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  1. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    If that 330m flakes, I offer sting Bris
  2. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    13 IGN: Pain ~
  3. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    9 ign: Pain ~
  4. Hello

    Good luck with studies @Nox~ We'll take care of @Alia
  5. S>+7VA[GR], +7Diablos Robe[1]

  6. Elizabeth, come backkkkk! I need to tell you something /gg 

  7. Buying Stalker gear

    I have +7 +3def dragon vest, pm me if interested with ur offer
  8. Free gears pls senpai /fsh

    1. Nox~


      i am poor senpai ,
      OMG Pain , ur pet(Deviling) eat zeny and gears /heh

  9. Hi, but I am leaving soon with a Gift

    Best of luck, feel free to come back anytime
  10. B> +7EbonArmor (Garm)/ FA+4DEF (Ktullanux)

  11. Umbrella Corp

    Just dropping by some love from your guild neighbor, Fresh Start. You guys are fun Guild
  12. Elizabethhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I miss you!!

    1. SN Elaiza~

      SN Elaiza~

      ehhh, i didn't lolol

  13. yooooooooooooooo