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  1. breno94

    S> VampSmith gears

    Selling these: HoB[Hell poodle] || Vanberk Holy marching || Vanberk Fin helm STR || +7 OA[BDSnSn] Leave message or dm me on discord: Entropia94#4957 (Price for the whole set is negotiable) THX
  2. breno94

    HW Thor03 Solo

    lol.. I'm sure they do xD
  3. breno94

    B> Cursed Hand[High P] SRT vanberk mid

  4. breno94

    HW Thor03 Solo

    @braindead I'm used to selling V01 dual acc leeches. The gameplay itself is quite tough and you need both HP and HW well geared so that it goes well. I've trained for like a whole week till I got used to alt+tabbing and spam the correct skills, pneuma my chars or autofollow away from the pneuma to SW myself. In regards to your gears I'd recommend swapping your garnment card for a devi (crazy right!? but the 50% neutral reduction actualy helps you to tank more the bow masters and the boomerang spears from the SGs) One thing I've never tried: park a geared HP at the entrance of v03 and leave it logged out just to ress yourself (the HW) when you die. Soloing on V03 I'd recommend the follow: - Get GTB shield (You'll be tanking neutral but with increase of other prop attacks, so kasas and salamanders will be able to deal more magic damage) Btw.: Get the shield but you must also learn the timming to swap in case you encounter any swordies or bowies - Get used to the "minimum distance" from your storm gust (Kasas deal that AoA attack that I can't recall the name which carries fire damage so u'd get yourself hurt a lot) (this applies also for the other mobs) - Get 2 Hellpoodles acc (try making breaks when your hp is low) - Be faster!!!!! REALLY FAST (as soon as you spot sg or bm spam storm gust immedeately and fall back and re-spam it till you get rid of them) - TELEPORT (It is now your best friend and always carry some emergency fly wings) - Don't be too greedy: Mob little! Know your limits because sometimes the mobs you've just killed can respam on your back while you've just casted a storm xD - JT does no longer part from your arsenal (as you can't spam fast AF with DDD SoM I'd suggest that you only cast Storm also to prevent the mobs from getting too close) - Last but not least: TRAIN!! You can always sell v01 dual leeches and use the exp you gain to know how could you deal with the v03 mobs. You can try mastering your v03 soloing skills on v01 as you won't lose a lot of time and patience getting back to the right floor xD Hope I've helped you!!
  5. breno94

    TAGALAKO Street Shop ^^

    I'll pay 4.8m on your carled
  6. breno94

    S> ITEMS

    How much on +4 Carled[scorpion] ?
  7. breno94

    B> Cursed Hand[High P] SRT vanberk mid

  8. breno94

    S > Ghostdancer Staff [NNN] and other SL gears [CLOSED]

    That's actually pretty nice =D I'll search for your forum topic to read more! Oh, ok then I wish you good luck!!
  9. breno94

    S > Ghostdancer Staff [NNN] and other SL gears [CLOSED]

    Oh my, please share what you've acomplished. Any vids? Make a forum thread! More than welcome Edit: I'm interested in buying the SR INT +3 [Agav] if you want to sell without your condition
  10. breno94

    B> Cursed Hand[High P] SRT vanberk mid

    As above!!! (I'm aiming for a cheap sprite on vanberk mid!!) Leave me a message anytime or pm me on discord or reply to this thread!! Discord: Entropia#4957 Thx
  11. breno94

    Best Staff??? (EDITED)

    @NattWara @howrah Thank you for you points of view. I'm actualy quite uncertain as the damage output on both cases (using Kasa as reference) was pretty much identical imo. I'm actually considering farming a bit longer and getting the DDD and grind from time to time to get a +10 SoP as the damage output was really amazing. The only question remaining is if AMP still works when swapping between staffs... I've played with the DDD one and it was really fun xD and I was pretty sure even before starting this thread that I was gonna get 2 staffs the DDD and a "power" one (to deal high damage). So the best option would be to get a DDD and a SoP +10 right? Have you guys/Do you play(ed) with those gears I've pointed out on the calculator links? Would u suggest something else? Thx
  12. breno94

    Best Staff??? (EDITED)

    Thx for the reply @Azgrim and of course I read yours in regards of your maxed INT build (really interesting). I'm actualy looking for more of a tip... I'm like with money counted enought for a SoM [NNN] and a vesper mid. I'm bored from grinding farming at geffenia and wanted to change a bit and as I've been farming to make a HW I can already start spending the money. I really would like to be able to raid with people like thor and Jupe core and kill MVPs soloing... go on ETs and GMCs... even sell some leech perhaps or just help some random pts to survive in abbey or take some nabs to thor so they can have a different exp run... For that I'm pretty sure the [NNN] one is the best fit as I'm gonna SG most of the time. But still I'm kind of afraid if I later get bored and want a DDD instead, so the "resell process" would be painful as the [NNN] is not that beloved between players
  13. breno94

    Best Staff??? (EDITED)

    I'm building my HW and I'm really tempted on buying the NNN one.. but a friend insisted that the DDD is the best option because of the spamming speed and that the NNN MDEF bypass won't do much.. So, here I am asking for help on this decision before I spend my money unwisely xD Hi there, I was today looking at my options on how to finish my HW and it seem I've been rushing after I read some posts. The main topic actualy is which staff to get to get to the best results. So.. here I am asking for people's opinion =D I've brought to discussion 4 main options which are listed below in order from the cheapest to the most expensive: 1) +7 DTS [2x INT +2] (the best available at the market atm) : https://calc.talonro.com/?cazbLbiababaJbLbHabajaapghaaaaaaaaljedTaaaaaahkaawkg1eujUhQfcfcfjgZfLfafLfaeeeeadakaachkaaphIaabaaaaaaaeaaaaaaaHaHaaa (I've put +4 INT food just for the runes effect) 2) +10 staff of piercing: https://calc.talonro.com/?cazbLbiababaCbLbKabajaakzkaaaaaaaaljedTaaaaaahkaawkg1eujUhQfcfcfjgZfLfafLfaeeeeadakaachkaaphIaaaaHaHaaa (Not gonna be IC without bless) 3) +4 SoM[NNN]: https://calc.talonro.com/?cazbLbiababa5bubLabajaawzehGhGhGaaljedTaaaaaahkaawkg1eujUhQfcfcfjgZfLfafLfaeeeeadakkachkaaphIaaaaHaHaabcmcncoct (I'd cast freely amplify since it wouldn't take long.. I didn't add it to the options above as I wasn't planning on using it because of the cast time) 4) +4 SoM[DDD]: https://calc.talonro.com/?cazbLbiababa8bubJabajaawzeaQaQaQaaljedTaaaaaahkaawkg1eujUhQfcfcfjgZfLfafLfaeeeeadakkachkaaphIaaaaHaHaabcmcncoct So, about my gears: they're what I listed on the calculator links but I'm open to suggestions on how to build a good HW for all end game purposes (leech, MVPing, partying, GMCing, ETing, Seals, instances.. etc etc etc..) Thx in advance for your reply
  14. breno94

    Help geffenia

    Yup And sometimes there's a random WS just to mob the map, concentrate the cancer mobs and take an infinite amount of time to kill the succ and inc he/she mobbed xD As for an update on my build: I got both bris[sting] and they work wonders!! 160 DEX in total + 10 from bless = 170 DEX and life is too good. I've been reaching 5m/hour almost every run! Today I've even farmed all by myself at the map and got 3.115m in half hour... But still, my technique improoved a bit since I've started this post!! One common mistake I've been making is to spend a significant amount of time and GJ (when mobbed) to get all the scatered WHs I've dropped... now I just ignore them and the improvement was nice plus the waste of time trying to sell them which is tought lmao
  15. breno94

    S/T > SN set (SOLD)

    @bluesclues1 sorry dude, all sold as the title states "Sold" xD (I didn't find anywhere how to delete my thread.. I guess I can't so I changed the title as I've seen many others doing it) (Hope you find your BoA as it was fun to play xD)