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  1. Thank you for drawing her! I'm glad to see you draw again (*´ω`)♡
  2. I love this piece so much Fluffy Tamtam (*´ω`*)♥
  3. Good luck to everyone who joins! ---edit---- Motivation +100 With such encouragement, I think I'm joining this contest, thanks GM Seiren! ♡ IGN: Graytea Challenges: GM Seiren's hot chocolate GM Mikzie's "Candy-coon" PS: I'm sorry GM Boreas, I love you *althoughmybiasisgmhowlandgmseirentho*
  4. Thanks and congrats for the winners! PS: do I still need to write my IGN here? Or was that just for the participation prize winners? ( ´∀`;) ..? Anyway, gonna write it here just in case > IGN: Graytea
  5. Should I draw sexy male GMs or the ladies this time? I shall think about it in the meantime... PS: Does it have to be in Landscape mode or could it be in Portrait as well? Thanks! ------------------------------------------------ I'm gonna put my submission here XD IGN: Graytea And I have to apologize beforehand to the GM ladies cause.... I found out that we have the awesome @GM Rainbow And another drawing featuring one of the GM again [try to guess who the person is!] Also, Summer won't be complete without fireworks~
  6. I won the runner up? Omg, I really thought I wont make it And congratulations for the winners!
  7. Reserving my entry here with WIP, ''GM and Tamtam with the infamous(?) banhammer''. Hopefully it is okay and within the rules! IGN: Graytea (still considering on changing the background...)
  8. To be honest, I'm so tempted to draw GM Boreas with his 'Almighty Banhammer' or other GMs. But I'm too afraid that I might get banned instead XD
  9. Finished my entries, I am a free..!!! \(*A* )/
  10. I pray so I can finish my 2nd entry on time.... Amen
  11. I didn't make it in time for Christmas card. So I change it for this contest. Tamtam is so cute and easy to draw <3 IGN: Graytea 1st entry 2nd entry I finished it! \(*A* )/
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