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  1. inverse88

    Add WOE Castle Warp on Warper Girl

    Hi, everyday less and less player join WOE, im sure its becos a lot of aspec, no gear, no friends, no woe guild etc, but i have a suggestion to make WOE castle more easier to reach, i've been on this server more than 2 years mostly just farming vs monsters, just recently join a guild that do WOE, but when i experience it, actually not many players come to conquer to just to have fun doing pvp and killing other players, i've been thinking, maybe part of it is becoz newbie dont know where the castle is, they dont know where is this "WOE" happen, or where is the castle. So maybe if you guys can put WOE castle location on the warp girl it will be easier to access, so it can attract more players to at least come and try or see what is this "WOE" about. Hope u guys can consider it, and make it happen, i believe it will also attract more players and encourage them to join the fun even for newbie...
  2. inverse88

    Buy +7 Wool Scarf [Deviling]

    Buy +7 Wool Scarf [Deviling] = 26m post here if deal, also leave your active in game nickname that i can contact, thanks...