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  1. Hunt

    S> Multipurpose Gears

    Dear Customer, Kindly reply my post if interested for any gears listed: No Items Name Quantity Price/Ea 1 +4 Djinn [Dracula, Dracula, Dracula] 1 180m 2 +4 Suiken [Ak, Ak, Ak] SOLD 1 190m 3 +0 Elemental Sword [3] 2 90m Looking forward for a deal =p
  2. Hunt

    Reject Shop

    BUMP~ *looking for TRADE with ur SUIKEN[AkAkAk]+zeny
  3. Hunt

    Reject Shop

    ITEM TO LETGO Quantity Item Name Price 1 Brisingamen [ Berzebub ] 245m 1 Djinn [ Dracula, Dracula, Dracula ] 180m Pm my IGN if agree to deal, B u - e r
  4. kindly tell your offer here leave ur most active IGN here then i will PM u later if deal or nego =)
  5. PJ pro kemah keming rapat jikkkk
  6. Hunt

    S> Stuffs ~

    hi, my offer for +9 book of the dead[2] will be 28m if deal, kindly PM my IGN either B u - e r / Xinan GMT+8 (am/pm)
  7. Hunt

    Bris[1] Ingredients

    Earring[1] 8m ea = 1pcs Glove[1] 5m ea = 6pcs Necklace[1] 1.5m ea = 4pcs Ring[1] 1m ea = 2pcs Rosary[1] 500k ea = 3pcs pm my IGN B u - e r if looking for deal =)
  8. cc PJ : dun blur my char for incoming video plox HUEHUEHUE
  9. T> my artemis TTT to your artemis AkAkAk+z pm or mail my IGN Merc-D for trade =)
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