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  1. Armesh

    apa indihome sekarang main harus pake vpn?

    Mantap! Thanks sis, akhirnya bisa main.
  2. Armesh

    Stalker DG Farm!!!

    So you are the Stalker I saw in DG? Really cool, btw. Want to try that build too. *Saves moneh for Sherwood*
  3. Armesh

    Suiken Ingredients

    Want to buy following Suiken ingredients: Berserk ----- 1 pcs Executioner's Mitten ----- 1 pcs Caramel Card ---- 3 pcs Marine Sphere Card ----- 1 pcs PM me with price offer here, or leave message in-game to Armesh. Thank you!
  4. Armesh

    Suiken Ingredients

    Want to know, how much is the price of the following Suiken ingredients: Berserk (Once I saw for 9m, but at the moment it's 15m on vending, so I kinda confused) Executioner's Mitten (Dont have any idea) Caramel Card (I know it is 5 TCs, but is 5,5m the average market price?) Marine Sphere Card (Dont have any idea) Thanks!
  5. Armesh

    The Yule Ball: You're Invited

    Why no one requesting this song: Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ) Please ignore the dance. :v
  6. Armesh

    Winter Quest: Scarf Master's Return!

    GM, question: What if I cancel the mission (killing monster part)? Do I need to start over the quest (and loose the Hairstyle Notes), or just that part (so I can choose another scarf)? Thx.
  7. Armesh

    Winter Quest: Scarf Master's Return!

  8. Armesh

    B> Greaves[1]

    Buying Greaves[1] less than 8m. Mail Breezy Badger / message (pm) me here with your lowest price. Thank you!
  9. Armesh

    Dimensional Gorge Leech Lv64+ and 80+ !!

    How much for leeching Knight (Not LK) level 91-99? Thank you.
  10. Armesh


    Halo halo, ada yang kebetulan main talonRO di Linux (pake Wine)? Saya pake Internet dari Telkom (Speedy kayaknya). Browsing website (talonRO) bisa, buka patcher juga bisa. Tapi pas mau login pasti "failed to connect to server." terus. Udah install dnscrypt juga, tapi tetep aja ndak bisa. :S