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  1. Awww ALL THE ENTRIES DESERVEDT TO WIN~ All the same, my artsu heart is sooooo happy with the results! Well deserved you lot!
  2. The GMs are sooooooo gonna have a tough time deciding on this one. I can't pick myself! Great work participants~~
  3. Run away, run and find something better... Go.... And ride, the sun away... Like it's simple, like its right. /sob 

  4. THE EFFORT FOR THIS UNDERTAKING IS JUST... WOW. Thank you GM TEAM for all the hard work! I am not a PVM player and I only saw the action once but you lot deserve all the commendation for E V E R Y T H I N G!
  5. "If you can't take the heat,  get out of the kitchen."

    I am getting out of the kitchen. /shy

  7. Shut Up And Dance with Me - Walk the Moon Dancing on Glass - St Lucia Cut to Feeling, Your Type - Carly Rae Jepsen Rollercoaster - Bleachers Wrabel - 11 Blocks Dancing WIth Stranger - Sam Smith ft Normani Anna Wintour - Azealia Banks MOAR TO COME~~~
  8. Congratulations to the winners!!! I'm happy that many of my favorites won and my favorite people also will be getting consolation prizes! SUPPORT YOUR TRO ARTIST! COMMISSION THEM FOR PORTRAITS!!!
  9. Suddenly I felt compelled to farm zenny again because ART IS LAIF~ Sucks to be poor 😢

  10. Sangria....Because I can. 

  11. IGN: Satomi Yamamoto The name of the Treasure Poring: Boxring The preferred color of the Treasure Poring: Can be Caramel yellow like Chiquita's box or Violet like OPB - just please make it shaped like a box. The drops of the Treasure Poring, worth an approximately 500,000 to 3,000,000 zeny on NPC or current market 100% 2 pcs of Chiquita's Jewelry box (You know, like Incubus drops 2 White herbs at a time)ID # 8901 100% 2 pcs of OPB ID #617 100% 2 pcs of OBB - ID #603 100% 2 pcs of Gift Box -ID #644 MVP drop of a Jewelry box - just for the sole killer. The Boxring was the cuter and obviously more useful cousin of Mystcases, Mimics and Ancient Mimics. They are the sweat and tears of Odin who formed into gelatinous cubes that contain looted exclusive boxes containing treasures (or trash of the Gods). It uses the emote all the time, just as its always wondering what could be the contents of the box it holds. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The name of the Treasure Poring: Foering The preferred color of the Treasure poring: Black like Devilings, only they are have the mask of mobs in Biolabs and with Vicious Aura in them. The drops of the Treasure Poring, worth an approximately 500,000 to 3,000,000 zeny on NPC or current market: 100% Handcuffs ID #7345 100% Expedition Report Vol 4 ID #11016 75% 100 Reward ticket ID #8917 75% Bloody Branch box ID #12103 50% Any misc item that is a rare and exclusive boss monster drop (Fragment of Rossata Stone, Broken Crown, Fire Dragon Scale, Will of Red Darkness Tiger's foot skin, Bagua... you get the drift) 25% Any armor/weapon that is a rare and exclusive boss monster drop (Spiky Band, Coronet, Tiara, Ice Falchion, Fireblend, you also get this) MVP Drop of an OCA The Foering was the sum of Poring God's hatred towards the Norman Race. Summoning the mad spirits that possessed the deranged robots in the the deepest pits of Biolabs, the God Poring has produced its offspring that holds components of slain MVPs that failed on killing inferior Normans in their stay in Rune-Midgards. One of the toughest Treasure Porings, it has let go of its very fast nature, only to unleash one of the fury to cast level 1 Earthquake to all weak Normans it sees and tries to get its loots. This is a very fun event! Good luck to all participants!
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