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    Autocaster/Melee/ Battle Professor Survivability

    try this set up. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w4XDi0EOwoJADMKFw6Ezw4kNTBDChcK4ECNhw70XZzpQw5wJXMOfDsKuPMKBX8OTwpfCpmkHw47DksOIw4DDhF0qRE7DiMOyAlsTwq3Cl8KbLTwfw6zCksOBUsOqIRzCp07Duxh0wovCpsOXw7fClsKKw5zDgcKhw5FvImLCtn/CjBR5SDXCiMKvwrNvw4LChR83w77DqAM fire element skills of kasa shouldn't hurt since you're wearing rsx and fa. ditch gec and get LT footgear. Helps a lot. If you have nsfm[leak] much better. I personally use book of charms instead of valk shield as it saves me a ton when i get mobbed due to its stun effect. and always always cast WOF on yourself when in battle. Would've been better if you have sqi, SW will save you a lot.
  2. quovadis0920

    The Book Slapper Guide! (Professor Hindsight)

    Thanks for the tip sachi! Appreciate you dropping by my guide. Will update it once i get the time to do so
  3. Hi guys and if you're reading this, probably means you're interested in this build! This is my first try at making a class guide so if you have anything to add please do! And I'll update it as soon as possible. I haven't seen any proper guides yet so let me do the honors of making one. I've researched several threads and comments, custom cards and gears all over the net (mainly here as well.) and since I'm bored with my DG/Geff stalker, I decided to try my hand at making, you guessed it, a Book Slapping-Stat Munching Professor. 😁 Now why prof? PROS : -Cheap gears to start (I'll go into that later) -Can camp and kill (fully buffed) MVPs -Can tank (safety wall,LP) MVPs -Can roam midgard as long as you are linked. -High Mdef and Def -Has a lot of variation builds and items -Autocast is fun CONS : -Not much useful aoe skills hence unable to mob and kill respectively -Depends on Linker heavily. (well who doesn't) -Weight capacity is less considering it's a melee character. -Not that welcome for parties (certain GMCs require a prof but not all) Wait, what is Hindsight? What is it and why do I see it in prof guides/threads? *I had to find this out for myself as well since I'm not knowledgeable with the prof class when I started.* Hindsight is granted the moment you get the Sage Spirit buff from your forcefully-married linker(assuming you have since you'll be needing Kaahi buff). It automatically grants level 10 bolts everytime autocast procs. Cold,Fire and Lightning bolt spells are the ones affected by Hindsight. (yes I know, a pain EarthSpike is not included /grr). Hindsight also works with Double Cast, so everytime the level 10 bolts proc, they will be multiplied by 2. So 20 bolts all raining down on the enemy. And if you have max atkspd, imagine the bolts raining down every 2-3 book slaps. *Important note : your book slaps do not need to hit to trigger autobolts. However, if you have other autocast cards/gears in your arsenal, it will not proc unless your attacks hit. Now that you have read the advantages and disadvantages and a brief explanation about what book slapping is all about let's move on to gears and leveling spots. Most bookslappers move on to bookslapping around 80ish (trans and non-trans, hindsight works for sage too) but for early levels you just play as a basic mage. After moving to sage/prof I would advise bolting until 80ish. Geographers (1 map up of Einbroch), Zombies in GH Church and Prison (utilize Firewall) give good exp until you get enough stat points. After that we can go on and try bookslapping (rich guys don't need this I believe you can just buy leech 'til 79) on almost any map as long as you have the right gears. I find Ein_dun useful 'til 90ish, Thor's Dungeon 1-3, Ice Dungeon 3, Abyss Lake 2-3, Rachel Dungeon, Manuk Fields, Bibilan floors 4-5. Easy MVP kills would be DarkLord, OrcHero, OrcLord(you'll be needing a GTB shield for his EQ skill), Osiris, Gopinich, Evil Snake Lord, Phreeoni, Maya and Amon Ra. The usual approach would be max buff>memorize>Land Protector>Wall of Fog>Safetywall then book slap the hell out of the mvp you're killing. Should be easy once you get the hang of it. Your main goal would be raising MATK and/or INT, your other 3 stats would be ASPD, VIT/HP and DEF. Others prefer FLEE and P.DODGE, but once you get mobbed FLEE won't help that much. SKILLS : The important skills you should have in your Skill Bar are as follows : Land Protector : Shields an area from all area spells. Any skills that target the ground do not deal damage or do their effect. Skills such as Storm Gust, Fire Wall, etc. will do nothing. Also removes any area spells already placed in the area. Requires 1 Yellow Gemstone and 1 Blue Gemstone to use. Wall of Fog : Creates a wall of fog on a 5 x 3 cells area. For non-ground targeted spells going through or into the fog, there's a 75% chance that the skill will miss. Ranged attacks have a -75% damage penalty, and -50 HIT penalty. Targets inside the affected area will receive the Blindness Status Effect. Cast this over your Prof to gain extra dodge. Auto Spell : Every time the caster does a melee attack (which does NOT have to hit) there is a chance that he automatically casts a certain spell. The Sage must know the autocasted spell, and the SP Cost for them is 2/3 the normal cost. This is your bread and butter as a Book Slapper. Always have this activated before going to battle. You can reactivate this one before the buff expires while having sage spirit on for an additional 5 minute auto spell even after sage spirit wears off. AREA SPELLS Volcano, Deluge and Violent Gale can power up your armor, autospells and weapon according to element so use them wisely. Memorize : The next five Spells you cast have their casting time reduced by half. This effect will last as long as you don't use spells, but will be dispelled upon your death. Multiple Memorize casts do not stack, recasting resets the counter to 5. Cast time not affected by dex or cast reducing gears/cards. Always activate this before casting area spells to reduce their cast time. Double Casting : During the skill's duration, all Bolt-type spells (including Auto-Spells) have a chance of being casted a second time instantly. 80% chance at level 5. Very very useful. Starter's build would be : Upper : A good slotted Int/Aspd Headgear [Isilla works best considering the price/availability] Middle : Slotted Int Mid [Again isilla if you are on a cheap route] and/or Magical booster works as well or use Monocle[0] for the memory book combo Lower : Optional Cold Breath/Ninja Scroll Armor : Odin's blessing (Agav would be best but you will lose def) or use Mage Coat[0] for the combo with ancient magic(weapon) Shield : Any shield [race reduction card] would do in your early stages, Platinum shield works well for trans. Memory Book [1] or [0] also works for the combo Garment : Overupped Muffler would do. Wool also works in conjunction with tidals[Bonus hp]. [neutral/race reduction cards] *Please do not use kasa for your garment as you would need damage reducing cards for this as you take damage while slapping monsters. Boots : Overupped shoes and tidals work best. (Agi cards like chonchon would work for starters) Accessory 1 : Pocketwatch [0] Accessory 2 : Librarian Gloves [1] - you can either use Imp,Siroma and/or miming cards to increase your bolt damage. Weapon : I'd advise using ancient magic over principles since you get a lot of bonuses from it if you use Mage Coat. Other wise, principles would do. Cecil damon for aspd and/or atroce (if you have high hit) [+ Monocle[0] + Memory Book]HP and SP Recovery + 15%, MATK + 7% [+ Principles of Magic + Pocket Watch] [+ Ancient Magic + Pocket Watch] INT + 5, HP + 700, Attack Speed + 5% [+ Ancient Magic + Mage Coat] MDEF + 8, Maximum SP + 10%, INT + 4 Progressive Gearset would be : Upper : LKH (str,dex and int +20), Valk Helm (agi,vit and luk+20, Mdef+20) carded with High Wizard or Vesper. Middle : You'll be needing an int mid carded with Vesper for MVPs and High Wizard for normal monsters. (20% mdef ignore on both cards). Optional is a Mistress mid if you're not using an SQI/SQI bonus. Lower : Pussy Cat Bell. That extra def is worth it. Armor : Elemental Armor[RSX] and an overupped armor for other areas (FA for thor's, Bathory or Garm for the rest, Dragonvest usually is okay for those on budget. The extra AGI and flee is worth it.) the additional stats are for you to decide (some prefer DEF,FLEE or INT). Shield : If you plan on taking on high hp mobs and mvps, you should have a spare Maya Carded Shield. Autoguard is a lifesaver even in its level 2 form. For normal mobs, I prefer to use a Valkyrja's Shield carded with Hodremlin and Alice (for MVPs mostly, especially in DG). A spare GTB carded shield is also preferred for some MVPs who use power-up, EQ and other skills. I've also seen other book slappers who use Book Of Charms for their builds mainly for the additional INT and auto-stun for physical attackers. Garment : Deviling carded garment. I prefer Valkyrie's Manteau. The bonus P.Dodge works like a charm. Skin of Ventoss and Dragon Mant (in conjunction with DragonVest) works as well. Boots : Sleipnir[1]. Carding is up to you. Some use Lady Tanee, Eddga or Dark Lord. I would not advise using GEC on this since once you have Kaahi on you can play around with your HP/SP. Mysteltainn is also used for flee builds. Weapon : Your weapon as a book slapper is ofc, BOOKS. We have Tome Of Ymir as our class' sqi weapon. Grants DEX + 5, INT + 4, VIT + 3 and is also Indestructable. Comes with 3 slots that can be carded as Double Doppels. 3rd slot is usually Drake (though I find no use for it since you'll need to cast Deluge > Waterball and we're not autocasters. Even with memorize activated it'll take quite a while to cast it). I've talked to other book slappers and they carded theirs with Dracula instead. A triple Gold Queen Scaraba carded one should be viable in the future once they decide to have the +1% magical bypass applied to other weapons other than Rod Class types. (I read it somewhere in the suggestions forum). The bonuses that you should get for the sqi are : 10% MATK (higher bolt damage which is kinda low for an SQI) Ignore Gemstone Requirement (for your Safety wall and other area spells) 20% HP (who doesn't want bonus hp) 13% ASPD Then there's also the Chilly Spell Book that grants MATK + 20%, DEX + 1 and grants the user a chance of auto-casting Storm Gust level 2 when doing a physical attack (the attacks should hit ofc to proc). Each refine increases Cold Bolt and Storm Gust's attack power by 3%, and increases their SP cost by 5. I prefer this weapon over the SQI for cold bolting thor mobs carded with Double Doppels. There's also the widely revered DeathNote (Book of the Dead). Overupped ones are kinda hard to find. I'm using a +7 one as a spare. Grants MATK + 15%, STR + 3, INT + 3, LUK - 20. (you won't need the luck unless you have LT carded footgear for P.Dodge) The good thing for this book is it increases your attack speed based on the weapon's refine rate so if you're not dependent on agi, you can pump vit and luk instead. It also autocasts Hell's Judgement by chance (again your physical attacks need to hit for this one to trigger.) which can inflict the curse status to every monster in your screen. Comes with 2 slots, best if carded Double Doppels. Accessories : Celebs work well. If you find your bolts lacking damage, you can use siroma carded accessories for Cold Bolts, Imp carded ones for Fire and Miming carded ones for Lightning. Imp works well with Alchemy Glove (INT + 1, MDEF + 2. Increases damage of Fire element magic by 10%. When dealing physical or magic damage, there's a low chance to auto cast Level 5 Fire Bolt <- but this needs to hit). Bris [Scaraba] is a rich man's delight having 2 of them can stack. Stats : Again your main focus will be Int to raise MATK. You can check out the MATK table thread HERE. The rest can be pumped to VIT, total 100 grants you immunity to most status ailments, I put mine at 95. AGI, for flee/dodge. And LUK for P.Dodge. Don't forget a little bit of STR for your weight capacity. You won't be needing DEX as you don't need to land an attack on the enemy for the auto spell bolt to trigger and since you won't have cast times for bolt attacks. Stat foods are also your bestfriend. You can camp and farm Gopinich to get that +10 int food that can be useful for ET runs and GMCs, Schwartzwald Pine drinks for additional P.Dodge. Mostly int_dish05 and str_dish05 will be your daily menu for your everyday slapping. I'm not recommending pets for high level mobs. But if you're bored and just plan to roam around killing profitable mobs, Loli Ruri's and/or Sohee pets can work. That's probabaly it for now. If you have additional information do hit me up or comment below so I can add it on the content. Hope to see more book slappers in-game and happy slapping! I have killed a lot more MVPs sorry if I wasn't able to post them here since I rarely take screenshots of them. 😢
  4. quovadis0920

    B>Mjolnir [Carded / Clean]

    Already bought one please delete/lock. Thank you
  5. quovadis0920

    B>Mjolnir [Carded / Clean]

    Do pm/mail Fryrshime~ for carded info/price. Thanks!
  6. quovadis0920

    S> MJOLNIR [DBInca]

    Still available?
  7. quovadis0920

    PH Area getting Disconnected from Server

    oh oh my bad >,< |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| | - 0 | 117 | 117 | 0 | 1 | 33 | 1 | | - 0 | 117 | 117 | 29 | 35 | 73 | 33 | | No response from host - 100 | 23 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | - 0 | 117 | 117 | 31 | 44 | 155 | 96 | | - 0 | 117 | 117 | 30 | 44 | 158 | 107 | | - 0 | 117 | 117 | 30 | 43 | 144 | 86 | | No response from host - 100 | 23 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 23 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | border11.ae2-bbnet2.lax012.pnap.net - 0 | 118 | 118 | 179 | 190 | 361 | 294 | | usd-13.lax12.pnap.net - 0 | 118 | 118 | 179 | 190 | 367 | 264 | | No response from host - 100 | 23 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | - 0 | 118 | 118 | 179 | 190 | 371 | 249 | |________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______| WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider
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    PH Area getting Disconnected from Server

    still getting disconnects.
  9. quovadis0920

    PH Area getting Disconnected from Server

    me either. been hiatus for a couple of days now can't properly play
  10. quovadis0920

    aspersio stalker need some help

    I can farm 4-4.5m with sherwood since i can mob and kill easily. 2 bbs with sqi bonus. I rarely go to geff nowadays. I farm mostly in DG with my sherwood stalk
  11. quovadis0920

    DG Sinx Crit type Farming/Leech

    If only I had the zeny to try those builds out. So deviling should work well? I have to try that.
  12. quovadis0920

    DG Sinx Crit type Farming/Leech

    i haven't been debuffed there my entire time. soul linked. I can post a video if you want and also golems have that hp drain i believe it's magical too.
  13. quovadis0920

    DG Sinx Crit type Farming/Leech

    not sure if you want to have a pet on for DG. Throwing in that 24k hp pool in there once the angel's knockback kicks in it will leave you with prolly 10% hp. and if you're that unlucky that 95% dodge rate will fail and will kill you. So no pet option for now please. I don't like the idea of wearing duals since you'll be needing foods, also deviling will increase the magical dmg of angel's knockback by 50%. You wouldn't need that 50% neutral resistance as you have kaahi on and by experience the max mob you can take should be 3.
  14. quovadis0920

    DG Sinx Crit type Farming/Leech

    Hi all! As you all know some ppl figured out a nice build for stalks to effectively farm DG and Odin2/3 and as we all know, they're from the same base class of thief so I figured why not do the same build for the all famous Sinx. https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbia4bIbpajabaBAlabwleaQfVaTdVe5aaaaaaaaakYfZwjfdwDtlhPtobofjgLjJaajJaaeeeeaikkffkfaabkkaaaaaiaabaaah5aabafaaaaaaaaaaaaaHbFaababacadaj This build like the DG stalk one heavily relies on Kaahi. Works with aspersio for faster kill. Critical rate has been raised since the mobs in DG have high critical resistance, 100 vit to avoid curse and bleeding and kiel/bapho thrown in so you can mob/recover sp. With my dg stalk i can mob 2 angels at a time, 3 humans, 1 golem. I think it would be better with this one since the 24k hp compared to the 18k hp my DG stalk one have(plus heavily relies on GJ,this one doesn't). Please feel free to tweak the build out to see if we can have a cheaper option for the build so we can have more ppl in DG hehe.
  15. quovadis0920

    Winter Scarves Quest 2017

    black waving changed muffler[1] to manteau[1]