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  1. GM Copal


    Being a low rate, you won't get to 99 instantly, and it may seem a bit slow in the beginning. Yes, MvP cards will drop from MvPs though you may want to check our Item Database for certain cards because some of them have been changed here. Doppelganger's card has actually been modified to give more ASPD than the official, I believe. You can also buy MvP cards with Talon Coins in game at the Reward Guru in Prontera.
  2. GM Copal

    My build for vanilla woe/pvp, some questions!

    Heya, so I'll speak from a WOE perspective. Your damage gear is fine but be sure to have reductions to swap to before/after you Asura. The gear howrah listed except that Noxious is better and you can add a Long Mace (+15% ranged reduction!) to the list. A Diablos Ring + Orlean's Glove + Orlean's Server will give you more cast time if you need or you can go 2x D. Rings. 2x Hydra 1x Skel Worker is also better for weapon. You don't need any int at all - Incubus and +0 Variants will give you enough SP by themselves and you should try to get 97 total vit to be stun immune. Keep in mind you can also use Stat Food! Green Salad, Lutie Ladie's Pancake, and Spicy Fried Bao are all cheap alternatives that can help you reach target stats easier. Keep in mind that you should be attempting to prioritize targets and not just Asuraing randomly! Some classes such as Professors will be able to tank your Asura, low vit and no reduction (Damage Stalker, Damage Bio, Damage High Wizard) will die in 1 shot or seriously hurt their Paladins and you should be prioritizing them as well as Paladins if you can find them. Good luck!
  3. GM Copal

    Donation - Can I use a Visa Gift Card?

    You can register them with PayPal. I've done this before a couple of years ago, as long as you activate it for online use you should be able to put it on your account and donate with it.
  4. GM Copal

    Apprentice Craftsman

    In Prontera, in the building east of the spawn point that also contains Hollgrehenn (the upgrader).
  5. GM Copal

    Problem With Voting

    Hey there, so the images that you have to rotate are animals and they have to be standing up. Some of the images are confusing because there are two animals with one on top of another - in this case, I believe you need to rotate it so that the animal on top is in the proper orientation. It can be hard to see sometimes because the contrast is kind of bad, but I hope this helps.
  6. GM Copal

    This is really annoying

    I believe it works based on the animal in the foreground (someone correct me if I'm wrong). So your first image is correct, but the second two are not because the rabbit and dinosaur/dog looking animal are not in the proper orientation. It can be hard to tell which is in the front sometimes but I hope that helps!
  7. GM Copal

    Free mouse here is possible?

  8. Just delete any and all TalonRO files you have before reinstalling. Like you can see the client is set to block certain GRF edits. And if you have another server installed (like Neo mentions) make sure you place Talon in a completely separate folder than any other RO things you may have.
  9. GM Copal

    SQI for PvE

    I'm confused. We already have SQI which fulfill the end game PvE role very well.
  10. GM Copal

    Professor vs Stalker

    I think that you'll need to post some more info on what you want before you'll start getting answers. For starters, Vanilla or Unrestricted? Do you like parties or just running solo? What kind of Professor/Stalker do you want to run (magic, DPS, full support, etc.)? They don't fulfill the same role so it's sort of like comparing apples to oranges.
  11. GM Copal

    Slotted Lower Headgear

    You're correct - there is no slotted lower headgear. Only mid and upper.
  12. GM Copal

    PRIEST - Vanilla, Non-Trans War of Emperium

    Both non-trans WoE times here are FE, to answer that question.
  13. GM Copal

    Blank Card?

    I guess let me clarify a bit - the Spare Card headgear does work and does drop blank cards, however, you cannot exchange them for prizes. Sorry about that one.
  14. GM Copal

    Blank Card?

    No, however, you can exchange normal cards for prizes at Putty in Prontera.
  15. GM Copal

    New forum - bug reporting

    ​You can change your display name by clicking your name in the top right, going to Account Settings, then Display name.