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  1. budz

    failed to connect server

    My TRO was working fine lately but not until today. Unable to connect server or even updating patch. Any idea? Please advise what should I do?
  2. budz

    Game shut off too quickly

    Thank you for your suggestion. The game is now running fine. You are right I just needed a sound to be able to play it.
  3. budz

    Game shut off too quickly

    I might try that. The tower I used no speaker installed.
  4. Hello Talonians; I need help, after I downloaded a full version of the game installed it like normal then run the game. Somehow the game shut off too quickly after clicking the start button. Tried to turn off firewall and anti virus in some cases that will solve the problem but not this time. So, I'm wondering what is the issue why the game doesn't run like it should. Doesn't give any error messages or anything. Been reading some of the comments here that has the same problem like mine but still didn't work. I'm using windows 10 btw. TIA