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  1. Thank you and congratulations to all winners!
  2. Posting this for now, might gonna edit again in the future (/ω\) IGN: Graytea Challenges: GM Creed Challenge () Include Jakk (the monster) GM Radius Challenge ()Include at least 7 pumpkins GM Haru Challenge () Include any of the in-game scarves
  3. Oh my God! I love it! She looks so sass there, thank you for drawing her!
  4. I feel weird drawing my own character as novice but here it is.. And dropping my character ref for the next artiste to draw
  5. Thank you for drawing her! I'm glad to see you draw again (*´ω`)♡
  6. I'm glad that you liked it ^^ Have a nice day!
  7. Since no one has draw this... I hope your friend like it! Also, dropping my chara ref. for next person
  8. THANK YOU FOR DRAWING HER!! (*´ω`*)♥♥♥ The eye colour is perfect! You're welcome! Unfortunately I don't have any process to share because I was just doodling around (;´Д`)
  9. I love this piece so much Fluffy Tamtam (*´ω`*)♥
  10. Seems like nobody's doing this anymore(?) Anyway, dropping a random doodle of @Samara#4320's chara Also, passing my chara ref for the next artist to draw
  11. Good luck to everyone who joins! ---edit---- Motivation +100 With such encouragement, I think I'm joining this contest, thanks GM Seiren! ♡ IGN: Graytea Challenges: GM Seiren's hot chocolate GM Mikzie's "Candy-coon" PS: I'm sorry GM Boreas, I love you *althoughmybiasisgmhowlandgmseirentho*
  12. Hello, this is Graytea. It's been a while and I'm finally able to make a post here to officially close my shop. Life's been busy and I don't have the time to commit any drawings or games anymore [for now]. This would be my last drawing. For @Mei Magnolia Thank you for all your support and love for this thread. ^^ I hope to see you again in the future Sincerely, Graytea
  13. Lol, nice to see you again Mei! I gladly accept your commission! Please pm me the details of the character (*´ω`*)♥ ----- SEPTEMBER SLOT: TAKEN
  14. Finished commission for @GM Venus --------- I'm updating the price list and planning to take 1 commission each month. That said, I have 1 slot open for September ^^ Please make sure you read the rules before asking for the slot, thank you!
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