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  1. Hahaha yeah, I'm Brazilian! You and @rangelaaz know it! Best way to find a Brazilian: see if they use condensed milk everywhere, AMIRITE? @vievie those are suuuuper cute, I'm in love /lb
  2. @Bababoowee hahaha I love that story, it's so funny! Also the MEEEEAT *drools* @Freljord Ashe bringing in the sugar! Have to say, I eat that too often for my own good, but it's so delicious. Try adding some Nescau, makes it amazing!
  3. @rangelaaz That pie looks amazing! I love the puns, and the story broke my little heart
  4. I mean. Maybe the veins kids had a different ending
  5. Okay, that's a wrap everybody. We are gonna have a lot of tough decisions to make here, so many absolutely great entries. Thank you for everybody who participated, the team is so glad you're all here
  6. Keep em coming guys, 2 day to go!
  7. Oh my god you guys are making it so hard to choose
  8. As long as you were the one who took the pictures, sure! I will google it ò.ó @BlackmoreINVO She looks great as a dancer! @Feliciteas I looove the colour palette~ @LaughingTuna Such a cute Mavka! Very smart addition of a changing seasons logo, thumbs up!
  9. Oh woooow!!! I love this, such an unique colouring style. This makes me extra excited for what's to come! Bring your A game people!
  10. I'm excited for the entries to come
  11. Hello my Dearest Talonians! Spring is finally around the corner, it's time to end our hybernation and come out th-.... Oh wow 2020 hasn't been treating us well, right?! Since coming out of our houses isn't really an option anymore (stay safe, we're all in this together), how about we stay inside and draw our hearts out! Time for another wonderful Loading Screen Contest, this time with Spring in mind! It's the moment to dust off our pastel colours and the Benadryl. All entries must be submitted by April 24th, 22:00 server time. 🌸 Entries m
  12. Hello my dearest Talonians! The time has finally come to announce our amazing winners! You guys gave us a hard time judging this, and we were amazed to see so many good entries. Now we all get to see the best of the best featured on our brand new Tiki Bar!(did you guys see it's raaaaainbow?) How exciting is that! So, without further ado, drumroll please.... The winners are: @AG. @agilazo @Amael @Chloe Burbank @Chootimun Saiseaw @Conscendo @crayna @Gerrymon @IceDryst @ISHIN @jassietea @Kurai Shónin @Nh
  13. Actually, yes. I derped when writing the rules. So if you guys could please include your IGN it would be most helpful. Apologies. It will not be a disqualifying point, but it sure would help out with distributing prizes~
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