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  1. Her. Always. How long have you been playing Ragnarok?
  2. There is joy in seeing old timers going back home to Ragnarok, and to relieve the good ol' days in the server! Welcome to tRo! If you are a fan of unfolding and discovering new meta, you've come to the right server!
  4. bassbuzz

    Hi hi :)

    Did you download the complete installer? I suggest that you do, that fixes lots of things. Try this discord link instead
  5. Welcome to the server!
  6. bassbuzz

    Hi hi :)

    Welcome to the server! Knowledge is power! While people are very friendly and informative in the #main channel, I would suggest that you read up of the forums and wiki. People (I am guilty of this) would always assume that you have at least basic knowledge of the game, hence some people troll around if they think the person asking around is just trolling too! The Discord channel of the server is always helpful too, with the GMs lurking and trying to help people with their queries. Link is here! Also, think of it this way, aside from the UI, TalonRo and basic gameplay is almost an entirely different game from the official servers! Lots of custom cards, QoL things and edits make this server very balanced, but I will leave it to you to discover them. Again, welcome to the server, I hope you have fun! PS: DO NOT SKIP THE NEWBIE TUTORIAL, you will get a costume from it!
  8. My most favorite thing about Iduna is being able to do this whenever I screenie DId you enjoy the sound track of the ball today?
  9. Some people like to gamble hence they buy Monthly Costume boxes. I did twice hoping to get a Blinking Eyes, only to get Gamer Headset and Power of Thor. I gave up. Because pewr. Now, while Gamer Headset costume are on the Very Rare Tier, selling or getting rid of them is hard. I suggest that there could be a slot machine that would can have people have the random chance to exchange their costumes ONLY FROM THE MONTHLY BOXES they dont fancy to a same level rarity/tier or lower, for a price of course. 3 TCs? 5 TCs?
  10. I am gay as hell so I would take neither, but if I am held at gunpoint and I am forced to make a choice, I would take Niren, at least she's an A D U L T. With Iduna at almost 6 months up, what is that SINGLE thing you miss from the previous client?
  11. https://wifflegif.com/tags/197346-blanche-golden-girls-too-hot-spray-me-down-gifs
  12. Keep in mind though that its not just stalkers who suffer this fate. Imagine being a camped HW with a measly 4k HP shooting in the stack of the opposing team. At least Stalkers can Shadow/Chase walk away from their opponents, and you are calling them frustrating to play with?? Luck. It's all there is at TDM. I think the only fix for this is to remove the Basilica cells in the healer's room. Its client sided problem though, and Blackstar, Phoenix and Seiren has checked on it but issa no.
  13. Welcome to the Server!
  14. Conquest follows WOE:SE mechanics. I understand that all the walking specially in that horrible Cyr castle gets tiring and is definitely favorable to the defending guild, but walking (and getting camped all the way) to the next cade/target is part of the game. I suggested the same thing before (having the attacking party spawn at the closer to the next cade/target) and I was told that it will be looked into, but the most I think they did is they removed the Cyr/Cry castle off the list of maps Conquest rotates on. Thats a TDM bug, Seiren and Blackstar are aware and they are gonna fix it on the Christmas event reboot.
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