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  1. Hi, Is it worth a +4 Mjolnir [DBSn] ? The damage output is much greater than the conventional OA but I'm not quite sure if on Sniper card would lower the "vamping" effect to a point that I can't stand the mob or I'll have to mob less. But I'm not sure the damage + SQI bonus would cover. So, has anyone ever tried? Haven't seen content about this topic. I wonder if the kaahi build would work better, but the drawback would be to bring my fragile SL everywhere... which would make farming more boring.
  2. As above. Feel free to text me / reply to this thread / dm me (@Entropia94#4957) Thx
  3. breno94

    New SQI bonus Items

    IDK if anyone already posted something about it here (too lazy to run through all the posts) but I think it would be valid to change the SQI bonus items requests in order to make "dead maps" alive again and farmable. It would be a pretty cool idea to change, actualy, from time to time I guess to make things more interesting =D I'm just suggesting, without knowing the "viability" of doing that and the general people's opinion. thx guys
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