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  1. Gin

    Xmas map still on

    Uninstall your current TRO patcher and install the latest one Use the full download link via Torrent or use IDM to download Hope it helps
  2. I see, I did a forum search for said the topic on the search bar, I guess i still missed it Please ignore/remove the topic(GM/Admins) if its violating the forum rules, thank you
  3. After 13 years, Gravity KRO did some changes to 1st/2nd job skills A lot of these changes are good (Please watch the video for the detailed explanation of the skill changes) PS: I dont own the video and Im also not trying to advertise anything from this youtuber, I just stumbled on it when Im trying to gather some information Knowing Talon RO, a hard to crack PS server, Will there be a chance that the update will come to us? Let me hear your thoughts and do tell me what are you favorite skill change/update based from the video (Mine is the new Backstab animation, where you instantly teleports from behind your enemy and stabs them (2x hit using daggers))
  4. Gin

    after 10+ years im playing RO again

    Welcome back to TRO
  5. Gin

    Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Same returning player, have celeb rings, sleip and other basic gears but no SQI weapon. Does it count?
  6. Gin

    closed atm

  7. Gin

    Muppie's Shop

    Ice pick [D] price?
  8. Gin

    closed atm

  9. Gin

    Rogue advise please

    I dont mean to be rude but... If I were you stop posting for a while and try to use the search option at the very top right of the screen/ this thread ( at least try to search rogue or stalker guide or simply type farming) There are tons of guides listed on this forum, you'll just have to search it on your own. PS: Dont do the NY quest if you are poor/ dont have the ability to gather and kill the required monsters, you are just wasting your time. PSPS: Try playing monster race (single and dual) EDIT: and dont forget to vote for Talonro https://panel.talonro.com/voting/
  10. Gin

    The Great Winter Cook Off!

    Broccoli and Ham Pepper Stir Fry INGREDIENTS: Directions: Finished Product: Finished Product with my IGN xD
  11. Gin

    Hello, been playing for about a day

    Dont forget to vote Talonro https://panel.talonro.com/voting/ and receive copper coins You can convert copper coins to talon coins (usually 50cc > 1 tc) and use it to buy cool gears
  12. Gin

    PC> Ancient Magic

    no offense that thing is almost useless
  13. Gin

    The Great Winter Cook Off!

    the problem is catching grasshoppers... I lived in a city!!!! how the heck will i able to catch one anyway it will be hard if it is in the rules...
  14. Gin

    The Great Winter Cook Off!

    glad to hear that
  15. Gin

    The Great Winter Cook Off!

    ^ tsk tsk tsk.... You forgot to put your name [IGN] at your finish product. PS: is it necessary to put RO version of your recipe?