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  1. NEW NPC - Mission : Find Isaiah and collect "_______" Location : Grim Reaper's Valley/lhz_fild02 - Lighthalzen>North>East
  2. NEW NPC - Mission : Find Lyanne and collect Spices Location : Baryo Mahiwaga/ma_fild01 - Port Malaya>East
  3. Class : Sniper - AGI/LUK IGN : Zexer
  4. OPB drop rate is very low. I am guessing less then 1%. Also, merchant card set has been nerfed as it drains more SP per hit now. Rest of the mechanics of the merchant card set are working fine. Anyways the mobs now are tougher then before so you can use the merchant card set in a selected few areas only. Happy hunting !
  5. Hi, Is it possible to see advanced Morrigane/Morpheus set which are nothing but improved versions of the original sets. These sets used to be a classic back in the days and an advanced version of it would really be helpful and might even replace most of the mid-tier equips. Also, it would go a long way in spacing the gap between beginner equips and end game equips for people who are lost or who don't have enough time to grind everyday and can still enjoy the game. Affected classes would be thief class, swordsman class, archer class, mage class, soul linker, gunslingers, ninjas, and acolyte class.
  6. @Sem_ua : You can buy 2 x bow thimble[0]. They are cheap and highly effective for 99 dex snipers. Popular farming spots for snipers are mavkas in moscovia dungeon, raydrics in glast heim castle, acidus in abyss dungeon, etc. It really depends on your current equipment. Try them out.
  7. @Powernugget : 1) go 99 dex and rest agi. 2) Get a +7 Elven bow[1] or a +8 arbalest[2]. Get AS x 2. Watch out for OP sellers. 3) Get tights[1] with rocker card and +1~3 Dex enchant, if you have a good zenny income or just forget the enchants. 4) Get skin of ventos[1] with dragon fly card. Rest I have left to your understanding of your own character and imagination. 😘 5) Since your 99 dex build focus on DS skill, traps and arrow repel. Your SS will be good for lower lvl mobs only. 6) Join odin parties. Get to lvl 99/70. You will need fire/pasana armour for Thor parties and bathory armour for Abbey parties. 7) Once your done with these, you can start farming for MVP cards and SQI using the above equipments plus the ones you already have. 😎 Prosper and pass it on to the next novice.
  8. Farm using your gypsy at mavkas. You will reach your goals faster.
  9. Yeah that guide is outdated. It does not factor in newbie gears. All those dungeons require you to have atleast mid tier equips. I will not be surprised if someone posts below that you can get those by selling wolf cards and strawberries....
  10. swordsman class, thief class and merchant class depend on VVS weapons(level 3) to farm for higher level equips. They can never go out of style unless some people start selling level 4 weapons for 200k each....
  11. This would be a refreshing addition ! I hope it gets selected. Its a good jam for sure
  12. TRO calculator is no longer being developed/updated. I advise you to use it as a guide only, rather then a tool for accurate results.
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