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  1. Before I farm, I meditate and listen to this beautiful music

    Sit down and relax, the lag is gone


  2. Broccoli and Ham Pepper Stir Fry INGREDIENTS: Directions: Finished Product: Finished Product with my IGN xD
  3. the problem is catching grasshoppers... I lived in a city!!!! how the heck will i able to catch one anyway it will be hard if it is in the rules...
  4. ^ tsk tsk tsk.... You forgot to put your name [IGN] at your finish product. PS: is it necessary to put RO version of your recipe?
  5. go to your Talonro folder, find RagranokSetup.exe Open it and change your resolution to at least 1024x768 to join
  6. IGN: iNoBuffsForYou Reach for the Stars! My Favorite Student~ What time is your shift?
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