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  1. breno94

    Guide for opening Gift Box, Old Blue Box & Old Purple Box

    Hi @Reclusio Perpetua would you mind telling us how are you farming all the boxes (gift, OBB and OPB).
  2. breno94

    Question on Valk Helm

    Hi, Does anyone know if a carded Angel Wing Ears [1] work as an ingredient for the valkyrie Helm? Any type of enchant works right? (STR, INT or AGI) Thx in advance
  3. breno94

    Opinion on setup

    Lol just forgot, but in most of the pts I've played the skill wasn't much used =/ but I'm also aiming for soloing aswell. Thx for the reply
  4. breno94

    S> +4 Sherwood Bow [TTTh]

    As above. Feel free to text me / reply to this thread / dm me (@Entropia94#4957) Thx
  5. breno94

    Opinion on setup

    Hi! I'm trying to enchance my end-game sniper. I'm currently playing as a DS sniper, but sometime in GMCs or ETs the mobs have high DEF... So I'm trying to switch for a CRIT sniper. I used to read a sniper page on the strategies thread but it's not there any longer... I've came up with this build: https://calc.talonro.com/?_w4XCijEOQEAURE8lwqFGwqLDmELCq8Kcw6Evw7bCoyLCu27Dj8KPSMOcw4DCm8OMw6QVw5PDo8Kkw6PCjMOEEmQEwpEfCsOGTcO8ZgEkw4PCi3ZSw4Ugw5XCocOLNMK1wr4fw6vDlcKNwoN3HlbCkSAIwqp6H8OvwqHDiQPCrcKFWcKDD8OEwo7ChMOfwrkA I open for any suggestions at all so don't be shy!! Should I also get a marc SS and a FA ktull? I'm not quite sure if I should go for mystel bunny or just stick to my beloved GEC. Anyways, thank you beforehand for any comments!!!
  6. breno94

    B> +10 mace[Drx4]

    +10 mace [4xDrac] Name your price (either here or pming me thx). Thx =D
  7. breno94

    Is it worth 1 Dracula only?

    Hi all. I'm back to the server from a couple of months break but is it still worth/cool to play with asura champ? I'm thinking about the asura x die combo swapping between a dracula weapon and the LK[AkAkAk]. But the question is: should one Dracula card be enough or will be the time till death too long?
  8. breno94

    What program to record video?

    @Mosjoandy yeah I know but I mainly want to make a video to support the stuff I'm selling (the builds and etc...) so that people get curious enought to buy xD. But thanks for the tip! In the future I might just try steaming something to attract more people to the server, who knows
  9. breno94


    That's a solid sniper you got there! imo you should get celebs rings, which work for all classes. Unless you want to stick only with your sniper but that's up to you. I don't know what are your objectives like if you want to gear to do seals and end game stuff like GMC, TWC or ET. If that's so you should aim for 2 celebs, artemis [TTT] and then valk helm[gryphon] but that just might take a while, so I suggest you rethink about the "not farming" part which is essencial. Anyway you are doing pretty well with the mining stuff I guess. If you don't plan on getting the bonus/doing the seal quests I think you should be fine getting the helm before the bow and card your elven with TG card to be temporary. But most GMCs party like to check your gears and they preffer in my experience snipers using artemis than valk helm. This is a really tough question to answer because it's based on your objectives I supose.
  10. breno94


    It actually is usefull, since I myself did get artemis as my first SQI! But there's a nice BUUTTT there... you will only achieve greatness if you got the gears aswell. It's not just about your weapon but for most of the circumstances you'll be needing extra damage gear aswell like: FA[ktull] SS[gloom] +9hood[Chung E] AGI-mid[gryphon] even valk helm [gryphon] 2 celebs (imo that's the "minimum" requisite as accessories since I'm not so much fan of some bradium stuff [ifrit] (better farm for 2 months and get a briss[ifrit])). Anyway, yeah you can deal/do some pretty good stuff with only the "basic" set of gears (dragon set + GEC + LKH + celebs) I've been to many GMCs with it but to compensate a little I needed a lot of GJ + awake + green pot + finger pain to ridiculously spam DS lmao (people even joked asking if I knew about auto-attack) and even so some times was not good enought like facing VH (valk hendrgris) that has parrying or block skill so critical hits were a must in that case and we took more time than normally to kill it. Where to farm with normal sniper gears (bonus answer): Try luck and get yourself a marc card and a dragon tail card and put it in a dragon set, get a creamy card (fly wings are awfully heave imo) and step into midgard camp dun (don't know the name) and farm dragon vest killing dracos using DS. With that gear you can easily farm there. "But heeeyyy why not deviling card?!?! It's so coooll the reduction!!" Well, you are now growing up dude which means you gotta learn that snipers are not meant to tank (unless facing drake using GTB shield lmao muahaha) the "neutral" reduction is really nice BUUTTT that map is a cancer because of the aqua elementals which spam without even blinking frost driver, cold bolt and the most dangerous water ball. The counter effect of deviling card would kill you instantly (been there). Second location: Anolians! (the basic here... bring wind arrow, mob, SS, loot (brooch [1] is the main target) Third location: bibilan dungeon 04! Go nuts there and kill everything that moves lmao (cards are the main target) Fourth location: (imo still profitable and doable) geffenia with party: sniper + HP + WS (to loot). I don't think is a good place to dual unfortunately and put the WS on auto follow but you can always try. As you are going with a party your target is all that moves and it's a good training if you are not used to arrow swiping. Fifth location (That's a hard one): Juperos core: 3-man party with a dual: HP + sniper + Champ (tanker) + WS (looter). It works the best if you (sniper) are the one dualing with the WS since you will stay far from the mob most of the time and the HP and tanker need to focus on each other because if one is dead, well, if you guys are not pro and maintain calm you will need to go back to town. How it works: Champ mob and tank, the rest starts following from a certain distance. When the champ can't hold for longer he announces on group chat and you need to kill as fast as you can using SS. When all killed u rapidly swipe to your WS and spam greed on the floor. The cicle goes on and on... you'll also bring meat for the champ so that you guys last at least 50 to 60 mins there to make a nice profit.
  11. breno94

    What program to record video?

    When I open the TRO window I can't access the recording toolbar nor type alt+win button+ R to start recording. When I open the chrome window it starts recording only the chrome window even if I change to TRO's window
  12. Hi guys, any suggestion of a program to make a video game play? Preferably an easy one please THX EDIT: With good quality btw
  13. breno94

    S/T > SN set (SOLD)

    Still up!
  14. breno94

    halp mi pls

    You can use pinguicula card but ninjas spam too much and the counter-effect of the card is the 50% extra sp intake per skill, so even GEC can't hold dat fast spam. But hey, if you got a nice budget you can get the Hira shurikat which already comes with the rune requirement cancelation (That's not a bonus, it's from the weapon). I used to play as ninja and the best mid-gear optons are HW, Vesper mid (also used on HW or prof) and pharaoh (reduced 30% of SP consumption really helps cause it's normal you run out of juice). Well want some ideas to keep the fire on? You can always make parties 4 fun and even $$ like juperos, thor or even geffenia (really fun with a 5 to 6 people party). Try finding a guild to interact more they might do some instances from time to time or even "ET4fun" (which is really cool to see the party striving against ifrit or bee lmao... it's really fun). You should grind more often with your friend and combine a 2man party to farm (works wonders in juperos core) You can always invest you money into new farming methods aswell. Try coming up to ideas to new grinding spots or even with other classes. I once saw a LK in geffenia using 4 chars at the same time (BIO, HP, LK... or was it 3.. perhaps 2 BIOs). he 1-hitted every single mob with spiral pierce and the homunculus provided backup. Perhaps it was the same LK that once kicked gopinich's ass in moskovia dun with some dope skill spam using homunculus and other stuff. Well, LK if well-geared can go everywhere. Other idea buuuttt a bit out of range imo which is farm (while having fun or even grind if you can easily as you have a purpose) and get SQIs for your favorite classes. I once went on a pt to a GMC with a sniper less and a ninja on place, that was a complete animal since he was completely geared from head to shoes xD perhaps gunslingers with a nice build and come close to the sniper's dps (who knows). I once went on a pt to abbey with a couple of newbies and 2 gunners with sniper card on their weapon. They spamed desperado skill in the middle of the mob and killed them all (was dope). Anyway, I'm pretty sure you haven't explored the whole game and all i'ts possibilities ;D and I'm sure there are more fun events to come especially now that we have more GMs. Perhaps they can create new duns or maps.
  15. breno94

    S/T > SN set (SOLD)