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  1. Home in the Philippines, taking care of my mom and dad, and is content working as a college professor. AFK-ing in Prontera still, if this game is still around by then. What is the most overrated thing - quest, headgear, even a person - in the entirety of tRo for you?
  2. What do you mean by quality? Is it the relief I got or the LETHAL quality of it? Relief probably a 5, they just go out whenever they like it. Odor and/or sound: 8. Quiet and non-toxic to my friends, but it let made its existence known. Q: If you aren't playing the Main class you are playing at the moment, what job/class would you be playin?
  3. I would assume you are rather new. Please correct me if I am wrong. Trust me, the PvP GM and the Dev Team are doing things to attract more people into PvP. Hopefully when BG gets relaunched, people will be more into it because they have H U G E plans to attract more pvp action there.
  4. Eggy, Sweetie, that commission of GM Mikzie's of yours would make a good entry to the Hallooween loading screen event. IT IS SOOOO CUTE~
  5. Suddenly I felt compelled to farm zenny again because ART IS LAIF~ Sucks to be poor 😢

  6. Maybe its just the poor in me but I actually prefer these kind of sketches over the very colorful ones. If you are selling such portraits - just the quarter of the body with hands and of course, the head, how much would the starting price for that be??
  7. Sangria....Because I can. 

  8. This is an un-informed reply, to future replies, please correct me if I am wrong. We just transitioned to a new platform. The Dev team are still polishing things, they are getting the most out of the bugs from the move. If you left 3 years ago, then you might have not even experienced MANY improvements that happened in those 3 years, including the BG scene, lots of new instances, new costumes and small but very important skill edits. Clowns are not as broken as they are, and now we are seeing more of them from the fresh Bragi edit. Yes. Most unexperienced and/or lazy players (like me) are still very much dependent to LKH. I don't think stalkers can copy trans skills now too. But then again, I am also a fresh returnee, so I have no idea on that. But TBQH, I don't think so, its not really like that in the mechanics of official servers, so I don't think so. Edit: The Discord channel is a lot more alive and active than the forum, frankly speaking. If you have questions, I would join the Discord channel instead.
  9. IGN: Satomi Yamamoto The name of the Treasure Poring: Boxring The preferred color of the Treasure Poring: Can be Caramel yellow like Chiquita's box or Violet like OPB - just please make it shaped like a box. The drops of the Treasure Poring, worth an approximately 500,000 to 3,000,000 zeny on NPC or current market 100% 2 pcs of Chiquita's Jewelry box (You know, like Incubus drops 2 White herbs at a time)ID # 8901 100% 2 pcs of OPB ID #617 100% 2 pcs of OBB - ID #603 100% 2 pcs of Gift Box -ID #644 MVP drop of a Jewelry box - just for the sole killer. The Boxring was the cuter and obviously more useful cousin of Mystcases, Mimics and Ancient Mimics. They are the sweat and tears of Odin who formed into gelatinous cubes that contain looted exclusive boxes containing treasures (or trash of the Gods). It uses the emote all the time, just as its always wondering what could be the contents of the box it holds. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The name of the Treasure Poring: Foering The preferred color of the Treasure poring: Black like Devilings, only they are have the mask of mobs in Biolabs and with Vicious Aura in them. The drops of the Treasure Poring, worth an approximately 500,000 to 3,000,000 zeny on NPC or current market: 100% Handcuffs ID #7345 100% Expedition Report Vol 4 ID #11016 75% 100 Reward ticket ID #8917 75% Bloody Branch box ID #12103 50% Any misc item that is a rare and exclusive boss monster drop (Fragment of Rossata Stone, Broken Crown, Fire Dragon Scale, Will of Red Darkness Tiger's foot skin, Bagua... you get the drift) 25% Any armor/weapon that is a rare and exclusive boss monster drop (Spiky Band, Coronet, Tiara, Ice Falchion, Fireblend, you also get this) MVP Drop of an OCA The Foering was the sum of Poring God's hatred towards the Norman Race. Summoning the mad spirits that possessed the deranged robots in the the deepest pits of Biolabs, the God Poring has produced its offspring that holds components of slain MVPs that failed on killing inferior Normans in their stay in Rune-Midgards. One of the toughest Treasure Porings, it has let go of its very fast nature, only to unleash one of the fury to cast level 1 Earthquake to all weak Normans it sees and tries to get its loots. This is a very fun event! Good luck to all participants!
  10. In Conquest, several maps (Rachel agits to be specific) are WAAAY to big for the conquerors to say that it is an even match. All the walking and eventual battle has given the defending team a huge advantage in this BG mode. I am suggesting 2 things for this: 1. Have the attacking team spawn on the last landmark - cades or stones - they took - a more balanced (but I think less feasible) approach is to at least lessen the walking of the conquering team. Given this instance, the defending team can still delay them especially on the earlier stages of the game where they have to advance and walk again to the next cade they are taking down. 2. Eliminate identified agits in the roster of randomized maps. A more feasible but eventually boring solution. Imagine being stuck on Juno maps all the time, but all the same, this is the better alternative to my first suggestion. GUYS JOIN BG, ITS HECKIN' FUN IF THERE ARE LOTS OF MORE PPL PLAYING.
  11. I am largely a casual player in PVP, so I can't speak for everyone who plays BG. I don't really plan on upping my gears at all, and I have absolutely no desire to achieve the other bonuses. What could be the "motivation" for me? Rhetoric question only tho.
  12. Been loitering in BG ever since it was relaunched, here are few suggestions: 1. In Conquest (specially in the Rachel Agits) is it possible that the conquering team respawns on the last landmark they took? The Conquest modes are usually a give-away to the defending team, and all the walking of the attacking team has made the game in a way favorable to the defenders. 2. Is there any plan regarding prizes of the BG, like for in the long run? I read that once people got their badges, and eventually their gears, it is likely that people will stop playing again, save for a few who really enjoys the rush of the BG arena. I am already ok with what I have, there has to be some kind of motivation or incentive to people who continues to play. Why not make the badges exchangeable to consumable boxes of sorts or costumes? Doesn't have to be as fancy as the GMC or the Seasonal Event Boxes, but SOMETHING. All in all, the runs has been entertaining, save from getting mobbed all the time by the angry pallies. I hope that the slight drop in players are largely from the Race, and once the Summer event is done, people will try and enjoy BG as I did.
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