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  1. NewBieZx

    Voting Fraud Alert

    i am afraid to open voting panel now, afraid it give me another alert so it just a slow connection problem?
  2. NewBieZx

    Voting Fraud Alert

    even i am can't tell if my vote complete or not just after i am input the captcha and click the vote button and just redirected to ranking but this thing never happen before so my vote really not counted when i am completely not opening my VPN when voting will it fix it, GM?
  3. NewBieZx

    Voting Fraud Alert

    Hi TalonRO I got voting fraud alert when i am at voting panel page, what happened? this never happen before my vote chapta never failed too usually i am doing this, go to voting page, pick some link, inserting chapta or do some verification, click vote for TalonRO button then directed to ranking page, look at TalonRO rank and i close the page, am i doing it wrong? and dunno about this, but did the voting login and game login synchronized ? because i am using VPN when opening game client because my ISP blocked TalonRO server (maybe?) but i don't connect my VPN when i am doing the voting i am freaking out now because i got the alert twice already (yesterday and today), what will happen after i got it for the third time
  4. NewBieZx

    udah pake ttp windscribe failed help gan

    Aku sendiri pakai yg namanya Betternet, connect ke vpn nya terus buka client (kalo ada patch kasi download siap) setelah uda siap semua, matikan vpnnya, baru klik start game masuk ke login page bisa, lancar lagi
  5. NewBieZx

    Rate your leecher!

    Leech Information: Date of leech: Agust 24 2016 Name of leecher: Ghen Support / Father Ghen Price and Duration: 6M/Package 95-99 NT Map of Leech: Cursed Abbey 03 Experience Gained: Being lvl 99 in no time Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): Friendliness: 5 -- He's very nice and courteous. Professionalism: 5 -- He made conversation while he was leeching. Effectiveness: 5 -- I got lots of exp so he did his job with exp shoes General Questions: Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Yes Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Yes Additional comments: No comment =P
  6. NewBieZx

    Dimensional Gorge Leech Lv64+ and 80+ !!

    i change my mind about my LK now i want Lv69~84 trans class because at first page it say possible to get 50++ job level tell me when ur service is up
  7. NewBieZx

    Rate your leecher!

    Leech Information 1. Date of leech: 4/3/2015 (if i not mistaken) 2. Name of leecher: Mutter (sorry if my spelling is wrong :S ) 3. Price and Duration: 4.5M / Hour 4. Map of Leech: Dimensional George 5. Experience Gained: around 80 - 92 NT (i forgot ) 5a Using exp sandals that she gave to me Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): 6. Friendliness: 5 ~ Friendly 7. Professionalism: 5 ~ 8. Effectiveness: 5 ~ she is really badass with her SG 8) General Questions: 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Of course 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Good deal, fast enough for leveling 11. Additional comments:[move] Pro Leecher <3 [/move]
  8. NewBieZx

    Dimensional Gorge Leech Lv64+ and 80+ !!

    i am lvl 91 with 75.6% exp LK i wanna be lvl 99 how much? and where? i need to do quest?
  9. NewBieZx

    Dimensional Gorge/Odin 03/Thor 01 45+ (Closed)

    Package for 84 - 99 Trans for this rate is 25m wanna ask about this i am lvl 91 LK, exp 75.6% with that package, i can be 99 with 25M ? how long leeching time and where is leeching place?
  10. how much? Personal Message me using forum account =D
  11. NewBieZx

    Absen Pensiun Yuk~~

    saya pakai speedy dan lancar gak ada pakai apa apa atau setting apa apa cuman ada sedikit kendala aja sewaktu download patch tapi akhirnya bisa di download jg sempat bigung kemarin kemarin, pada nanyakin pakai provider apa rupanya ada kasus beginian o.O
  12. NewBieZx


    bagi pengalaman saya pakai speedy jg, lacnarlancar aja kok memang awal gak mau download tapi saya tutup launcher buka lagi download 1 atau 2 file gak mau download lagi jadi ya saya ulangi cara yg sama dan akhirnya berhasil semua kena patch sampai sekarang aman aman aja loginnya *berhubung internet saya cepat jadi cepat jg download patch nya (speed 3Mbps)