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    B> +7 Guard [GTB]

    +7 Round buckler[GTB] 60m
  4. azusa2107

    STALKER Build

    Sub your bow with a VVS Damascus fire if you have no IP.. It can help to 1 hit sleepers with bless. Stats. str dex and agi should work well.. For BB dama max str. 70+20 agi the rest dex it will do the trick.. Hope it HELP.
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  6. azusa2107

    S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    How much for seal .. My beloved Pagong xD
  7. azusa2107

    S> +7 Round Buck [GTB]

    Sell my +7 Round Buck[GTB] = 50m Bradium Ring [sting] = 10m Orleans gloves [sting] = 15m Negotiable.. mail me or pm me if you are interested IGN: HW-Amberstine
  8. azusa2107

    New wizard

    if your going for necro... just use sting glove 2x = 10 dex armor with 3dex bathory = deff +3dex wepon with dex + drops card = 4-5 dex robo eye [0] = dex 1 and abit magic damage manteau deviling = deff shoes + gargoyle = 5dex dex food = 5dex put max dex = 99 joblvl = add few dex too if you can afford to buy shield. round buck GTB or round buck allice its use full and easy to sell. When you change after you lvling. hope it helps
  9. azusa2107

    Armor for Stings

    If your going for +3 dex armor for IC thing.. formal suit +3 dex probably a good choice less weight, average deff .. but totaly expensive around 20m zeny.. {FS +3dex clean=20m up} and a suitable card would be bathory.. and use any shield you want +7 with hodremlin card. for Reduces damage from Small, Medium, and Large type monsters by 15%.For 10 seconds Perfect Dodge + 30 on the user when the user receives Physical or Magical Damage. hope it helps