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    Cute hats, beauty, more cute hats, myself, feeling superior about anything and anyone, more cute hats.

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  1. Day 4 is 50 pcs of Eden badges~
  2. I was thinking of sitting this one out, but it would be a disgrace to not compete again if you are the outgoing winner. IGN: Satomi Yamamoto / 99 / HW Entry 1: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: THE MUSICAL GM Blackstar Challenge: Take your screenshot on a type of stage or make your own *needs a form of lighting and a platform* Original Screenie below! Entry 2: HOT GUHRL SUMMER~ GM Gowther Challenge: Display a character that seem completely off the set, and 1 other players or NPC ready for a beach day. Original screenie below!
  3. Awwwwww thank you for the da UwU artsu @SKC and @Bifrost ❤️


  4. IGN: Satomi Yamamoto 99 HW A Dedication to the Goddess of The Spring Original Screenie here:
  5. The Belle of The Yule Ball


  6. /hoI'm gonna be alright, I'm gonna be alright, I'm gonna be alright with my baby tonight ohhh yeah~~ /ho

  7. Day 31: Rainbow Cake x 2 ~~ AND THAT WRAPS UP THIS YEAR'S TIKI BAR~~ ❤️ Thanks again GMs for the freebies!!!
  8. I see new art shops open left, right and center like mushrooms on a thunderstorm. Maybe my SOM dreams can wait?? DO I HAVE THE EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT TO WAIT AGAIN??



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    2. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      Me be like: for sale left kidney 😧

    3. Hitchner


      I can't draw tho. 😐

    4. Gom 곰

      Gom 곰

      Good advice from @GM Alisa need to try satomi ❤️ 

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