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  1. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    @Ellie Valentine It's okay, apparently it was a common doubt. My bad. @Sniggy You guys make my day sometimes
  2. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    @Sniggy You get 5 TC taken away from you, of course. And a costume as well. @Ellie Valentine I don't see how one entry and one challenge are mutually exclusive. And it is one entry and one challenge. @yujinori Good idea, I thought it was clear by the fact that it's not plural, but hey, never hurt to say it twice~ I mean, all in all it just seems absolutely absurd that you can get like 10 extra TC from a contest that gives you 15 as the first prize, you know. And that is why only one challenge is allowed.
  3. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    @Shaefa Hahahaha she looks so cute as a Mavka! @Sniggy Love the captions! Also, a quick reminder to everybody: You still have time to edit the challenge you'd like to keep. If you don't and you happen to win, I'll pick one of them meself. And I'll be mean about it.
  4. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    @Flandre Scarlet Hahaha you look like you were born for each other, super adorbs. @CosmicSinX Could you please read the rules carefully? Your entry is missing quite a lot of stuff that were specifically asked for. Thanks! @PoringNya That's exactly my life @SkyeReed Oh my lord you took that challenge to the absolute next level! So cool @SakuraSakura Super nice setting! @KanashiHikari Spooky settings are always a great choice for Halloween. Is it weird that I'm actually scared of that ws more than anything else? @paulyappie This shot really captures the yummy spirit of the season. Love it~
  5. Tadaa

    You look glorious love @Aspartame, that story is really cute, made me giggle
  6. Theme of Yuno Piano

    Oh? You surely got me fooled hahaha
  7. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    I am SO UPSET I didn't get to see that. @[sarcasm] It looks like they don't want frands D: @nikki That is such a cute nurse joy cosplay! @BurgerSteak YASSSSSSSSS WINGSSSS FINALLY. Rub it all over @KhimmyXD's face.
  8. Chibi Discord Commission Zone

    Why must you tempt me so
  9. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    @alexsilfo hahaha you two look like you're plotting horrible things against that baba yaga! @Lululemon Astonishing set for a Halloween theme picture, nicely done~ @Zeiniru I bet that if you stayed long enough nobody would EVER notice you're a player
  10. Theme of Yuno Piano

    Oh WOW! It sounds absolutely amazing, stellar job on that I would love to watch you play, it feels so emotional~
  11. Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

    That actually sounds amazing! I shall host the event as soon as I have some extra time Make sure to make Lance REALLY fightened
  12. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    @ValheruWolf As Jori said, yes, only three winners and only the winners are eligible for the extra TC for the challenges. It was chosen to be a single challenge so the prizes wouldn't get too out of hand. So say like, I submit an entry and my entry had the GM Saen Challenge. In case I win, my I get extra TC for my challenge. If I don't, I don't get the extra TC. Just like that. @CuteChloe @Jorri @SnowAngel @SK2 Sakaray Skylee @Athena @bchan03 @heidi001 @jieeya, your entries are just SO COOL! I love how you guys are finding so many ways to make this interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Big thumbs up, good job!
  13. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    Hahaha I love that caption! Good job~ You can enter with whatever you wish, as long as you're dressed up as something RO related
  14. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    Nice entry, but don't forget to write a caption on the Polaroid frame! It can be whatever you like, headgears, clothing and hair styles and colours, costumes. Whatever fits best into the talonRO and Halloween theme. Only one challenge per entry!
  15. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    My personal favourite has to be Saen's. Just too good