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  1. They did not, I haven't gotten them from the boss yet :3
  2. 1st place - (grand prize of 15 TC, Sea otter pet, summer cocktail bundle, and 5 summer suits) Assorted Seafood - Nella 2nd place - (prize of 10 TC, Sea otter pet, summer cocktail bundle, and 5 summer suits) Breakfast Peco egg nest - Tavorna 3rd place - (prize of 5 TC, Sea otter pet, summer cocktail bundle, and 5 summer suits) Strawberry flavored rice balls and Mastela Fruit wine - Sachi consolation prizes: summer cocktail bundle, 5 summer suits Apple sandwich - RemChe Burgering - My Wife for Hire A huge thank you to all the participants! Your prizes will be mailed soon in game, keep an eye out for them! Disqualified entries: Evil Cloud Hermits green salad with fried cheese and a poached egg, and Lunatic's carrot cake - Chocoladepasta Reason: did not include IGN, forum name, and date in final product picture Potion smoothies - frutselflob Reason: Same as the other one.
  3. And the contest is closed, thanks everyone for the entries! The GM team will pick the winners, and we'll announce them soon!
  4. Everything is looking so tasty! Keep em coming guys
  5. Volunteering as a taste tester?
  6. It's not cheating at all, as long as she's willing to help you with it! Not everyone can cook something on their own, but don't let her do all the work, okay? ;3 It should be something that can be taken out to a picnic/outing. I'll edit the post to clarify that a bit. I'd share but he and Lon-lon ate it all
  7. Time frame: July 1- July 31 Judging/voting will be for one week after the event in order to give enough time to look over entries and vote. Winner will be announced shortly after. Make food that you would serve at a summer outing with family and friends. Something that reminds you of summer and fun in the sun. It should be something that can be eaten at an outing where there might not be tables, and something that can stand to be sitting out for at least a little while (ie would last for the journey to the picnic grounds) without being ruined. Please post your recipe, or instructions. Make sure the picture of the final product has your Character name, Forum name, and the date written on paper alongside the item, not edited in later. Entry must be TalonRO related. Please make the connection at least somewhat obvious. Must be something that you would share with friends and family at a summer outing/picnic. Must be something that will not melt/spoil when not refrigerated for a bit of time (ie as long as it would take to get to the picnic). If cocktails are entered, there must also be a non-alcoholic version of them. GMs will choose the winners based on how well the food fits the theme, and how clear and easy to follow the instructions are. GMs reserve the right to eliminate entries that do not meet the criteria. All participants will receive a Cocktail bundle containing a variety of summer cocktails as well as some summer suits so they can chillax at their favorite beach. Additionally, three winners will receive a prize of Talon Coins, and will also get an adorable new summer themed pet: The Sea Otter! Example Recipe: Tam-tam's Sweet potato Salad Potential prizes: 1st - 15 TC, 5 Summer suits, Sea Otter pet, cocktail bundle 2nd - 10 TC, 5 Summer suits, Sea Otter pet, cocktail bundle 3rd - 5 TC, 5 Summer suits, Sea Otter pet, cocktail bundle Consolation prizes: 5 Summer suits, cocktail bundle All entries must be posted by midnight July 31, 2015, PST (GMT-8) Countdown timer can be found here! Edited to clarify rules.
  8. Of course not, that's just one of my babies trying to help <3
  9. We totally need to make some of those porings from earlier in the thread as event porings /gg
  10. Oh my, look at his cute ears and his pudgy little belly! So adorable. <3
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