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  1. Graytea

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    Good luck to everyone who joins! ---edit---- Motivation +100 With such encouragement, I think I'm joining this contest, thanks GM Seiren! ♡ IGN: Graytea Challenges: GM Seiren's hot chocolate GM Mikzie's "Candy-coon" PS: I'm sorry GM Boreas, I love you *althoughmybiasisgmhowlandgmseirentho*
  2. Hello, this is Graytea. It's been a while and I'm finally able to make a post here to officially close my shop. Life's been busy and I don't have the time to commit any drawings or games anymore [for now]. This would be my last drawing. For @Mei Magnolia Thank you for all your support and love for this thread. ^^ I hope to see you again in the future Sincerely, Graytea
  3. Lol, nice to see you again Mei! I gladly accept your commission! Please pm me the details of the character (*´ω`*)♥ ----- SEPTEMBER SLOT: TAKEN
  4. Finished commission for @GM Venus --------- I'm updating the price list and planning to take 1 commission each month. That said, I have 1 slot open for September ^^ Please make sure you read the rules before asking for the slot, thank you!
  5. Posting finished commission from @Vivikuri PS: Thank you for being so patient with me! Q_Q --------------- I'm quite busy due to IRL work, therefore I might take some time to finish the commissions or any other drawings. Thank you for your kind understandings!
  6. Graytea

    Summer Art Contest: Prize Winners

    Thanks and congrats for the winners! PS: do I still need to write my IGN here? Or was that just for the participation prize winners? ( ´∀`;) ..? Anyway, gonna write it here just in case > IGN: Graytea
  7. Graytea

    Summer Art Contest: Postcards from TalonRO

    Should I draw sexy male GMs or the ladies this time? I shall think about it in the meantime... PS: Does it have to be in Landscape mode or could it be in Portrait as well? Thanks! ------------------------------------------------ I'm gonna put my submission here XD IGN: Graytea And I have to apologize beforehand to the GM ladies cause.... I found out that we have the awesome @GM Rainbow And another drawing featuring one of the GM again [try to guess who the person is!] Also, Summer won't be complete without fireworks~
  8. Graytea

    Buying Arts

    *It seems interesting but sadly my hands are full with the current commish status... >_<* I think 1 full-body commish cost at least 20tc? It depends on the artists though.
  9. *Dropping doodle of my main Characters in tRO* __________________________________________________________________________________ PS: If you wish to buy commission from me, I can put you inside the wishlist. I will notify you via pm once I finish the current commishes.
  10. Added, and I'm so gonna make a fun one for yours Sure, pm me the details! ------- Therefore July Slot: Full Thank you
  11. *I'm just gonna lurk on this thread and see the awesome pixel works *
  12. Finished commission, @Mei Magnolia's High Priest -------- I'll start accepting slots for July, those who are interested, please post a reply here or pm me. Make sure you read the rules & conditions!
  13. I'm just gonna drop this here... my progress when i started drawing digitally till 2016. Oh and I draw better traditionally and gets better after I got the $ buy cintiq and roasted all of my part time salary. *run away and lurks back into hiding*
  14. Sure, send me the info via PM! --- Dumping another art here, my friend's character XD