and Ohhhhh! Looking forward to meet you too