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  1. Okay. screw Sleipnir. ima buy arts lol

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    2. Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      i was about give some zenies to my friend but i didn't cuz of arts /slur and yeah best decision ever /heh

    3. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      The only thing that really matters in this game :D

    4. GM Spica

      GM Spica

      Now THIS is how you play tRO. /no1

  2. I wish I can share my account bound items to my other accounts :v

    1. Regular Mimi

      Regular Mimi

      I'm not sure if you're referring to our current event, but there IS a Santa's Elf dressed in red in his house that gives your other accounts the account-bound items you've earned so far during the Popogrinch event!

    2. Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      omg lol didn't know this XD i did the 1st quest 3 times with different accounts cuz i don't know this haha. 

      but how about the other acc bound items that isn't part of the event :v

  3. I should not sell my 2 Celebrity Rings and GEC Sandals for a Sleipnir [GEC] right ? lol

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    2. yummy90


      no unless you really need to walk a lot

    3. Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      That's the thing. I walk a lot and I solo a lot lol and im lagging when I try dual clienting.

    4. yujinori


      Still nope. The +10 to all stats from those rings are precious, so unless you have a pair of Brisingamens or spare Celebs hidden somewhere, I suggest you tough it out and slow dance your way to the next cluster of mobs.

  4. Donate Sleipnir [GEC] here pls :c

    jk. im just too poor

  5. I have met a player who is willingly to give weird stuffs just to get something XD .

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    2. Shin09


      Oh. Wanted to knw what a weird stuff is? :p

    3. Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      nah, I will just keep it on me, not that funny to you guys.

    4. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      T>Myself = +7 Arte /fsh 

  6. One of my inspiration of doing things.


    1. Kisuka*



  7. Why do I always make the wrong decisions /sob .

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    2. Supportive


      But you made a good decision coming to TalonRO. :>

    3. Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      I mean I made the wrong decisions in the game XD .

    4. Supportive


      Ok lol. Uhm, learn from your mistakes! /o/

  8. sorry but i need to do it. :D

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    2. Mikae
    3. AishaVP


      Money > Above Else /gg

    4. Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      i agree with Aisha cuz costumes won't do me any good at the moment .

  9. I had a great time in the event and hey i got a new costume XD .

    tnx Gm of this server for making such event.

    Grazie Mille /no1 

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      So glad that you had a good time! :D

  10. feel like playing a turn-based RPG again like Aveyond series . any good games that you guys can recommend ?

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    2. Josie_Pooh


      *ackhem* urm....torrent or filehosting links? *nudge nudge*

    3. Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      Jay Tuzki [also Jon]

      i know how to use those things lol. and torrent-ing also. the only problems is my laptops performance lol .

    4. aintnojustice


      If you want good ones, try Eternal Eden series,an if you dont mind Indie games, try Eschalon Book I , II and III

  11. When you ask something you don't know, and the answer is so clever .


  12. srsly, just saw the start time of the event in my place is 5 AM @_@ I'm still asleep at that time , gonna try my best to attend .
  13. Cooooooooooool !! so pumped for that Event \o/
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